Teen Unleashes Expletive-Laced Tirade On Mom After Learning She’s Going To Treatment

I’m Anthony Hoskins I’m the resource director here at the show it’s a Phil this is George Levengood he’s with center for discovery do you have any questions or thoughts on what dr. Phil is offering for you and your family it’s amazing but I’ve kind of run out of resources where I’m at so anything at this point is I’m hoping get her where she needs to be okay this is Laura with safe interventions message they’re a youth transport company if destiny is unwilling then we will bring them in and they will work with her in order to get her prep to go with them to Center for discovery high destiny I’m Anthony Haskins I’m the resource director here at the show this is George Livengood from Center for discovery okay we talked to your mom and mom says you’re going yeah y’all think I’m going damn oh you’re going get on how many right here she signed over guardianship no you’re not we have people right outside the door that have the legal right to do whatever needs to happen in order to get you that I’m either leaving now well you’re leaving now hell yeah you hell yeah see you later you think why what did I do you know what the hell’s with your nothing oh okay because I’m trying to get the help we need no that’s not it so why am i nothing you’re fine four days and then we come here and now you put on this show what show I’ve always been like this you weren’t right that on the show right I’ve always been like you were nice like that in front of DOC answer the question like this always been like this sometimes yeah exactly yeah for me okay you’re I know in your video prior to coming here and being out there with dr. Phil you said that dr. Phil can get you the help that you need okay and where it is the contrast to help you why are you sorry they’re going to help I don’t stay with you problem you know we’re gonna sign up because I want this is why we’re here because we all need it put that down no if they don’t you guys have a problem with everyone in the world or your family what about supply that up right now so destiny listen I work for safe interventions we don’t hire any of you right now I don’t care but I do not program so keep that in your 14 you’re a minor your mom’s decided this you just threw her out and she’s not coming back in a minute we’re gonna leave no yes absolutely so we have custody of you while we go through this place do not shout to hold on to you take me

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