Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 38 – Full Episode – 17th October, 2019

Ms. Alia.. Well, you told me,
this is what you want but I would like to confirm
whether you really want your husband
to get remarried. – Yes. I have gotten goons, jobless
men, kings, ministers, thieves and soldiers married but I have never helped
a married guy get remarried. Mr. Prem, this is an opportunity
to set a new record. Tell me,
is there an eligible woman for my husband, Alok? Well, there is someone.. Here you go.
Have a look at her. Wow!
She’s beautiful! Rabiya, look.. Her name is Kusum.
She is a nurse. She is very good with children. Since she got divorced,
she’s living with her parents in Sitapur.
– Really? When can I meet her? I will talk to her
and you can meet her when she wants. Okay. We shall go
to Sitapur, very soon. Thank you, Mr. Prem. – Don’t
thank me. This challenge.. I mean, it’s my duty. Anyway..
Ms. Alia, it’s your personal life but I would like to know why you’re doing this. Just assume that I am going this
because God wants me to do this. All right then. It’s your wish
and the God’s will. I’ll take your leave.
– Goodbye. Bye. Come on, Alia. You said, we are going
to Sitapur but what will you tell Alok? How will you convince him? I haven’t thought about it. What are you doing over here? I am closing the
door. – Keep it open. Since you were
closing the door I was just
helping you. – Stop playing. Who told you
that I am living over here? Tara, my baby, my darling! I can find you,
wherever you are. Kunal, just go. Okay.
– I said, get out! You asked me to go inside. So, I am going inside. And.. What are you doing?
– What? What’s it called? Teaching English in a school.. I shouldn’t have shown you
the movie ‘Hindi Medium’. I have an idea. Let’s go for a movie.
– Kunal, we are done. But I love you.
– No, you don’t. Okay..
Tara, chill.. Can we sit down and talk?
– Really? Go talk to the woman whom
you used to talk secretly and delete the messages. What’s her display picture,
by the way? Oh, please.. Do not pretend
that you do not know. Tara, you are still upset
over that. How is it my fault? Ananya likes me. She liked me.. Tara, try to understand. Ananya was depressed. Poor her, she was crying. So, I hugged her.
Yes.. I saw the way you hugged her. Please..
Do not remind me about the past. Just go, Kunal! Okay!
I am going! It’s not a joke! I was completely broken
after what you did to me. I am sorry, Tara. I had no idea
that you are heartbroken. If I knew about it I would have made a wish
to the falling star. And you wouldn’t have
gone away.. What happened? You think it’s funny, right? Hey! I was just
trying to make you laugh. Smile!
Say cheese. What happened? Why aren’t you smiling? You are not happy
to see me. See, I am happy.
I am happy! I am happy to see you! Tara, I have an idea. Let’s elope
and live together. We’ll be very happy together. Happy..
– How dare you touch me! Tara, what’re you doing? Forget about what I did
with Ananya. What? I mean, with you..
I mean, I.. I am confused
about what I did. Sorry, Ananya..
I mean, Tara.. I love you. If you don’t get out of here
within a minute I will call the police. Hey! Buddy, is someone performing
‘Karva Chauth’ for you? Listen. There’s no girl fasting
for your long life yet. Buddy, life is already long without the votive
being performed. Buddy, I just hope someone comes
and breaks my votive. I will at least have a death
of standard. It’s he who’s dying
with standard. What say, buddy? Buddy.. – It didn’t rise, right?
– Are you waiting for the moon? Yes.. It didn’t rise yet.
I’m dying out of hunger. Why are you starving?
– My wife. Okay.
– She told me yesterday that even I’ll have to fast
for ‘Karva Chauth’. What was that sound effect for?
– For getting slapped. Mr. Rajesh. – Yes.
– The moon will be rising from here and not
from the balcony. This is where my moon
will rise from, Satsangi. I’ll break my votive
once I see her. – What! Bhadoria, you’re fasting?
– I’m fasting this time. – Okay. Ms. Shalini will fast,
next year. You’ll remain
a bachelor forever. Focus on someone else
and forget Ms. Shalini. Buddy, this negative man
is spreading negativity by saying negative things.
– Hang on, buddy. I hope your moon doesn’t
come out from the main gate instead of the balcony. Right, buddy.
Ms. Shalini’s dad’s bald head resembles a moon. He comes out this way
after his dinner to have the betel leaf.
You can ask him. Right. Sir.. Sir?
– Stop joking, Mr. Satsang. Buddy, we’re not joking. Ms. Shalini’s dad
will actually break your bones. Buddy, you can see your moon
in the school. Yes, let’s go. Hey!
The moon has risen. Look there. The moon has risen.
Did you see that? – Yes.. Guys, congratulations
to both of you for the moonrise. Hey, not you.
Only you.. Why are you
not congratulating me? I wonder where her dad
interfered from. Hey, don’t do this. Thank you for performing
the votive for me. Of course.
Even I want you to live long. I don’t want to live alone,
anyway. But Alok what if you don’t get the result
for your votive? What do you mean?
– I mean anything can happen
in the future. What if I’m not alive?
– That’s not possible. I’ve spoken to God. I have made a deal with Him.
I’ll die before you. That’s for sure. Really?
– Yes. If words could change things I would have a slim waist. Alok, if something goes wrong
with me, then.. Dear, why are you saying such
things on an auspicious day? I’m with you. I won’t let
anything go wrong with you. Okay? That’s the marriage bureau’s
staff’s number. Hello. No.. I can’t hear you.
Hold on.. Let me find the network.
Hold on. Hello. Yes, Mr. Prem.
– There’s a good news, Ms. Alia! The girl agreed?
– No.. I spoke to the girl’s family.
– What did they say? Well, they’re planning to go
to Shimla in a couple of days. What! Let the marriage
take place first. They’re planning a honeymoon
so soon and that too, Shimla? No.. Alok can’t be convinced
for anything less than Dubai. No, Ms. Alia..
You didn’t get me. They’re planning a family trip
to Shimla after a couple of days.
So, the meeting should be done tomorrow.
– Is it? – Yes. – Fine then. Let both of us go.
– Not at all. They want to meet the guy
straight away. Meet the guy?
– Yes. So, you’ll have to bring
your husband along, tomorrow. Husband..
– Yes. After all, the customer would
want to see the product. What? – It will get sold
only if it’s on display. But I haven’t spoken
to Alok yet. Then, talk to him.
It’s never too late. I’d say, he’ll be impressed. Only some lucky ones
get such a wife who’s getting her husband
married again. So, shall I finalise
tomorrow’s meeting? Well..
Okay, fine. I’ll talk to Alok, today.
– Okay, fine. What do you want to talk? Alok there is something. In next few days I’m going to die! That’s why,
I want to get you married to some other girl! So that there’s someone
who can replace me. So that Rohan has a mother
to take care of him and you have a wife to love you,
after my death. What happened?
What are you thinking? ‘Alia.’ Fabulous. Fantastic. Excellent. Mind-blowing. Listen. Sir, purchased an excellent car. It’s a classic. Yeah, so what? I can also buy one.
– What? – Yes. By the way,
what will be its EMI? Are you asking about
the front tire or the back one? What do you mean? You think,
I can’t purchase the car? Listen. You can sell your house
and purchase it but will you be able
to live in this car? Listen. You shift from one room
to another by getting scared but with center lock the way your wife
will beat you.. What’s this? I wish I also had the same car. What? I’m also planning to purchase
a new car this Diwali. You fix your wedding dates. Listen. You would be getting
out of your bed from both the sides. Will it look good, if you
come out from all four doors? Sir. I suggest, we both should
purchase an auto rickshaw. While leaving from house we will carry
three-four passengers. I swear, you will earn more. That’s how degraded
your thinking is. Alok.. I wanted to talk
something serious. How serious is it,
since you are laughing? Alok, tomorrow
we have to go to Sitapur. Sitapur?
– Yeah. In order to see someone. Has your relative’s daughter
from Sitapur again fell ill? No.. To see a suitable girl
for marriage. Whose marriage? Rabiya. In order to marry
Rabiya’s relative off. Rabiya’s?
– Yes. Rabiya, tell him
about that person. My husband is a merchant
in Dubai. No.. Not him. The one who is to get married. But that person
is related to you.. No.. Yeah.. My relative.. What are you blabbering? Alok, you have to come
to Sitapur tomorrow. That’s it.
– Yeah, that’s it. Consider that we have to
find a suitable girl for a guy. Okay?
– Yes. Alok my brother.. Your brother’s name is Ram? What? Come on! There is a good
friend of mine.. We have to go
find a bride for him. But I’m a good friend
of yours. Yeah but Alok, there are
other guys apart from you who are eligible
for this status. He’s a very noble person. He’s done many favours. He got my husband,
merchant’s job in Dubai. He also helped with the visa. Is this called favour? Since your husband
has gone to Dubai has he returned even once? You keep crying
thinking about him. I think, your relative is
the root for all the problems. Yeah, but he’s earning
a lot in Dubai. Yes.. So can I also get
my Dubai visa by talking to him? Alok, don’t change the topic. Come back to Sitapur. Listen, we have to go tomorrow
to see a bride for him. You both go to Sitapur. What will I do? Anyways,
that guy has to see the girl. But what’s the matter with you? You are talking
as if some player will become Dhoni in a day
playing under you. Come. Say. Yeah, Alok, actually
his left eye is defective so he rams
his vehicle quite often. Yeah, so sit next to him And instruct him everything
about the left side. All right?
– Left or right? Left. Okay. He left? What’s with you? You make me lie so much! Why didn’t you
tell him the truth? I couldn’t. You will have to tell him soon. Yeah, I will tell him
on the way to Sitapur. Sitapur? From where will I get a guy
to go to Sitapur? I didn’t increase
anyone’s salary. Then who purchased this car? What’s going on? Sir, this car isn’t yours? This is my new car. Sir, is that new?
– Yes. Sir. I won’t spend Rs. 500
of the old currency to purchase this car. Shut up! What’s this?
– This is brand new. Your car is too old. But whose car is this? Actually.. Sachin is..
– …hitting the ball. Very good. And similarly now..
Balloons are.. …flying in the air.
– Very nice. Balloons!
– Yes, balloons! Balloons!
– Balloons! This is mine. Students..
– This is mine.. Listen..
– This is mine.. You! What are you doing here? You threw my out of your house.
So I have come here. Kunal, just go from here.
– Tara, listen.. Look, school is going on.
Don’t create a scene here. At least, eat the chocolate. I have brought your favourite,
almond resin chocolate. You like it, right?
– I have quit chocolate You are lying. Yesterday, I saw you
buying chocolates. What a beautiful lie!
– Stop following me. By the way,
give this chocolate to Ananya. It will melt by the time
it reaches Delhi. She doesn’t like
melted chocolate. I am sorry.
I am just kidding. Hey, Tara. You know that there is nothing
between Ananya and me. She was hounding me.
You know that. Please forget the past. Tara, you know
that I love you. Do not even touch me. Will you please leave now? But Tara.. What?
What’s going on, pal? Leave my hand. You don’t know who I am.
Got it? Don’t interfere. You are the one
who has entered here. I am talking to you nicely.
Mend your ways. Otherwise..
– Who is this stupid? Kunal, just mind your language. Mr. Alok, I will handle. Who is he?
– Kunal! What’s going on here? Are you enjoying chocolate
with him nowadays? Kunal, just shut up.
– Hey, you shut up, okay? Talk to her with respect. What will you do if I don’t? What will you do?
Tell me. What will you do? I will abuse whoever I want to. You just stay away. There are kids here.
Hence, I don’t want to fight. Just leave quietly. You shouldn’t be seen
here again. Got it? Chill! I am okay. Bye, Tara. Bye, darling. Is this your past from which you were
running away? Thank you, Mr. Alok.

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