Do you ever want to see why I get the best
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results I do? Well check this video out! Hi this is Dr Ace Thayer at So Cal
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will be in the description below and we included some bonus information at the
end of this video a bunch of charts that explain leverage hope you guys enjoy
that hope you get a lot out of it and see you guys next time. Hi today we’re going to learn about the
spine we’re gonna learn about how I do things versus other chiropractors all this chiropractors we work on the spine why
because the bone is really hard and the nerves come between the bone are
very soft sometimes those bones pinch and they
pinch the nerve like this when that happens you have a problem with a
nervous pinched and any where the nerve goes for example if you have a pinched
nerve in your neck you can have problems down your arm wrists and fingers
we call that carpal tunnel sometimes if you have a pinched nerve in your back we
can have pain down our leg we call that sciatica all chiropractors know that’s a
neurological fact the point is that when chiropractors try to work on you
they work on where the nerve is pinched that’s not the problem
that’s really just a symptom of the problem the real common problem comes from the neck. Why is that? because the brain is up the brain is just the master
computer the body it tells the body what to do “back and forth” so what I do is I
work on balance which exponentially changes the spine not just linear if you
work right here that’s linear change exponential change comes from the neck
and I’ll show you why? So my assistant is going to help me here “hold the spine
right here!” I’m gonna make this spine imbalanced you can try this at home
follow along I’m gonna make this spine imbalanced she going to telling if it’s heavier
or lighter? “Heavier!” Heavier and you gonna wonder why it’s heavy its
heavier because of leverage! Think of this as a long torque wrench? The longer
the wrench the longer the crescents wrench the more power you have or the more torque
you can add. So this leverage this heaviness puts all the pressure right
here which causes your pain which causes your imbalance which causes pressure on
the nerve so when you work here again it’s linear and here it’s exponental. So what I do is literally just reboot the system allowing the body
to balance itself. Okay? So when you guys follow along I’ll
follow along and some of my x-ray videos you’ll see some of the videos you’ll be
like okay what’s going on? Well what we’re looking for on the x-rays we’re
looking to see where the head is relative to the body when it’s centered
that’s good balance when it’s off a little bit that’s more leverage more
leverage means more pain. Okay? In the future as we move forward we strive to
educate our patients educate them how to take care of themselves so we really
really focus on posture and we’re trying to accomplish the head being over
the shoulders, shoulders over the hips the more these bones stack like bricks
the more we displace our body weight on the brick the crappier the posture the
more the leverage the leverage more pain so we’ve really really focused on
educating our patients so they can help themselves at home I hope you guys
learned something from this I hope you guys retains in this information and
when you come to my office you’ll know why I get the results I do see you guys
next time…

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