The Legend of the Blue Sea Eps.01 (Indo|Eng)

August, 1586, Hyeupgok-hyun, Gangwan-doHurry, hurry. I’m going!Episode 1– What fortune is all this?
– I know, right? Just pick them up quickly. Wow, it’s a full harvest!
A year of abundance! I’ve never seen something like this. – Hurry and put them in the basket.
– Yes, yes. What is this? Come quickly. Is it a human or a fish? Where’s the mermaid? This way. It’s a real mermaid. Here, here, here… – Be careful, Sir!
– Ah, you started me! – Why?
– They say that if you touch a mermaid without caution, the mermaid will take the human’s
soul and erase their memory. What nonsense are you talking about? I heard that is… a way the mermaids
defend themselves against humans. I heard that there are some seamen who
went crazy, by touching mermaids. Well, that doesn’t matter, since I won’t
be using my hands on the mermaid but using a sword. Does it understand? Anyway, I intend on giving you
people a big treat today. Yes, yes. Sung Ga, is the feast
preparation going well? Yes. When is the newly appointed
town head arriving? Sir, many town heads have come and gone, but it’s the first time seeing
someone with such great features. – Is that so?
– Yes. Ever since the time I studied
in Sungkyunkwan (university), I’m not sure about the academics, but
I never lost first place for visuals. ‘Head and shoulders above others, ‘
or ‘high and lofty, ‘ shall I say. It’s a pity that such a great person
became a widower so early in life. You really would be melting the
hearts of the ladies in the village. Sir, have you possibly
heard about the mermaid? – Mermaid?
– Yes. The people of the boats say that, when mermaids
come to the land, they gain human legs. There was a case that they married a human. Those are all old stories, aren’t they? Although there are rumours about the existence
of mermaids, no one has actually seen one, so how is it different from a ghost
story that causes delusions for people? Is that so? Today is a happy day when
a new town head has come. I am thinking of showing
everyone a very rare sight. Sir. It’s a real mermaid. Not the kind of mermaid that
is told in an old story, but a real mermaid that I caught myself. You… What do you intend on
doing with that mermaid? At the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, there
supposed to be a never extinguished flame. Do you know the secret to that?
It’s mermaid oil. They say the oil extracted from
a mermaid is of best quality. Even the whale oil, that is supposed to
be the best oil, do not compare to it. It doesn’t rot, even if you
leave it for a long time. So this is just.. the
value can’t be priced. After doing my duties and
living with goodwill, I guess these kind of fortunes come. To someone like you who does his
duties and lives with good will, I’m very sorry to say this but.. What may you happen to be saying..? I privately checked before
starting my post here. – By what do you mean?
– You, You had prepaid over 1000 nyang worth of
tax, and acquired a government position, and collected over 3 times of
that amount from the fishermen. That is a really bad crime… and the times are even worse. Recently, His Majesty
has declared that those who make profits with tax, and make the citizens suffer
should be punished severely. Normally it would be punished
with just 100 hits… Ah, but this time it seems to be the case
of taking one’s life instead..what a pity. Then, could you please tell me what I would have to do? I mean, if there’s something
you would wish for.. Anything. Anything? Anything that is. Anything you say… How dare he comes to my land
and causes me disgrace. We’ll see what happens. A mermaid cannot survive, leaving the sea. I will definitely put that
mermaid in my hands again. And that naive town head… I’m going to get rid of him with my hands. Look, look over there. What
is that wily thing doing? Is she trying to drag that
town head guy into the ocean and take his soul and erase
his memory, isn’t she? They say mermaids only erase memories
that they want to erase. However, it would be better
not to take that hand. The worlds that a human and mermaid
live in are clearly different, whether it’s good or bad destiny, what use is it to form ties with it?The Legend of the Blue SeaY’all ready? (Ready)
I keep doing
♪ – It’s time to get off.
– Mum, I’ll press it. – Our Seo Won is going to press it?
– Yes. Ok. I’m Kim Myung Hoon. A lawyer. I’m Nam In Joong, who called earlier. It’s true
that I won’t get caught buying stolen goods, right? – Oh, what’s this?
– Oh, my! Ta Da! It’s a present. Thank you, sir! You know, you’re like the Harry Potter of
con-artists. Oh no, you’re better than Harry Potter. Because your visuals are better. Exactly.It’s the Public prosecutors office.Our elevators broken so..Ah yes, sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, it’s right in front, so
we’ll be there right away. Yes. Ok, let’s go. Hey, wake up. – Let’s go.
– Hey, go! – I guess you came quickly since you said you were nearby.
– Ah, yes. Work hard. Just a moment. Chief Go didn’t come? He was
the one who always came.Eye roll assessment: Showing the
whites: 80%; Low temperature;
High momentary concentration; wearing double layer of underwear;
Habitual smoker, cigarettes in right pocket; Fast heartbeat
Right handed: Right pocket worn out; Hands folded,
left on top; Sensitivity to hypnosis: High;
Same color scarf, undershirt and
socks; Matching compulsively;
Ah, Chief Go?Putting everything together: Will conform
to repeated suggestions in hypnosis, using tools
Yes. – He came, right over there.
– Where..? Over there. Ah, I didn’t recognize him because
he’s wearing glasses today. Yes, then please do your duties. It’s broken. I think you
need to go by the stairs.Elevator out of order. Work in progressStatus of reservations for
the interrogation room today
Aigo, I’m telling you! That
can’t prove the identity! Don’t you know Judge Lee’s style? – Ah, Mr. Han Sung Tae.
– Ah, yes. I’ll call you back. Oh, you came together
with your wife. Please have a seat. – Would you like some tea?
– No, it’s okay.
– Have a seat. You look even better now!
#730 prosecutors organization chartMr. Prosecutor, I had told
you about him before… This is CEO Han, who
brought this work to us. This is Myungdong Capital’s madam. Myungdong Capital? I told you about it before. You
know, in Gangnam Jeil High School, a student committed suicide, but his suicide
note had her son’s name written on it. He’s the crazy idiot. If he’s going to fall, then he should fall by
himself and die. Why write my son’s name on there? Why does my son have to go through
this, because of a crazy idiot died? My son will be taking a
college entrance exam soon. Now is a crucial time to take
care of his mental health. Come out within a minute. The office
owner will be coming back soon. Should we go for some lunch?
Ah, I’m hungry. What do you like, madam? What is this! It’s good. It’s all good but, I
can’t really do much for you. Just get my son cleared. Our secret account is near Virgin Island… That’s not that good. – Excuse me?
– Virgin Island is not so good. – What?
– That is a tax haven. When it’s supposed to be a haven, how can
it be so famous? Can you even hide there? That’s true… Why don’t you move it and then hide? I know a pretty cool place. Where is it? It’s an island in the Mediterranean sea.
I heard the view is amazing there. Oh yes, Madame! I’ve
just checked the amount! Of course! We’re all on the same boat now. If anyone gets a hold of that account then of
course, our dear Prosecutor would have to step down but your company would be left in the dust
with tax audits-Youareaware of that? I’ll be praying for nothing but success
for your son’s college entrance exams. I’ll be hanging up now, alright. Damn, it’s so clean! I hadthebest dreams with
this gig ahead of us. Hey, Tae- … Hey! You’re not even going to say bye?! – That little…
– Leave him alone, he doesn’t know how to say bye but he can open doors in 2 seconds. I hate itthe mostwhen he
just goes without saying bye! What, and you do? You’re the one
with the crappiest mannerisms. In the text that was compiled by royal physicians during the
Joseon Dynasty, they call perspiration, fluids of the heart. Having a lot of perspiration on your hands signifies
that your heartmighthave some problems. Oh, my heart. Herbalists can really tell with
just a glance, can’t they. Nothing but an occupational hazard. Darn-I
really wanted to just rest during my break. But from humanistic aspects,
I couldn’t let it go by unnoticed. You must be a man with a lot of love. We’ll be landing shortly so
I’ll go ahead and open your blinds. Yes ma’am. Isn’t it beautiful?
I’ve been to a number of countries but there isn’t a place that can
match the ocean here. You’re right. When I flew around here a long time ago, I heard something
the from elderly men who’ve lived here for a long time, they said that mermaids
still live in these waters. Oh! Of course. It’s true!A long time ago, mermaids lived in any
parts of the ocean
but now most of them have disappearedand they say the last mermaids that
remain on this Earth, live in this ocean.
Wow! Mom! Look there! It’s a mermaid in the sea! I read him a fairy tale once
and now he thinks mermaids are real. Who is that!? What is it!? What… What mess is this? Now I gotta clean all this up… What are you? I’m asking who you think you are
that you’re in here! Are you Chinese? Japanese? No you’re not… You’ve
got that Korean-feel. – Damn. That…
– Damn.
-The clothes I really treasure… Why do you- The security in this hotel
is a damn mess! Hey! I said that’s mine-! So youkickpeople
when they’re not looking? Who do you think you are!
Glaring like that! What’s that you have in your hands? Hand it over.
I said open your hands! Hey! N-Neck, why’d my
neck just turn like that? I didn’t get to stretch my body out because it’s
still morning but I’m all stretched out now-! Iamall stretched out but I don’t really
wanna fight first thing in the morning. So, if you just put down
whatever you have in that hand then I’ll pretend this never happened. What is it? Is it a watch? A ring? If you’re delusional then put a flower
on your head, you’re confusing people. Hello? Please call the police,
somebody broke into my room. Yes. You’re caught red-handed today! If you’re going to go around doing
stuff like this, then say “sumimasen”. And don’t go shaming the country, got it?! Ialwaysdo that. Hey, repeat after me. Hey! Su-Mi-Ma-Sen. Sumimasen. This is to make sure you don’t
try to squirm your way out of this. Look here, look here!
Good. But what in the world did you steal? Hey, did you just- – Oh, I’m so sorry, I apologize.
– It’s okay, it’s okay, Damn, the security is shit. Excuse me, I’m just asking but
do youneedto cuff her? Couldn’t help it, there was
a risk she might run. Oh! Okay. I’m justsaying, she didn’t steal anything. Well that’s because we caught
her before that happened. You’re lucky, we got a lot of
thefts in the area recently. She’s a prime suspect, very much so. Prime suspect my ass. No matter how you look at her
she’s obviously got a screw loose. Let’s see… What is this? I sent a picture so look into it. It looks like a Jadeite. It’s similar to the one I saw
that time, this feels serious. The owner of it? She’s something serious too,
one thing’s for sure-she isn’t normal. Hey! Hey you!
Look at my hand! Focus! I’m talking to you! Why did you break into that hotel?!
Huh!? What were you trying to get! You’ve been to other
hotels too, right? What are you smiling at!? You won’t even answer my questions
but got the nerve to smile? Do you think this is
some kind of joke?! Easy, easy! – Easy!
– Hurry up and get down! That’s right, that’s right! I’m a woman with a principle. “Connections made on the plane
end on the plane” “No private meetings on land” But you’re making me
break promises to myself. I must have beenquite
taken with you, Ms. Minji – But why are your hands so small?
– My hands? Look at this,
your hands aresosmall! – Oh, what’s this?
– How did you do that? Iwonder, how’d I do it?Jackpot! This bracelet is at the very
least 400 years old or 99% pure
but I’m 100% sure it’s
genuine article!
If it really is real then it’s
worth more than $62k.
For now, let’s check it in-person. Who’s the owner
of the bracelet, are you with her right now?
This is so pretty,
are you giving it to me? – No!
– Excuse me? Oh. I was just… showing it to you.
Wondering if it’s pretty or whatever. I’m relieved you said
it’s pretty. It’s for my mother.
She likes white gold. I think I have to go now. – What did you just say?
– Till the next time.That bracelet has something embedded
in writing, it’s Chinese characters.
Dam Ryeong.
I think it’s someone’s name.
– Dam Ryeong?
They say those bound to succeed end up throwing overhead kicks even when they fall backwards.You’re blessed by God to have
lucked in on that lotto!
What should I do?
Should I go to you?
Hey, what are you doing here? I got nothing more to ask you. She didn’t steal anything.
Please let her go. You don’t tell me what to do.Eyes gauged: 60% white, normal concentration Wrinkled forehead, hotheaded,
high and quick emotion variation Sensitive, high-than-average temperature
Wedding band: new, newleywed
Empty gun holster, low wariness
Conclusion: Utilize bonding
over similarities to persuade.
She’s not a stranger. Then what was she doing there? She’s actually my wife. – Your wife?
– Yes! We just got married. Look. She’s wearing a dress. We need to be on our honeymoon but can’t. Because she’s stuck here. I am so sorry! I’ll release her right away. Okay. A gift. Thank you so much. Congratulations. Hey! Stay there! I’m sorry about this morning. I was heartless. I apologize. Right? You don’t have the heart to
shake my hand yet, right? Well, let’s just gradually do that. But… that bracelet. It’s pretty! It’s… pretty.Pretty…? Pretty…Let’s go. Because there are things I’m
sorry about, I’ll buy you a present. It’s a red light! You should stop. Seriously, what’s your identity? Oh, it’s over there. Quickly come here. Ah, really. Hold on, wait here for a bit. Wear it. I said to put it on. Hey, hey, hey. That’s right. You should wear this now. Instead of walking around barefoot. What is this? A woman’s foot all chafed up. Aish, really. Ah, really. Go inside.That person Nam DooAh, just wait a little.
I’m still with the girl. Excuse me, do you know where she went? She’s in the fitting room, isn’t she? Gosh, 6 million. Where did you go?Home For Missing ChildrenShe’s having fun. Why are you, a grown person, in here…? Hey, I told you to wait. Do you not know what waiting means? If you leave without a word,
I get really surprised. Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt anywhere? Yeah, you didn’t get hurt anywhere. What’s this? You know how to smile. You’re hungry, right? Let’s go eat.
You like to eat. Are you from the jungle? Are you a werewolf maiden?
Why are you so instinctive? Okay, look. Like this, okay? Try it. That’s it! Good. I think we’ve really
gotten close now, right? So what I’m saying is… Oh!
You got something stuck here. Is that your first time seeing fire? Why
are you looking at it so surprised? Do you like it? Pretty. Eat all of what you ate. I’m going somewhere so wait right here. So let’s meet each other right now! Should
I go there or do you want to come here? I told you I need to go somewhere. Where are you going? Leaving
something so precious? There’s a place. The world’s end. The world’s end my butt. Do you want
to go to the end together with me? – Hey, don’t be like that and…
– Just wait a week. Thank you. Would you please leave? Our
business hours are over. It’s closed, closed. Do you speak English? Hello. Do you understand that? She is crazy. Because of her we are
getting off work late. ♪Always in the same dream♪ ♪An unfamiliar face and♪ ♪In a time which is suspended♪ ♪You and I meet by chance♪ ♪I guess I was a little terrified♪ ♪I am afraid it will be a dream forever♪ ♪Will you open your eyes again now?It’s you.This is love story♪ ♪I can’t close♪ ♪My two eyes which♪ ♪Only see you♪ ♪This is amazing♪ ♪Even if everything in the world♪ ♪Were given to me♪ ♪You and I can’t change, my love♪ ♪Although It may hurt me a lot♪ ♪Even if I am bitten again♪ ♪This is really love you know♪ ♪This is love story♪ ♪This is happiness♪ ♪I’m afraid it might be a dream♪ ♪I can’t open my eyes♪ ♪This is my love story♪ ♪I love you, only you♪ That’s pretty. That’s mine. Give it back. Wait.Wait is a word that means something
good is going to happen.
A word that even when, like a wave, I go somewhere
far away for a bit, my friend will find me.
A word that even when there’s
something scary like a shark around,
you don’t have to be scared or
look around (for something).
No, but why are you, a
grown person, in here? Hey, I told you to wait. Don’t you understand the word wait? If you leave without a word,
I get really surprised. Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt anywhere? Yeah, you didn’t get hurt anywhere.A word that means my friend is
wishing for me not to get hurt.
A word that warms the heart.A word that means something
good is going to happen.
The Legend of the Blue SeaHey! Turn on the light! I’m not even surprised anymore. It’s not
like there’s only 1 or 2 weird things. Aigoo. What is love? That’s surrendering. Meaning you’re in big trouble.

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