(ourbetterworld.org) Telly is a very sensitive dog. She loves people. Eh, hello, hello!
Cannot run away. Jarene is the type of child
who is very touchy feely. She’s very spontaneous. She has that zest for life. (an Our Better World story) (by Ashima Thomas, Anshul Tiwari) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE
INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION) If only she’s given a chance. So Telly is a very special dog,
she’s a therapy dog. I think that children just, they open up in the presence
of a safe dog. And she loves them
for who they are. And I think that’s a very
powerful message for them If you are a parent
of special needs child or someone
with a chronic medical condition, you will know that
after the diagnosis, the one that actually helps
the child most is the therapist. Telly is a non-judgmental dog, and she mirrors a lot of people’s
emotions and what they need. Sit down. Good girl. Roll over. Both of them
are also very similar. Roll over. Roll over. Magician in position. Touchy feely you know. Go find Jarene. Where is she, Telly? Where is she? Where is she? Is she inside? Are you sure? Are you sure? Abra cadabra. All these little actions
that they share, it’s a blossoming
of a wonderful friendship and in the midst of it, Jarene’s also learning
a lot of pro-social skills, which is something
that we are working on. You don’t need a lot. You just need one person
to believe in you. She is my friend. She’s your friend?
Why is she your friend? Because she makes me happy. And I think she is starting
to believe in herself as well. Animal-assisted therapy
is very new in Singapore. Animals, they bridge a gap that right now is missing
in Singapore. Telly, are you ready? Telly happens to be a dog that looks forward to new people
coming, meeting people, and what makes her special
is the work that she does. For example,
when I work with elderly folks who are in wheelchairs, when they hear
that Telly is coming, they hop right of their beds
into their wheelchairs and they come down excitedly. Sometimes the patients,
they are either depressed or have low motivation
for therapy. She would only tolerate
5 to 10 minutes of sitting. But for Telly she will sit
for 45 minutes to an hour. I think she knows the joy
that she brings them because I think they bring her
that same joy. So amused. In this relationship with Telly,
I found a space for her where she can just be
totally herself. And that’s all she needs. (Do you know someone
who needs to meet TELLY?) (pawsibilityaat.com) (ourbetterworld.org) (Telling stories.
Inspiring action.) (our better world) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE

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