The Struggle of Anxiety – Jaltoid Cartoons

I would like a turkey on white… I would like a turkey on white! I would like a turkey on white. I would like a turkey on white. Uhhhh. Mam? WHA?! Are you ready to order? Oh. Uh- ye- yeah. What can I get for ya? I would like… um. Uh, could I get. Could I get a Turkey on- On- on White please? Alrighty! A turkey on wheat! Oh, alright. Thats ok I guess… What kind of cheese would you like on that? Provolone, please. Provolone. Alright! *Sigh of relief* Would you like that toasted? Oh. Um n- no thank you. Into the toaster it goes! okay… *beep* Okey dokey! Anything else on that? Could I get some light onion and lettuce please? Tomatoes? Got it! *weeze* Alright, is there anything else you want on that? Oh, could I have a little mayo please? Mayo? Righty-o ((No. Wait no! I was supposed to ask for ranch! Its too late now!!)) Alrighty, now are you two together than? Oh yeah, we’ve been together for a few years now! Oh no, I meant are you guys paying together. Yeah we’re together. *wine* That sandwich is [email protected]#$ed up Thank you for watching! To check out some of our old videos. Click the icons below. We have a new T-shirt inspired by our video “Free to Play” You can pick it up at If you haven’t see our video “Free to Play” yet, be sure to click the middle icon! And don’t forget, you can support is on Patreon!

100 thoughts on “The Struggle of Anxiety – Jaltoid Cartoons

  1. тнαт нαρρєиs тσ мє єνєяутιмє(ー_ー)!!(●^o^●)
    ι киσω тнє ρяσвℓємs….

  2. So I accidentally said ranch instead of mayo once and found out it tasted equally good despite it being a completely different taste

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