Testimonial for both hypnotic help with migraines and our hypnosis training

[Feel Good Hypnosis music plays] hi there I just want to give a short
introduction to this video testimony that’s coming up from the lovely Alina.
Alina attended my learn how to hypnotize training course and she was one of the
first attendees and she thoroughly enjoyed it and offered to give me a
video testimonial now the story is before she got an opportunity to make
the video she left Belfast to move over to the UK mainland as shall be explaining
in the video I thought I’d lost the opportunity for that but I was delighted
the other day when I got a email into my inbox with this video I was even more
delighted when I realized that she’d not only give me a video testimonial as
promised for the learn how to hypnotize training course but she’d also give
feedback on the change work that we do now I want to stress that the hypnotic change work as a very personal very private a very confidential process I
don’t give out names or discuss anything with anyone but I’m delighted
when people offer to give me videos and I was really delighted to hear Alina’s
feedback on the migraine work we did together Alina had suffered for over
seven years with terrible migraines on a daily basis I worked with Alina over
three or four sessions after the first second session we’d got the pain down
to a lower level and less frequently throughout the week by the end of the
fourth session Alina had no migraines at all and as she indicates in the video by the time she made the video she’s been
going three months without any migraines so I’m delighted to hear that
feedback and thanks very much for giving this video so please enjoy the video and
if you have any comments or thoughts on the video please feel free to comment
below the video thanks very much hey everyone I’m Alina and I’m making
this quick video to share with you my experience with Feel Good Hypnosis. Few
months back maybe half a year ago I was in I was struggling very bad with
migraines it come to a point after six or seven years to be almost daily, couldn’t
focused I couldn’t concentrate I couldn’t remember the appointments I would make I
was all over the place because of the pain I had constantly I was confused I
starts seeing things there was there were no there and it really really got
to a point when my life was affected in a very serious way so I met Turan and
he offered to help me and after a few sessions with Turan I reduced level of pain
we reduced the level of pain from 10 to 7 and and after two more sessions
we reduced if I remember from almost every day to one twice a week and
then it’s been a month when the last time I saw him I had no migraine at
all and now it’s been three months since I had no migraines at all which is
amazing because I had them constantly for seven years and my second amazing
experience with Feel Good Hypnosis is his course is teaching hypnosis and I took
his course it was I was in his first in his first class and what I
learned in that course in those two days blew my mind away and immediately I knew
that I wanted to learn more about the mind about
traumas about how we are affected and how our life is influenced and I in
three weeks I moved from Belfast to Luton to study behavioral science I’m gonna
study the I’m gonna study in the University in January and I’m super
excited and all because of Feel Good Hypnosis so I can’t thank him enough and
guys I recommend Turan, he’s professional he knows what he’s doing
you can feel it makes you feel confident and open up to what you need and I think
other people try to help me as well but because I was not confident you know
putting up to the person to share my problem to say that I see things or or
things like that stop them from helping me but Turan made me feel confident
enough to open up and and get the help I needed so thank you and check Turan out for Feel Good Hypnosis. Hi welcome back I hope you enjoyed that video
testimonial I was really honored to get that feedback from Alina
if you’re interested in getting some hypnotic change work, or hypnotherapy as
they call it then please contact me I’d love to discuss whatever it is where
there’s an anxiety it’s a worry it’s a fear, its a phobia whether you want to
improve your confidence in public speaking or whatever from pain
management to IBS I cover a wide range of issues and I’d be delighted to discuss
your issue in a personal and private and confidential way. Likewise if you want to
learn how to hypnotize others then please contact me and find out how to
attend my next training course full details are on screen now for my website
feel – good dot today and also I’m available on all usual social media platforms from
Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn etc so there’s a hundred and one ways to get
in contact and I’d be delighted to hear from you whether it’s to change your life or
to improve your life and add a new skill I look forward to talking with you
soon, thanks [Feel Good Hypnosis music plays out]

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