The Red Team Expresses Their Frustrations | Season 18 Ep. 9 | HELL’S KITCHEN

[theme music] Ladies, that was the service
that I’ve been waiting for. Great job. Thank you, Chef. Red team, they fed
more red diners than you. [bleep] is going on, Jose? There is just, like, a bad
vibe right now with the team. Right.
OK. Thank you.
– A terrible vibe. So there’s a bad vibe. So you don’t like each other. Some of us do not
like each other. Speak up. I feel like Trevor’s
bringing the team down, Chef. I don’t feel like that at all. I’m running around, trying to
fill in any voids that we need. Running around with
his clipboard, Chef. That’s all he does.
– No, no– Clipboard? Yeah. running around
with a notepad, Chef. There needs to be notes taken.
No, no. That’s what he does the best. Hey, I wasn’t
boiling [bleep] eggs in the middle of a punishment. Making yourself a snack. Smoking on the [bleep] deck. Eating White Castles while
we’re all cutting [bleep].. I cut more than you. I don’t give a [bleep]
how much you cut. – I cut way more than you.
– It’s a punishment! What do you doing make lunch? At the end of the day, I was
running circles around you. You’re making snacks!

23 thoughts on “The Red Team Expresses Their Frustrations | Season 18 Ep. 9 | HELL’S KITCHEN

  1. Oddly enough, on that day that episode aired, me and my dad (and also mom) got into an ear piercing argument over a “dress color” for New Year’s Eve, which me, my siblings, and visitors don’t even care about nowadays.

  2. And Chef Ramsay chose to keep Scotley over both Gizzy and Kevin. Two extremely talented chefs gone in the place of him before. Hope it was worth it!

  3. Yo…. Anyone wanna play a game and make some guesses? When will Mia first serve a Punishment or When will Mia get kicked out before that… OR… will Mia win it all and not do a punishment

  4. Not a fan of either Trev or Scotley, but Trev has a slight edge as far as likability. Scotley has had an ego 24/7. Trev is…22/7. An edge is an edge

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