The ABS I Built In My HEAD – Vishnu Vishal on fighting his inner demons | The Transformation Story

So few days back, I had put out a letter
on Twitter.. about what I went through in the last 2.5
years of my life.. It was a highly depressing phase that I had
to come out of.. When I first met my trainer Hari, I was very
low and had a dull mindset, At the very beginning, Vishnu came to me
with an injury.. He was in a very bad shape.. Doctors had advised him not to train for
six months.. I clearly explained my body’s condition to
him, I even told him about my mindset, over the
phone.. When he came down, he had 3 severe injuries
in his spine.. People who generally have such injuries cannot
even bend and lift stuff.. At the start, he even had shivering issues
on his hands and back pains, This was not only during training, it even
happened when he was at home.. At the start, I was too low.. He used to constantly explain his moods,
phases and mindsets to me.. Planning Vishnu’s diet was also challenging,
because he’s a stress eater.. When he’s stressed out, he eats a lot.. I could not follow diets at 100% at the very
beginning itself, I love eating, so I asked for cheat meals
during weekends.. I worked out a diet plan with right amounts
of carbs, fats and protein.. It was very balanced with micros and macros
worked out.. In the same way, in my letter, I had written
about my alcohol addiction, You wont believe me, but I never touched
alcohol until I was 27.. After I entered cinema, it began with social
drinking.. Depression takes you to unwanted quarters, And in that muddle, I swayed to alcohol a
little too much.. I actually hated that addiction, and wanted
to come out of it, I spoke to Hari about it, and he said that we would deal with it, little
by little.. At the beginning of the exercise routine,
we limited alcohol to 2-3 days a week.. Later on, he started realizing it himself, That his body changed a lot when he didnt
drink at all.. He used to take supplements such as zinc
and magnesium, And at those times, he knew that he shouldn’t
drink at all.. Generally, he used to take the supplements
by 7PM, After that, even if he went out to parties,
he remembered to stay away from alcohol.. For the last two months, I’ve been completely
cut off from alcohol.. No cheat meal at all! I’ve been brought to that mindset.. I wanted to do something I haven’t done in
life previously, told him it was my goal.. He asked me, what was it? And I told him
about getting a six pack.. He had previously fixed a date, December 31st, he wanted a six pack.. When we worked with that mindset, it was
wonderful.. Six pack might just be a physical attraction
for some.. But for me, it was about getting positivity
by doing something totally new.. When I told Hari about it, he asked me for
six months.. He assured me that it could be done in six
months.. I never believed him, thinking that he was
saying it for fun.. That’s how the journey started.. In my long term goal, this is my first step.. That’s how I see this achievement..

100 thoughts on “The ABS I Built In My HEAD – Vishnu Vishal on fighting his inner demons | The Transformation Story

  1. வாழ்த்துக்கள் அண்ணா உங்கள் எண்ணம் போல் இனி உங்கள் வாழ்வில் அனைத்தும் நல்லதாக நடக்கும் 💕🤝💐 எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை…💪

  2. Vishnu is a nice guy and pretty open minded fellow. Congratulations for keeping 6 packs. We expect a movie like ratchasan from you

  3. “Long term goal la Ithu than first step” exactly ! Our body and mind than always First step towards success. I didn’t think I’d be inspired with this video but I am! Thanks !

  4. Bro semma

    Nalla mass aana movies pannunga,

    Cinema ku Mozhi illa. So enga venumna polaam.

    Nowadays actress are doing films in other states then why can't you. Eg: Nayan and Kajal and not few, a lot of eg are here.

    Guethu kaattunga

  5. Hatss off to him for speaking openly about alcohol addiction!! many r thinking social drinking is stylish, but NO! Ur pushing ur self into a addiction knowingly!! It will addict, that s the way it works, ìt erases off ur will power to stop it! So dont touch alcohol!! One can live more healthy, happy without drinking comapred to a drinker!!

  6. All this investment in your body is superficial. You wrecked your marriage and ruined your sons belief in a marital union just because of your selfish ambition to build your body, social profile. You will regret this cuz a body goes into the grave! The soul lives on and your actions killed your wife’s soul

  7. I am big big biggggg fan of u bro….actually I looks like you vishnu bro…
    most of the people say if vishnu sir meets me surely he will surprise….and once again welcome back with enormous🔥

  8. Such a motivational video… Thanks for Vishnu sir for making this video… It really gives energy to me personally… Before quitting remember why you have started…. Great quote…. Thank you sir ….. God bless You….

  9. Depression is dangerous than cancer . Atleast the physical ailments can be cured by medicine but fr depression it is only you whether are not u can work to change ur mind and life (although medications and therapy goes a long way too to cope up with it) wish you good luck sir

  10. Ist maintaining body bcoz actors of heart.. Ur personal pblm we don't need.. U addicted drugs etc.. Who asking? U earn lks or cr got salary so u maintaining..

  11. உங்கள் பதிப்பு மற்றவர்களையும் சிந்திக்க வைத்துள்ளது சகோ

  12. Being fit & muscular is very hard if we don't try but it's extremely easy if we try for it with wholeheartedly. 💪💪💪 Vishnu Vishal Sir, I am not your fan but hats off to you as you put effort on being muscular & fit. Salute to you from Malaysia!!! 👏👏👏

  13. There was a tiger called vishnu

    And it got underrated because it got its step backward

    But no one know that the tiger is going to jump through the blockbuster

  14. Really amazing but our south Indian actors having six packs after some periods their body entire changing like people every one showing their upper half body but leg portion they are not concentrating

  15. The way he speaking Tamil is so kool and simple that a hard core Hyderabadi telugu speaking person like me is able to understand every portion of the video with out eng subtitles!

  16. It don't find to be a healthy procedure that too from a injury_in spite of proven fitness-trainers because it is only attractive health or physique instead of having the same capacity but with no marks/bulging muscles(showing bulging muscles). It is a more than normal physical body to keep others away espically in films. This looks normal like Kulla Nari Kottam, AGE- RESTRICTED fight scene_ 2:00 onwards ( — Pls,do not repeat alone untrained.

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