The Godfather: Part 2 (1/8) Movie CLIP – My Offer is Nothing (1974) HD

I don’t like to see you Come out
to this clean country
in your oily hair, Dressed up in
those silk suits. You try
to pass yourselves off As decent americans. I’ll do business
with you, But the fact is That I despise
your masquerade, The dishonest way
you pose yourself– Yourself and your
whole fucking family. Senator… We’re both a part
of the same hypocrisy… But never think
it applies to my family. All right. All right. Some people
have to play little games. You play yours. So let’s just say
you’ll pay me Because it’s
in your interest
to pay me, But I want your answer
and the money
by noon tomorrow. And one more thing– Don’t you contact me
again, ever. From now on,
deal with turnbull. Open that door. Senator… You can have
my answer now. My offer is this– Nothing… Not even the fee for
the gaming license, Which I would
appreciate If you would
put up personally. Ha ha ha! Good afternoon,
gentlemen. Ladies, I didn’t know
you were out here. Honey, we have to go.
We’re 30 minutes late. Really?
I’m sorry. Mrs. Corleone,
it’s been delightful. Our pleasure. It was wonderful
talking to you. [band playing]

100 thoughts on “The Godfather: Part 2 (1/8) Movie CLIP – My Offer is Nothing (1974) HD

  1. Michael ,got angry when Senator abused his whole family Michael was family man,bt at end he got murdered his own brother that’s the irony

  2. Ballsy considering one has the legal backing of the gov. while the other is running an illegal enterprise in the shadows. Organized crime even at its pinnacle was still small potatoes to higher powers. They're not even on the Feds level and that is just scratching the surface of the hierarchy

  3. Each and every scend in this movie is an masterpiece,can watch all my life still won't get bored .

  4. Anyone else notice how the music playing in the background stopped as soon as the senator insulted the corleone family? Maybe showed a change in the mood in the room?

  5. Wrong smiling expression on the Senator’s face when Michael tells him “You can have my answer now, if you like?”

    The Senator did not know what Michael was going to say, so the anticipatory smile is inappropriate. He should have had a puzzled expression on his face.

  6. The Senator has no chance…He was up against Michael Corleone and he had Tom Hagin as an attorney. Both kept their composure…Michael knew the Senator was heading towards his pocket…

  7. Michael in GF 2 looked like he was always on the verge of having a headache. A headache produced by facing the dark world he was dealing with and doing dark things. He was constantly feeling the tension of being at war from many different sides. He didn’t have the same buffer that Don Vito had, who had a warmth about him and cultivated a sense of family. Michael was fighting for his family without the warmth of it. He was always surrounded by the sorrow of the world. It emanated from him.

  8. G. C. Spradlin was always best at playing the biggest prick in the room……a very underrated actor, who was a millionaire oil man from Oklahoma before taking up acting late in life. RIP.

  9. Spoiler alert : later the senator begged and cried at Michael to save his life haha it’s funny to see him that confident here when you know the next


  11. lol the look that Michael gives the senator when he points his finger at him and says “don’t you ever contact me again “😂😂

  12. What I find so effective about this scene (and really the whole opening sequence) is how it contrasts with the first film. Vito is respected and revered almost as a God by everyone who comes to see him while Michael is not shown much respect at all by anyone; Ola, his own sister, "Merle", the Senator or Frank Pentangeli.

  13. 0:40 – Notice how the music stops when the Senator says, “And your whole f_ family…” This version of Michael has those stone cold eyes…like the look of death…

  14. Not of the same hypocrisy… Italian business is more family oriented. His family would be seen and considered as a crime family in this situation. Not paying and expecting the Senator to cover the cost would even be seen as a threat, racketeering or a sort of bribery.

  15. This depiction of a senator is spot on
    I would rather see the Mafia run this country then scumbags like this mthr fkr

  16. I like Al Pacino's acting in both Grandfather's movies. I don't know why after years he become more screamy on his acting.

  17. Who is more corrupt, the government or the Corleone’s? Not even close- don’t steal, the government doesn’t like competition.

  18. I heard the same line from one of my business associates He won’t up losing a lot of money because of a stupid Eagle Way to go Micheal you saved me a lot of money

  19. If the film wants to depict a JFK figure in the persona of Senator Geary,i think,this is off the hook,because JFK is not a corrupt politician,besides Geary sounded like a redneck senator.

  20. Senator, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say, not to be immodest, your wife and I got it on at about…..7!!!!!!!!

  21. G. D. Spradlin played a terrific heavy. He played a thouroughly dislikable basketball coach in "One on One" in 1977. He also appeared in several television roles. He was a terrific actor.

  22. This antagonism between Michael and Geary always reminds me of that scene in Part I where he sees his father for the last time. Don Vito had to bring his sons Sonny and Fredo into his world of crime because he had no choice – he wasn't yet a wealthy man.

    But Michael was born after Vito created his empire, and Michael's future was going to be his life's greatest reward. He wanted Michael to go to school, to study law, and to be a U.S. Senator, because he thought of politics as the major leagues where the ultimate gangsters were: "those bigshots who hold the strings." You can tell that Geary sees himself exactly that way – that he considers Michael beneath him, an inferior breed of criminal.

    . . . . And Michael is about to prove them both wrong, by putting this one "bigshot" in his place.

  23. Even the Michael is ruthless and evil, there is satisfaction in seeing this arrogant, scoundrel Senator being brought to his knees.

  24. everytime i watch this, i always think when he turns that little cannon on the desk towards michael that one of michael's henchman is gonna shoot the senator in the head

  25. you people seem to know more then I do, Does Michael know the Senator is a regular patron of the Fredo owned

  26. Its like the senator is almost breaking the 4th wall with how these movies portray the mafia.
    The reality is that they are exactly what he said they are, predatory, extortionate, thugs that deserve no place in any civil society.

  27. 0:42 Michael Corleone summons every ounce of self control he has in order not to whack this guy immediately.

  28. See how the senator points the cannon at Micheal he was fully attacking him . Also as soon as he uses the F word the music stops . Also the tension in the room was so thick but the way the senator leaves the room and greets his wife in such a happy manner shows how fake he and how quickly his personality changes . Everything about this movie is perfection. Small details like this are very powerful

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