6 thoughts on “The 700 Club – January 28, 2020

  1. Muhammad is the founder of Islam, and Muhammad was a Child Molesting Mass Murder in the 600s A.D. As long as Islam is present it will be at war with God's people, both Christians and Jews. Bet your life on it!

  2. Pat, Mental Illness just so happens to go with lack of Godliness, church attendance, and christian fellowship. It's not an exact science; its more like an Art. Let's stop pretending that Mental Illness is cured by godless councilors.

  3. Most "Pastors" are probably better than most "councilors." Didn't Jesus say he would send the "Counselor to us." Should we look to Pagans for advice? No, 2 Corth 6 tells not to look to godless people for advice in anyway.

  4. Oakland California is worse than a third world country. I'm glad he got out of it and landed where God loving woman help him. All glory and honor is God alone .

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