The Proper Pillow to Hold an Upper Cervical Adjustment in Zeeland, MI

hey guys Dr. Stan here. The conversation
I had a lot of yesterday and seem like I talked to every other person
about their pillow, not intentionally it’s not like we’re trying to sell more
pillows. We don’t even carry pillows and the reason we don’t carry pillows
because everyone is different. I mean it doesn’t really.. to me, it really doesn’t
matter what kind of pillow you use there’s memory foam pillows,
there’s the my pillow, there’s water pillows, there’s a little curved pillows,
pillows look like airplanes it doesn’t matter what kind of pillow you use. You
can take a pair of Levi’s jeans and ball them up and stuff them under your
head and neck. Whatever, gives you the best support, that’s the pillow
that you need. Feather pillows are terrible. Stay away from those things.
They don’t give you any support but the most common thing that I see with
pillows is that they’re too thin people keep them for a while, we like our
pillow.. we have our pillow but if you find yourself tossing and turning in your bed
where we get up with your hand underneath your head or you go to sleep
you put your hand underneath your head that’s your body’s way of trying to get
that back to the right spot because if your pillow is too thin then
what’s gonna happen is your heads gonna hang and if your heads hanging that’s
gonna put stress and pressure all through your neck it’s gonna make it
really hard to hold your adjustment you have headaches, migraines,
things like that the top 3 nerves come out of your neck go up into your head
and can all cause headaches and so if that stress and pressure is there then
it’s going to continue to put that stress and pressure there so if you find
yourself fluffing your pillow rolling your pillow putting your hand underneath
your pillow you might need a thicker pillow you might need a new pillow and
for a lot of people what I’ll try it what I’ll have them do is take the
pillow they’re using currently and take a bath towel and fold it up to about the
size of your pillow then put it inside the pillow case under the pillow to
raise it up just a little bit and then not a whole lot just raise it up a
little bit and if your pillow is what’s keeping you
from holding your adjustment or that’s keeping tension in your neck or that’s
keeping your body from functioning properly then you’ll be able to tell
if some people like using two pillows and take both pillows and shove them
into one pillowcase then they don’t split apart at night in your head starts
hanging again. That’s a little simple tip that you can try at home to see if you
can help take some of that pressure off your neck tossing and turning waking up
with the neck pain the headaches, gritting teeth those are all different
things that can it can be affected by that so yea pillows are important don’t
get caught up on what type of pillow you need just need the right support hope
you guys have a great day it’s fun doing a video when it’s daylight alright, I’ll talk to you guys later, bye.

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