My phone is out of sight. Can u see it? I can only see my leg, annoying teammate: there are two teams Which position? I can see it teammate: In front. 145 direction Face them? teammate: They flew in front There are 3 teams u go to the right separate search if late, will shot by them We can only initiative to shot them otherwise will get loss In trouble There is no big problem to stop them from fighting to each others this gun… teammate: do u want? give it to u I give u this gun Give u some ammo teammate: thank you lets go to fight stop them go to the right at the corner nearby teammate: over our side don’t get close. there is someone in the warehouse the only people in the team died teammate: is the people in this team died? yes but there is someone at the outposts u can have a stay at here i go to the first warehouse teammate: okay teammate: my head is cold teammate: have a cold teammate: have to wear a cap teammate: one level helmet i have 4 and 8 scope. if u want, do let me know teammate: i don’t want there is 2 lvl helmet and vest in the first warehouse teammate: okay. i’m coming we can go ahead there is a risk, but high profit the person at the outpost either die or alive don’t appear your head. u’m trying to decide whether to go or not what do u think? teammate: the person at outpost died the far away blue container there is people behind the container and at the corner the container in front of us go maybe someone at the corner he go over teammate: yes the corner two teams in the middle let me think about it teammate: we can go over we can, but.. ther eis someone at the corner i throw the wrong grenade go through here there is someone come in front of me teammate: heard it he died teammate: at the corner. he is still over there teammate: he squatted over there that’s a robot i know. i’m saying another person i know there is someone at the corner is he injured? teammate: no he died directly teammate: okay this is a robot automatic pick up is good teammate: no, that’s my hand speed teammate: where is that people? what gun are u missing? I give u this gun teammate: u want my gun i got it, help me to block him is he a robot? teammate: yes. actually i wanna to use M16 to shot him he is a robot… how can he shot on us? there is still someone else. which position? i didn’t catch that the position that we came just now? teammate: no. in the middle container teammate: in front teammate: two people three people. there is one person on your left teammate: i heard it teammate: he throw the grenade teammate: i don’t have medicine teammate: i saw him he throw grenade again which position? teammate: in front of me shit. excited frighten me to jump. where are them came from? teammate: the place we pass by, don’t have teammate: oh my god from the houses u scared me oh my god teammate: i accidentally gunfire u do let me get heart disease i have turned my voice louder u gunfire in front of me my brain got scared by u they came from houses or they came around from warehouses teammate: when we fight with others teammate: there is someone gunfire on the mountain then must be came from the houses. i don’t know i don’t know is there anyone gunfire on the mountain. i didn’t notice it teammate: there is 86 there is 86, i heard u said 9986 we came out from g harbor, u said a slogan? 9886, 9986 Victory i suddenly in a embarrassed situation then i think about it, there is 86 over here am i listen to the wrong? teammate: same as u listen DP-28 teammate: to Dilreba last time teammate: DP-28 teammate: Dilreba who said it? i’m wondering that what’s Dilreba We played game and suddenly said Dilreba I thought there is someone who has power on the ranking named it i’m confused. Who is Dilreba? Who? Can we go in front? there is a signal airdrop teammate: is there anyone? yes. there is an airdrop teammate: okay i don’t know if they’re still here teammate: there’s an airdrop at 80 direction i saw it. let me have a look at here maybe there is no one teammate: i can’t grab the kill from u teammate: he will get angry if i grab the kill someone died without knowing where is the enemies luckily i didn’t go ahead teammate: since u are not coming yet bullshit i’m a lot more timid than i used to be is the gyroscope problem? i do feel nervous when i play 1V4 I’m more nervous now than before is the gyroscope problem? i felt that my hand is on shaking I have to admit no one with good psychological quality teammate: i feel that i do feel nervous if my blood is not full and without helmet and vest i feel nervous if teammate down i’m more nervous if teammate down teammate: bro, there is gunfire at 275 direction teammate: my bro let me use a painkiller is this position? nearby or far away? teammate: far away. someone gunfire at waste area just now teammate: at 275 direction i saw it teammate: they are coming. shot the gun in near distance come to here..shot them if they pass-by teammate: he wasn’t coming teammate: the car in desert map will broken with few ammo two of them they went to the church come on i heard that if i see the right, he went to here he dared not to stay here teammate: he will go far away lets go do u have first aid kid? give me one i have a medical kit teammate: i have a cold. oh my god teammate: cowardice teammate: i’m a rat. it’s doesn’t matter i think it better to drive two cars teammate: my car has no oil teammate: this is a real people i fetch u, your position is not good his teammates are at the warehouse turn around don’t worry teammate: he was picking boxes on the ground teammate: someone far away shot the gun have u kill his teammate? teammate: oh, no teammate: there is someone jumped down what a bullshit i gunfire happily outside u stand at the stairs? teammate: i thought u are on the roof top, who know u are downstairs i get down because i thought u at downstairs teammate: i thought u at the roof top so i get up teammate: u don’t know how good am i teammate: i help u to block him at the stairs teammate: i scared someone come inside to shot u teammate: take the signal gun luckily i didn’t down i have think about the situation that i’m down if i’m down, and i turn back u are at the stairs teammate: perfect match the zone is far away quality match i have a 6 scope teammate: extra? i have a 4 scope and 6 scope teammate: do u have energy drink? two energy drink one painkiller teammate: can u give me one? we are good friend give u the painkiller there is no car in P city. how do they go? teammate: Qiu get 11 kills teammate: i only got one kill, match with him both of us are single teammate: i’m a beautiful girl, thank you teammate: I’m sorry. I laughed too much teammate: nothing happen teammate: everybody knows be careful, someone on the mountain teammate: details teammate: i like a a details teammate teammate: over the bridge at Y city teammate: there is a broken car there teammate: where is the airdrop? teammate: where are them? teammate: houses? they move their car teammate: i saw them teammate: they were picking the airdrop teammate: there’s another car or? another car lets go teammate: lets go teammate: other grab the kill teammate: yes teammate: so far, I’ve only seen one person in my house there are people at gas station one player down, help me to kill him teammate: i can’t teammate: broke their car teammate: they ran back we seem to insult them do u want energy drink? teammate: i don’t want. i have teammate: i don’t deserve it we each drive a car teammate: can u wait for me for a while? we each drive a car means i don’t want to wait for u don’t u understand me? teammate: i’ve been shot teammate: car has broken u just drive the car away will be no problem if u don’t go, u will die soon there is red car with much gas u don’t drive it, u drive the blue car red car is our own car teammate: i got head-shot by AWM ‘m injured when i go to drive the blue car what a bullshit they can’t shot u much teammate: i’m saying the true teammate: they snipe me teammate: my vest has broken teammate: bro, i’m not lying teammate: i’m an honest child i drive the car slowly from the wall teammate: because u go so i can’t go mt god! nice uncomfortable who am i playing game with? pig. u are a pig do u have enough medicine? teammate: enough there is a car in front. steal their car the wooden houses teammate: still need to steal? teammate: i don’t have confidence to run into the safe zone someone at my side do u still have medicine? i can give u some teammate: i have adrenaline syringe teammate: i don’t have vest someone in front if there is a car means someone there someone behind the car someone behind the car teammate: he is injured teammate: one level vest be quick can u drive the car alone? teammate: where? teammate: don’t care about me u didn’t see my face u really didn’t see my face vivid expression teammate: okay follow me fight with the people in the warehouse i stop my car and u turn around there must be someone here turn around teammate: i help u to get attention by others teammate: they will looking at me then u can shot them teammate: right? teammate: don’t u think we cooperate well? teammate: perfect someone on the bridge someone pass-by. still got someone under the bridge teammate: not good to stop the car here hello? just go ahead okay. get up someone opposite. move throw the smoke keep moving shot him. he is aiming at us get me up help me to block him otherwise one shot then i down again I’m ready to swim and u drive the car i go over and u stay here. surround cooperate okay? u go to drive the car go to find a place like yellow point be careful u just have to live I’ll give u the information teammate: there is someone lying at 325 direction be careful your side teammate: okay still over there? teammate: he shot by someone teammate: at 30 direction. the rock there u drive forward a little exit girl team


  1. 16:25 the girl said: I defend in the stair.(she thought they should defend inside but didn’t realize BQR was outside)
    But actually BQR was fighting with 2 enemies and almost dead. So he got angry 😂

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