Tapping For Stress

hi welcome my name is Trish Taylor. if you’re new to my YouTube channel a warm welcome and if you’ve
been here before then welcome back many of you have asked me to do a video on
stress that’s a big problem for lots of people so I’m just going to do a very
simple tapping video for a generalized stress today so first of all remember
I’m not a licensed therapist or a medical doctor anything that you do
should be alongside any advice you’re already getting from a doctor and if you
have any concerns please do visit your medical professional these thing can
help and they’re very quick and very effective we’re going to be tapping
using the side of the hand or karate chop point the tapping points the
eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye under the nose, chin, the collarbone point
under the arm finishing with the top of the head the process is to think about
the issue that you’re stressed about use words that make sense to you I’m just
going to keep it simple today think of a number on a scale of one to ten or zero
to ten whichever makes sense for you right that number down so you don’t
forget it and then really think about the issue and our aim is to get that
down as far as we can hopefully to one or zero so first of all the setup
statement Even though I’m feeling this stress today I deeply and completely
love and accept myself even though I’m feeling stressed today I deeply and
completely love and accept myself even though I’m feeling stressed today I
deeply and completely love and accept myself so that’s the setup statement
you can change the words to suit your situation we then do the reminder
statement and I’m just going to use This Stress tapping five to seven times on
each point this stress, this, stress, this stres,s this
stress that I’m feeling this stress the stress, this overwhelming stress this
stress. That’s one round let’s do that again, this stress this feeling of stress this feeling of overwhelm this stress this
complete feeling of being overwhelmed, this stress this stress this stress and one more time this stress
this feeling, this stressful feeling, I’m tired of this feeling, I’m tired of this
feeling I’m ready to let this stress go I want to let this stress go I’m
going to let this stress go. Now that’s a very simple tapping process for you
today you can change the words and then I would do a few more rounds where
you’re actually starting to accept that you’re going to let the feeling go check
out some of my other videos which go into a little more detail and when
you’ve done that and the numbers gone down hopefully by at least two points
from wherever you started check out my 9 gamut protocol video which gives you
some additional tapping things which will bring it down even more so please
subscribe to my channel because I’m going to be doing new videos all the
time and tap along it is really effective it really helps it’s easy to
learn it’s free and also check out my website tayloredNLP.com I’d love to
see you there. Or come along and meet me in my office sometime thank you so much
for watching.

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