THE MASKED MAD MAN IS BACK | Angerfist Diabolic Dice 2019

Gido! Yes. Gido has something to tell. This my 2 years of partying anniversary. My first party was Angerfist Creed of Chaos. And this is my 69th party. 69th party?! In 2 years’ time. Very good. And we’ll make this anniversary memorable! That was sick! Holy shit, that set was sick. We’re getting something to eat. I’m hungry. Hello! 3 hours left. And then it’s over. It’s quite sick. It’s awesome. Stairs… Guys, I’m standing in the elevator. I’m almost home. I enjoyed this night so much! Angerfist’s showcase and the visuals were insane. I also enjoyed N-Vitral’s set. The Satan and Andy The Core were a great closing act. I always like to go a bit harder towards the end. All in all, I just enjoyed the party. One remark: the floor was either sticky or slippery. There was no in-between. Other than that, well-organised. I liked the possibility to pay by card, so no tokens. That is an advantage, in my opinion. It’s freezing cold, so I’m heading inside. Let me know what you thought about it and what your favourite set was. And I will see you next week at Molotov. Like and subscribe. And until next time. Bye! Hi buddy. A-a-a-nd they want food… I’ve had too much beer Insane! 3 hours to go! Subtitles by Rein van Sloun

28 thoughts on “THE MASKED MAD MAN IS BACK | Angerfist Diabolic Dice 2019

  1. Leuke video weer ik geniet volop. Ben pas 12 dus daarom vind ik dit extra leuk en heb nu al zin om naar dat soort festivals te gaan🤪😂

  2. Maak niet uit welk feest je die dag bent geweest (qlimax rebellion call of the dome of angerfist) terugkijkend wou je toch bij ze allemaal zijn geweest😅

  3. Ik ben zo blij dat je een clog hebt gemaakt😍
    Was er ook bij maar stond zwaar hard te gaan
    Ben 60% helemaal kwijt gelukkig hebben we jou nog als back up😂👌

  4. yoo this event was fucking amazing. i came there all the way from Sylt (an island in the north of germany) and it was so fucking worth it man.. wow haha

  5. Diabolic dice was de beste avond van me leven 1e hardcore feest waar ik naartoe ben gegaan wel vreemd dat ik je niet ben tegengekomen haha

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