(Phone Ringing) Hello The Buffalo has sank! What happened bro? I have got a call from London, it’s my dealer Patrick on the phone And he is speaking in English! Brother you used to say that don’t hurt the ego of my English, what happened now? Yeah so I know only the Indian Accent English! And he is speaking in England’s English! Brother what are you worried about when I am there, give me the phone yeah take this, ask him I have sent 25 Lac rupees, where is the gold? In Hindi Gold=Sona and even Sleeping=Sona Brother sleep on the bed Whose Bed Brother Your Bed My Bed, How did it got delivered so fast? wait I will see Tell him ^*&*&, there’s no gold on the bed Aye, &% *&%* That’s not my problem What did you say? he is saying that, I am not Say him that I want the gold or I will come there Brother first he will sleep with you and then give you the gold What, The deal didn’t had sleeping mentioned in it What’s going on over here! Brother wants to sleep with some white guy for that he has sent 25 lakhs What What, my life has been spoiled after I married this Half Biriyani Aye I had sent money for the gold see how shameless he is, he is even guilty of it No No No My mom said it right marry a swine but don’t marry this guy Aye swine’s mom I don’t want to sleep with any white then you want to sleep with a black? Why didn’t my ear got blasted before hearing this how do I get this thing cleared to you guys? Aye blue biscuit, give me the phone yeah bro take this Hey Patrick, This is Nagu here! yeah say Nagu bro Send Prash’s Gold Box asap, or I will put my hand in you a&S and take it out Yeah Yeah Bro, sending it now keep the phone! How Patrick knows Marathi Aye What Patrick, he is named as Pratik, he used to shit everyday on the Railway track So we named him as Patrick, and now he shits everyday on the London railway track Brother when you were talking about the gold, you were talking about the gold or sleeping Wait I will show you! Punches and slaps So hey guys if you liked the video give it a like, and if you are new to the channel subscribe it I will meet you in a new video with a new topic, till then Bye. (Outro)

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