The Secret Law Of Attraction Sleep Meditation Rain Sounds | Sleep Hypnosis for Success Female Voice

Welcome to this Law of Attraction sleep
meditation, a guided meditation with music and rain
sounds. A sleep hypnosis for success that will guide you to deeply understand the
law of attraction, and the often ignored master key the
secret to manifesting your dreams. My name is Ash from Self Health Hypnosis. And we want you now that you have found
us to change your life because you choose to regularly listen to our
hypnosis and guided meditations and create for yourself
success. And I wonder what that success looks
like for you – what do you see? Money, wealth, love, total abundance and absolute fulfilment. I will suggest that you take time now to
prepare yourself firstly to find pace and find an environment where you can
focus on you and allow yourself to relax and in your own way find car and I will
give you a minute or so to find quiet to close the doors or blinds and it is wonderful that you have taken
this moment for yourself to discover the resources within you to bring into being. So you might just like to carefully
listen to my instructions as we get ready to change your life for the better and I don’t know if this is true but maybe you are someone that has a clear
image or a vision board of what you want to do have and be maybe you even have a
plan to get there and I wonder if in times past if that
dream felt far away even though you continually focus your attention with
positive intent the good news is some law of attraction principles are
being supported by positive psychology and mind sciences and you may be comforted to know that
this session is about you and finding your master key that will open the door
to manifesting your dream the secret to orienting yourself towards the life you
want and I wonder if you would be curious to explore how much easier it
will be to bring your abilities into conscious awareness by can missing your
focus to this hypnotic process of self-discovery to help you choose change perhaps you
have joined us to begin the process of deliberately focusing your attention
with the intent of directing your own life experience and I wonder how surprised you will be when you start to focus your intention
within and utilize the infinite power of your unconscious mind to empower you to make useful choices
and take clear action I will suggest that you take time now
for yourself to find peace and find an environment where you can
focus on you and allow yourself to relax and in your
own way find calm perhaps you can find a place where you
can sit in comfort or maybe you want to use this time as a stepping stone to
come to let go and experience a deep restful sleep the space you have chosen maybe a chair
in a quiet room but you can be alone with yourself or it could be the warm
soft comfort of a bed whatever you choose it can be anywhere that you can find a
comfortable pace what I suggest you to do now is to just
allow your eyes to comfortably close and I will gently even simply explain
what you can expect as you enter a relaxed state of being a simple state of
focused awareness a powerful everyday stage that
therapists often call trance and you can be aware of your eye and of
how you are in control and how you could open them to dealers
and that’s fine because I really wouldn’t want you to not relax too
quickly I wonder if you’ll enjoy how naturally how easy it is to let go of any tension and relax into this guided meditation
focused on you maybe you can feel free to allow
yourself to observe your thoughts and anything in your daily life with a load
in truth making a commitment to yourself to put a stop to any judgment with the
intention to understand and be in full acceptance of whatever
may emerge for you and does usage whore lay there you may
be aware the sounds in the background and you might notice the feeling of this
surface beneath you or you might unconsciously notice the
thoughts as you relax into your own experience and as you do you might notice the
beginning of comfort and ease you may hear the sounds of others around
you or the street as the traffic passes by or perhaps it’s the tone of my voice as
you follow my voice you may even begin to notice thoughts
and feelings emerging and fading and as you do begin to feel the
sensation of complete comfort in your body and as you lay still you might notice the sensation of your
hands and though they may move and settle perhaps there is also a stillness and as your breathing starts to slow you might begin to notice a relaxed calm
broaden antique and I don’t know if it will be the words
that I use or the sound of my points apples start to open for you a deep vast
world of change and possibility that’s right I would prefer that you discover how
much easier it is simply to allow events to occur in their own time and in their
own way noticing any feelings in your body as
you continue to listen to the sound of my voice the sounds that surround you paying close attention to those feelings
and those changes as you find absolute wonder at your own
ability to let go completely and drift into a trance while your conscious mind has already
begun to drift off somewhere else allowing your body to relax in your mind to relax without knowing at
all how much more comfortable and relaxed you can become and I wonder if you can imagine the
power that comes from a full acceptance of the present moment an appreciation of
anything you are feeling and what you perceived to be happening
now it can be deeply comforting to know that
in these moments there is no need to change anything at all and allow
yourself this moment to just breathe and let God breathe and let me and in your mind and in your heart give
yourself permission to allow this moment to be imagine the depth of possibilities that
would emerge when you choose car and shoes conscious awareness maybe it will surprise you to notice the
power in control and that you are in control and that
ears hypnosis that’s right all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and I understand how easy it is to get
caught up in wanting to have a special experience or in looking for signs of
burgers that pondering that emerges when we
don’t feel something special pretty quickly and you may start to doubt the path you
have chosen or wonder whether you are doing it right the truth is you can only take a path to
change yourself because you want to do it for yourself and in that moment you
decide but what you are experiencing now can be
exactly as it is and you can allow yourself to be exactly as you are so
when you’re ready move in the direction your heart tells you to go mindfully end
with resolution the joy in mindfulness is that nothing
else needs to happen for this moment to be company you don’t have to talk or move or make
any sort of epic you don’t even have to hold your eyes
open you don’t know just when those islands
will close all by themselves and perhaps you don’t know this but you
already have all the knowledge you need to understand how to just be and to enter your own trance and you have the experience of entering
a trans men e times each day and I’m sure you can recall time you
have been wondering about your day and discovered your mind begins to
wander to thoughts ideas and dreams or that experience of waiting we also
often encounter where there is little need to pay
attention and you can dream and dream and allow your mind to wonder and you
may like to imagine as you start to daydream now your own experience as you see they’re
beginning to drift off into a comfortable relaxed you really have known all along how much
easier it is to learn when you are so relaxed though I wouldn’t want you to
relax too quickly editor I would prefer that
you discover now how much easier it is to recognize small changes tiny change happening in your breathing and the almost imperceptible changes in
your poetry and how quiet and comfortable you have
become as that feeling of security relaxes you
even deeper than before all you have to do in this moment is give yourself
permission to let go giving yourself the freedom to explore other parts of
yourself to know that this is just a process and
there is no right or wrong way to do this maybe your conscious mind expects to be
able to experience a sense of knowing of knowing calm and knowing come and your
unconscious can expect something even deeper the truth is you really don’t have to
know what to expect but when you take the time to go inside just like you are
doing now it’s easy to notice that there is a part of you that knows how to
breathe deeply and you can expect that part of you to
always be there so that those deep and comforting
breaths just naturally come at this moment take comfort in knowing
you have created a sense of very deep relaxation notice your breathing is
smooth your heart rate is slow and your muscles are relaxed this is a state that you have created
and it is uniquely your experience remember you are and only you can be the
hero in your own journey and it is comforting to know that you have chosen
me to be your guide and teach you how to return to this state at any time and any
place you choose and I wonder if you know in your heart
and in your mind the great benefit to you as you
continually return to this powerful state of self-hypnosis this state of ultimate learning you can
begin to uncover the potential and was always within your grasp now as you hear my words perhaps you
know in your heart and mind that it is time time for you to return to the true
nature of your being and to consciously live the success that you have
determined you desire for yourself one of the great minds of hypnosis in
therapy said when the imagination and the willpower are in conflict it is
always the imagination which wins without any exemption and you can use the great power of your
imagination now and we believe you have everything within you to create
something special for yourself and I wonder if you can imagine finding
those inner qualities that spark inside you and an awareness to discover how you can
mindfully connect with the energy of the universe the power of the universe that creates
worlds and that you are a partner in the possibility awaiting and in a moment your own conscious mind
is going to suddenly take you to a very special a place that’s associated with
tremendous feelings of peaceful and tranquility and safety success and
completely it may be a place you’ve been before or
some special place that you find your selfie or the first time whatever comes to mind whether it’s an image a vision
a dream you already have or something it is important to remember that this
moment is about you so you can just allow such a place to
spontaneously come into your awareness and as you find yourself there give
yourself the opportunity to experience all of the refreshing feeling calm then content me and security
happiness and accomplishment associated with this
wonderful and I’m not really sure whether you’d rather just sit and rest
back and look at everything around or if you’d rather walk around and explore
this special place it’s right here just for you and I don’t know for sure the things
that will stand out will it be the color of the city and the things around mother sounds in his special place perhaps you’ll especially enjoy the
sensations and feeling as you touch them you feel absolute gratitude in the
knowledge everything in this place belongs to you
and was a manifestation of your evidence and I wonder if you’ve already begun to
notice the fact that as you just experience and enjoy this special place you soak up and absorb the energy of
positive accomplishment perhaps with a deep assurance that you
took the steps and made every effort to create the
success embodied by this vision a deep knowledge that you took control and chose to change and focus in each moment on the steps
required to complete the process and you can just allow these feelings of
deep contentment and peace and calm to flow all through to all parts of you allowing all of you to experience the
fruits of your efforts and as each moment passes in this
special place these wonderful in figuration feelings
increase and become more a part of you perhaps you already inherently
understand it because you can clearly remember the path you choose the story
you learned each day and so as you deliberately relax right now breathing
deeply and steadily you will begin to gradually but surely remember how all
success comes and I can only imagine how wonderful it
must feel to experience a resonance with the
absolute truths as you remember them now and experience the results
the outcomes manifest aiming live here and now and I don’t know if observing your
internal experience may allowed you to notice yourself deeper in your deep in
your feelings then noticing all the things you have come to know about who
you are perhaps you find it easy to simply find a sense of calm of safety
security and joy as you continually accept your own invitation to create to
take action do you not maybe you already know in your being you
are the very essence of the universe like the eternal laws of the universe
you are consistent in your life and hold steady files
always to expansion gratitude and joy and I wonder if you imagine the eternal
laws of the universe being presented to you here now
in a powerful rhythm of understanding and like a divine spark we’ll start
small within me and then expand with each new decision with every action
this is the master key the real secret to stepping past the
threshold to lifting the veil the path to truth that will lead you to
reawaken into the knowledge of your purpose and personal power as you
remember how now to access the power of the Universe that creates wealth that
creates you’ll I wonder if you also understand that the
responsibility to take the actions required to move here for it
and this step required toward your success
Oh serve reside within you and isn’t it interesting that most
people naturally assume that if their life is not going the way they want it
to go something outside of themselves must be
stalling improved well no one would deliberately hold
themselves back from sixes I don’t know if you have heard this
before but it has been said that a long time
ago the following law of the universe was bound written when it tablet it read
as above so below as within so and many wise scholars that described
the mean an action of this law and there is one thing that is crying knowing the divine spark is within you
it is wrong to attribute the circumstances of your life just
something outside of yourself No according to this law
the essence required to find solutions to any problem is leading you and you do have control you have the nobility of spirit to
choose a different path and the discipline to rise above any
unconscious habits preventing you from fulfilling your potential / it is often said that meaning is
derived from our commitment to overcoming the challenges in front of us and the sacrifice we make in choosing a
better future and I wonder how empowered you will feel
when you accept the taking control is your birthright being in control is the basis of who you
are and the essence of the law of attraction was always within you and is
always active ever-present and easy to understand and as you continue to ask
yourself what is it that I do eventually you will be standing in a
very crazy or you cannot continually ask yourself
what it is that you do want without your point of Attraction beginning to shift
in that direction and sooner or later and I don’t know
just with your continued application of the
process will yield wonderful Russell and you can find comfort in knowing that
the process may be gradual but you may see results in only a few days and
imagine the confident joy you will feel knowing in every moment about every
subject you can focus positively into every moment in time and beyond
you can choose good feeling thoughts and good feeling manifestations must I wonder as you drift off to sleep now
if you have a smile knowing you have made the decision to
start each morning from the moment you wake up thinking about positive things or you desire happy reasons to spring out of it and that you will find comfort and ease
as you consciously focus your mind and the positive energy of action
of targeted work and see yourself completing God’s and I
wonder if you will be surprised to discover that your unconscious mind will
observe and direct you enthusiastically to see new opportunities to think about each task you will
complete in pursuit of your goal differently with positivity sooner or later you discover the
unlimited benefits of experiencing hypnosis sooner or later you become
aware that hypnosis is an efficient way of reaching your goals that you can use
the infinite power of your unconscious mind to make the choices that are right to choose the path to success to the
life you know now and as each moment passes on this new
day these wonderful invigorating feelings
increase and become more a part of you in soil as you deliberately relax right
now breathing deep giving yourself
permission to drift off to sleep into the Delta state where your
unconscious mind who unites your internal resources and your conscious of
you will choose to manifest while you sleep and away from this hypnosis to
live with expanded possibility and I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel
the fulfillment and safety as you experience a resonance with the absolute
truth as you feel them and experience the results the positive
outcomes manifest in your life as you drift it down still with ease into a team sleep now you

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