Temper, Irritation and Resentment and Handwriting Analysis Graphology

Temper, Irritation and Resentment and Handwriting. I’m Fiona MacKay Young and in this video we’re
going to look at temper, irritation and resentment. They all show in handwriting. They can also all be removed from handwriting. So in this video you will learn how to identify it whether it’s in your own writing or somebody else’s. And if it’s in your own, you can learn
how to remove it. It is probably a good idea
to try removing it if you have it. It can make you feel unhappy as much as
make other people feel unhappy So coming right up is temper, irritation and resentment, how it shows, and how to remove it from your handwriting

9 thoughts on “Temper, Irritation and Resentment and Handwriting Analysis Graphology

  1. I liked how you've started explaining solutions to these problems as well,apart from identifying the traits of temper,irritation etc.thanks.

  2. One unique thing, I like about these videos is the fact that you are excellent at explaining what these human characteristics are, Fiona. Often we have muddy ideas about these distinctions but you clarify them beautifully <3

  3. See, we we're taught in school to write (in the resentment portion of the video) this way- with a bit of a tail before writing the letters in lower case letters, but you say this shows resentment…hmmmm….

  4. The pointed handwriting (resentment) is picture perfect for Donald Trump's signature.i wonder how his father treated him when young😬

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