The Psychedelic Reset

– I’ve been like,
trying to figure out what was wrong with
me for a long time. I just honestly thought
everybody’s brain worked the same as mine. I was just
kind of a you know, a wimp, you know, was kind of a wuss. I have obsessive thought
and the compulsive stuff, the physical compulsions
like for example taking my dog to the park and he goes number
two and I’m like, oh I don’t wanna touch
that but I, I got to so I pick it up and
like the rest of the way and throw it away then
like the rest I’m like, oh I gotta get it, I gotta
get it, I gotta get home, I gotta get home wash my hands, I gotta get home wash
my hands and like, like I was just kind of
getting worse and worse and I was getting
more obsessive, more confused, more
stressed out, more anxious, more depressed at different
times and just like, a million of other people I
listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast and he always talks
about psychedelics. – High on 20 grams of
mushrooms, hugging a tree. – I stop stuttering in one day – Wow – And this speaks to now what
was been medically proven is that we can reset the
neurology of the human brain – And I was like wow okay, maybe
there’s some sense to this. Maybe it makes some more sense, maybe I gotta be a little more
open-minded to other thing because I’ve been taken for
like anxiety and depression and taking a lot of
other medications and non of them really
did anything for OCD. So I went to a and typed in psilocybin. Misspelled it like seven times
but I finally got it right, then one to one popped up
in Tucson and it was like, potentially recruiting people
in like a few months and then you know, I kept it on my
computer for literally a year and I’d refreshed it
every Monday and it, and then one Monday I went
into work and I refreshed it and it’s like now looking
for recruits actively but I emailed them I
said hey, I’m interested. I had like a phone screening, ultimately went down there once for like a three hour
pre-screening and I was in. I was in, I was a scoring
pretty high on the, the OCD scale so. – So one of the problems
that all of us face is knowing did we
do something right or conversely did we
do something wrong? And if something we do doesn’t
match up with our expectation we get a signal that
says you made an error. One of the troubles in OCD is that this signals
a little too strong. So, we think about there
being kind of a hyperactive error monitoring signal in
obsessive-compulsive disorder. So, this task is
a very simple task that’s designed to
make people make errors and what we see in
patients with OCD is this error
signal is stronger. – During the early 1990s I
had a patient in our clinic who was having trouble with
obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was able to relate to us that during a period of time when this person was using
drugs of different kinds he noticed that when using
freeze-dry psilocybin mushrooms his obsessive compulsive
disorder got dramatically better and so based on that we
decided to go ahead and pursue a study of psilocybin. At the time there hadn’t
been any other studies of psilocybin or LSD in
a clinical setting in close to three decades. – Dr. Marina was a pioneer in being able to do this kind
of research when he ran the, the first study
over a decade ago. There’s been the promise
of psychedelics for changing people’s symptoms
for a very long time. The drugs got stigmatized, they were seen as
having no medical value. – [Television Informer]
There is a medical risk to the brain and body. Perhaps the biggest risk is
the placing of the psyche in peril. – I’m like not
exaggerating at all. I never did drugs. I like never drank, I grew
up like real religious. Like, really you know, in
conservative type household. I’d like watch them
youtube videos and stuff like people explaining it and
this is what might happen, you gotta be ready. This
is why you might see. – What is this alien technology and how do I use these
human hands again. It was very complicated and it was like every five
seconds I’d forget where I was. – Psychedelic drugs are
very powerful substances. For millennia, indigenous
cultures have used them in the context of traditional,
spiritual practices. Psilocybin is just one of them. – The way it’s setup is
there’s eight visits. Four of them are placebos, two of them are low dose and
two of them are high dose and so the first week I get
a pill and I’m sitting there and I’m like, waiting I’m
waiting for the good stuff and then like, 30-45
minutes, an hour goes by and I’m sitting there as if
I had just taken a Tylenol. So I have to sit there for
literally like, 12 hours. So the next week I
go back week two. Week two, nothing happens. Same thing and then week
three I go in there, nothing again, I’m like
three weeks in a row and at some, I’m kind of
getting pissed at this point and so weak four, nothing again and I’m getting more stress
and getting more anxious. I feel like my OCD is like
spiraling out of control like, and then so week five
he gives me a pill and I’m laying there like 15,
20 minutes go by and like, 30 min, also like my spine
just starts tingling. My brain starts tingling. It’s like on Star Wars
when they hit lights beam, like all the lights just start
flying by and I was like, oh my god. – The rationale for
introducing imaging is so we can actually see what’s
going on in the brain before the time starts,
midway through the trial and the end of the trial. This is a technique called
diffusion tensor imaging. It actually looks at the white
matter tracks in the brain. So it tells you how
different parts of the brains are connected to each other. – So, this is what normal state
of consciousness looks like after someone was given a
placebo or a sugar pill. This is what the
brain looks like under the acute influence of
psilocybin or magic mushrooms. The brain sort of is shaken
up and sort of rewired right so a lot of these regions that before weren’t
talking to one another are now talking
at access and so, you can kind of
think about this as adding a lot of
flexibility to your brain and resetting your brain. – There’s like a river and
a rainbow of just like, a gazillion colors
that you can’t explain and it was like flowing over
me and I just felt amazing and you’re a different
dimension I guess, more or less. Whatever that means and so
like one, like my dad is is 84. He’s got dementia real
bad right now and so, he’s at a point where he’s,
he’s starting to shut down like he’s, having a
hard time talking. A lot of things. So I had this experience
where my dad came to me like, totally like coherent
and I’m like, it’s like super corny. I wanna be like, emotional like, but my dad came to me and he just like, gave
me a hug and he’s like, hey how’s it going?
And I was like, hey Dad and we just like had a
conversation like we did like, 20 years ago and he’s
like, like I’m proud of ya and I was like. So then he kinda just like
walked off and it was like I. It’s kind of like I got
to say goodbye to him. So yeah, I don’t know,
I know how it works like if that’s something you know,
I wanted or something that existed in some other realm. That was the first experience. – And put quite simply it
helps people get unstuck. You know, I think you know
people don’t get into these, these situations that are so
distressing overnight, right, but once they’re there
these can kind of take on a life of their
own and self-perpetuate and I think the drug offers
a moment to step back and step out of that and
see things differently. – The obsessive thinking, which was the biggest
problem I had. It went from like 100 you
know, a scale of one to 100 I was like 99. It went down there
probably like 20. It felt like, you could
like physically see whatever the compulsive portion and it kind of like, you like almost would
see like this come, like this obsessive
thing like dissipate. – If you just think
about the impact for the amount of time invested, what else could
possibly be this strong? – You don’t often see
something in psychiatry that will pretty immediately change an individual’s symptoms that haven’t been
changed for years. – I’m hopeful that it, that
it gets mainstreamed because, you know, if somebody can get
the same experience I had, the same help the same
benefit, yeah, that would, that would be awesome I mean, who doesn’t want
people to be happier?

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