The Departed (3/5) Movie CLIP – Costello Smells a Rat (2006) HD

[steam hissing] [cell phone ringing] [whispers]
fuck. [door creaks open] [door closes] [footsteps approaching] [grunting] [men shouting
in chinese] [beeping] [computer mouse clicking] [keyboard clicking] [computer mouse clicking] Hey, how you doing? Hi, darlene. Hi. That’s it for me. Darlene: Yeah, see ya.
Have a good one.[knocking on door][patsy cline’s “sweet dreams”
playing]♪ sweet dreams of you ♪

100 thoughts on “The Departed (3/5) Movie CLIP – Costello Smells a Rat (2006) HD

  1. /watch?v=qwq3dV5jf2c&feature=player_embedded#at=27

    don't ask me why the title is called that cause i have no clue

  2. DiCaprio gets totally smoked in this scene. No shame in that. Leo is always the same in every movie, good but not great. But he is nowhere near Nicholson in acting talent and this scene proves it.

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  4. If you watch the whole movie, just before that scene, Nicholson's character pulls out a gun that wasn't in the script. Scorsese didn't know about it either so everyone was pretty shocked. DiCaprio freaked out and the reaction you see in this sequence is actually real, but he never broke character.

  5. I'm gonna go have a smoke right now. You want a smoke? You don't smoke, do ya, right? What are ya, one of those fitness freaks, huh? Go fuck yourself.

  6. You accuse me once, I put up with it. You accuse me twice… I quit. You pressure me to fear for my life and I will put a FUCKING BULLET in your head as if you were anybody else. Okay?

  7. Lol Spielberg loves dicaprio his opinion outweighs yours. Spielberg said in an interview that dicaprio can show such emotion without saying a word and it's so true

  8. Scorsese, stop wanking over your cheque, grab your balls, and tell Jack to stop turning into an actual fucking rat.

  9. I don't think people are givin DiCaprio enough credit and I'm not even a big fan of his. He actually made the scene in my opinion. I've never seen anyone depict a suppressed fear like he did, in his face and his voice. Wish they had included the beginning where Nicholson says "I smell a rat" and the rest of the scene.

  10. Lots of hate on DiCaprio, but I thought he actually did really well in this movie.  But I gotta say, Nicholson is brilliant here.  Pure instinct, every single second he is committed and in the moment.  On another note, it pisses me off that I cannot find a single video of this full scene.

  11. DiCaprio sucks in every role… except for wolf of wall street and django.

    He was unbearable in this movie. Nicholson chewed every scene and spat it out like a boss.

  12. And at the end of this scene, crazy, cold blooded, remorseless Frank, urges Bill to eat something, as if he's concerned about him. Genius.

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