Teresa pours out her anger at Mang Greggy | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Wow! Rice cakes. Are you going to
bring snacks to Teresa? Where did you go?
Come on, have a snack first. I went outside and
played for a bit. Good morning, Attorney! Hey! It’s Teresa! Hi, Teresa! You arrived just in time.
Come have a snack with us. Daddy Greggy made rice cakes. Buboy, go play outside. Oh, no.
Why does Teresa look angry? What? Go on, Buboy. Go play outside. Bring your snack with you. Okay. Why did you do it? You waited for Robert, confronted him and
lunged at him. I did it because he’s a
bad influence on you. He’s making you do bad things. Whatever it is,
it’s none of your business. I can’t just stand by and
watch him brainwash you. I’m your father, Teresa. “Father?!”
Are you kidding me?! You’re my father?! Just because you saved me and
took care of me for one night doesn’t mean that you’ve the
right to be my father again! I never stopped
being your father. So, do you want us to go back
to the way things were?! You want to be my father
again?! Is that it?! Yes! If I have control
over things, I’d want that! I want us to go back to
how things were! But I know it isn’t
possible now. Of course!
And you know why?! Teresa, if you just– I’ve lost things that you’ll
never be able to replace! Do you know that?! Even if you cook
rice cakes for me, take care of me, save me or
act like my father again, you’ll never make up
for what I’d lost! Whatever you do now can’t
bring my mother back to life! So, stop this. Stop trying to be
my father again. Let’s stop fooling ourselves. I’m leaving.

12 thoughts on “Teresa pours out her anger at Mang Greggy | Starla (With Eng Subs)

  1. Tara guys, hug to hug tayo. Unahan mo ko ng hug sa bahay ko at balikan ko kayo kaagad madalian pabalik sa bahay mo at lagi lang ako nakaabang po

  2. Sama nmn.. cge anu kaya kung ipapapatay munalang ang sarili mong tatay lol para maka ganti ka sa ngyari sa nanay mo.. bakit kasalanan ba ng tatay mo ang pagka matay ng nanay mo haha drama lng hehee pero cguro if buhay ang nanay mo d niya magustohan ang pakikitongo mo sa tatay mo

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