Good morning, Mr. Jetha!
– Good morning! Where had you been
early in the morning? I went to the bank
to deposit a cheque. – Okay. Bye. ‘Oh! I had the
maintenance cheque ready’ ‘to give to Bhide
but I left it at home.’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘I’ll have to climb up the
stairs again. Let me submit it.’ ‘He will be pleased
as I submitted the cheque’ ‘without him reminding me.
It’s good.’ Where is it?
– Good morning, Dad! Hey! Sonu! Good morning, dear!
Get up now.. Get up.. – What are you doing?
– I’m looking for my pen. I found it..
Get off me now. Sonu, what is this?
– But in my childhood, you used to give me piggyback rides!
What happened to you now? That was in your childhood.
You are all grown-up now. Are you ready to go to college?
– Yes, bye! – Bye.. Listen.. Did you take
your tiffin box? – Yes, Dad I have packed everything. Bye!
– Bye.. Listen, go safely
and come home safely. Okay, Dad, bye! – Listen!
– Focus on your studies at college.
– Of course, Dad! Bye! – Bye.. Gosh! I have a lot to do today. Everyone has submitted
the maintenance cheques except Jethalaal. If he doesn’t
submit the cheque on time I’ll impose a fine.
A lot of work is pending. We still have to prepare for the
‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ celebrations. The students’ exams
are approaching. Madhavi has prepared
the monthly expenses list but it’s not complete. Madhavi..
Madhavi! What is it? Put down the broom. – Yes,
sorry. Tell me, what is it? The expenses list!
– What list? What do you mean? Every month I give you money
for the household expenses. And you have to write down
where you spent the money. And that list is called
the household expenses list. Oh, I see! So, that is called
as the expenses list! I know that,
you didn’t have to elaborate. I gave you the list.
– I’m not talking about that. Then what do you want to know?
– I’m talking about the expenses that you missed to include.
– I have a lot of chores to do. Let’s discuss this later, okay?
– Madhavi, stop.. What I am saying also
concerns the household. I want you to give me an account
of where you spent all the money. I told you about the expenses
that I remember. – Right but you didn’t give me
an account of Rs. 568. It might have been spent
for some work. That’s your problem. Why don’t
you write it down like I do? I don’t have the time.
– What? And this amount, Rs. 565..
– Hey! It’s Rs. 568, not Rs 565. Even Rs. 3 is to
be accounted for. – Seriously? This amount, Rs. 568, must be
spent on some household work. Maybe I bought lemons for Rs. 3
and hair clips for Rs. 20 or 25. Sonu usually takes money
from me for the bus fare. So, I must have
given some to her. I don’t remember
all those things. I have a lot of chores to do.
I have to pack Sonu’s tiffin box and prepare the lunch.
I have to complete the pickles and Papad order.
How can you expect me to remember everything?
– You should remember. If you can’t,
just write it down. All right,
I’ll allow it this month. But I won’t, the next month.
– What do you mean? What will you do?
– I’ll tell you next month. Why? Why will you tell me
the next month? Tell me now! I want to know! Tell me! Tell me!
Oh! Sorry, did I come
at the right time? Ms. Madhavi, think that
I’m not here. Please continue. Come on, Mr. Jetha! – Wait,
what are you asking her to do? Cleansing the teacher! No, it’s not what you think
it is. We were only conversing. Come on, don’t make excuses. No one ‘only converses’
with a broom in hand. Right? Be thankful that I arrived.
Or else, Ms. Madhavi would have beaten you up for sure!
Right, Ms. Madhavi? What are you smiling for? Madhavi was sweeping the house before I called her to come out. That’s why she’s holding
the broom. So, Ms. Madhavi was sweeping
the air after coming out here? Or else, she’d be holding
the broom down. What!
– Am I right, Ms. Madhavi? Why are you laughing?
Say something. Well.. You see, Mr. Jetha I was actually sweeping
the floor but as I was speaking to him I subconsciously raised my hand. No way..
The broom couldn’t just have come up subconsciously,
Ms. Madhavi. I’m sure you must have felt like using it on him. Jethalaal won’t be convinced
like this. Go ahead, give me a few whacks. No.. I was just joking. I told you.. Okay, now tell me.. Of course, if you don’t mind
me asking what were you both
talking about? Nothing as such. Just the normal husband-wife
bickering. Great. That’s very good. Married couples should argue
regularly. You know, it’s said that
the bickering make a marriage sweeter. That’s not how you say it,
Jethalaal. These moments of bickering are the sweetest moments
of a marriage. Yes, you got my point, right? Yes, I did. What I didn’t get is what brings you here
early this morning? Take a guess. Don’t rack your brains so much. He must have come to pay
the maintenance. No way!
That’s not possible. Jethalaal, pay the maintenance? Until I send him reminders.. Not one, multiple reminders. He won’t pay maintenance. And if he’s actually here
to pay maintenance I’ll give you whatever
you ask for. Ms. Madhavi,
here’s the maintenance cheque. Now think what you want him
to give you. Really?
It’s the maintenance cheque? I can’t believe this, Madhavi. The date, name, signature,
amount all details filled in correctly! Amazing!
How did this miracle happen? Anyway, forget it.
Come here. Should I tell the truth?
I felt pity for you. When will Ms. Daya return? Bye.
– Hey.. Jethalaal, wait. Something important. We’re meeting at the clubhouse
tonight to decide the programme
for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. Sure! I’ll be there.
At what time? Jethalaal, you’re asking as if you’re going to come
dot on time. Aatmaram!
Just tell him the time. Fine, I’ll tell him. The meeting is scheduled
for 9 p.m. as such. But for you, 8.30 p.m. Got it.
– Yes. Okay, Ms. Madhavi.
Okay. – Yes. I’ll be there by 9.30. Hey!
See that.. Forget it, first tell me what all are planning to do for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’
this year? You’ll come to know everything at the meeting tonight.
Okay? Surprise. You can tell me at least! No way.
A surprise is a surprise. See Abdul. It’s time
for the meeting but no one has turned up. It’s a society meeting. They’ll be here anytime now. We are here..
– Here we come, Mr. Bhide! Hello, Mr. Bhide! Yes, fine you all are here.
We’re not having a picnic here. Mr. Bhide, it’s as good
as a picnic. Society meetings are the most
entertaining things. – Yes.. So, you all come here
for entertainment? Come on now, take you seats.
– Yes.. Hurry up, everyone.
Madhavi, quick. Come in, everyone.
Take your seats. Mr. Hathi, Mr. Mehta! Are you having a separate
meeting there? Please be seated. All right.. So, we’re all here. Aatmaram! Everyone is here,
except Jethalaal. Oh! What is this, Mr. Champak? It’s time for the meeting
and Jethalaal isn’t here yet? Aiyar, Jethalaal will come. And even Popatlaal
hasn’t turned up yet. Yes, our committee member
is missing. Bhide, Jetha and Popat will
be here soon. Let’s start the meeting
in the meanwhile. Yes.. Mr. Bhide, start the meeting. Dad, please start the meeting. Tapu’s gang is eager to find out the entire even plan.
– Yes.. Wait a minute.
Sonu we’ll start the meeting
only after all the members arrive or else I’ll have to keep
repeating myself. But what’s taking Popat
and Mr. Jetha so long? Sodhi, Popatlaal will come but no one knows if Jethalaal
will turn up. Aatmaram, I think it’s
next to impossible for Jethalaal to be punctual. That’s not true.
– Mr. Aiyar. I heard it.
I heard what you said about me. There are so many people here.
No one has a problem. But you.. I wonder why
you love me so much! When you don’t see me around,
you get restless. Hey! Just look at him, Dad.
This is a regular thing. Can’t a person get late due to
the Mumbai traffic? What nonsense, Jethalaal! You mean there was traffic from
your home to the club? There was traffic on my way from
the shop to my home. Hey, Gada! Let it go!
Just sit down. Just look at him..
– Sit down, Jethalaal.. It’s okay.. – He thinks
I was lying about the traffic. It’s okay..
– Nonsense! Let it go.. Hey.. Look at him. Popatlaal is late, but Mr. Aiyar
is okay with it. Right? Why? Because he stays
in your wing? In that case, even I’ll shift
to your wing tomorrow. Look, Jethalaal, Popatlaal is
late sometimes. But you’re always late. What’s the proof?
What proof do you have? Hey, you! Calm down.
And you be quiet too. Bhide, everyone is here.
Let’s start the meeting. Yes, let’s start. Sir, I can talk if these two
keep quiet. Tell Mr. Aiyar. He’s not quiet,
I am. Stop it, Jetha.
Sit down. Sit down. Popat, sit down. Popatlaal, you’re a committee
member. How could you be late? I’m not always late. I got a
call from the marriage bureau. Wow..
– Wonderful.. Hold on.. Calm down.. Calm down. He’ll tell us who
the girl is and from where. Hold on, Bhide. I did get a call
from the marriage bureau but it was for the renewal fee,
it wasn’t a proposal. Oh, so you got a call for
the fees, it wasn’t a proposal. What are you laughing at? Our time will come, Mr. Mehta.
– Why do you say ‘our’? Say your time will come.
We’re all happy. – Yes. Come on, enough of your jokes.
Sit down. – Sit down.. Let’s start the meeting. Did you see that?
Mr. Aiyar always does this. His phone has to ring in
the middle of the meeting. That’s fine, isn’t it?
– I’m sorry. But it doesn’t happen
every time, Jethalaal. Aatmaram, please continue.
– Put it on silent mode. I, Aatmaram Tukaram
Bhide, the respected secretary.. You need not say that, Bhide.
Everyone has that information. Jethalaal, it’s the protocol.
I have to follow it. You’ve said that several times.
Just come to the point. Just calm down.
Let him speak. You know how it is, Dad..
– Just be quiet. Let him speak.
Bhide, continue. Thank you, sir. So, I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide..
– Mouse.. Where’s the mouse..
What happened.. It’s here..
The mouse is here.. Where’s the mouse?
– It went over my feet. Where is it? Hey! This is strange. Taarak, check where
the mouse is. Anjali, I’m a writer,
not a mousetrap. Taarak!
– No.. Actually.. I meant, what’s the need
to look for the mouse? We made so much noise.
I’m sure it ran away. We don’t need the mouse
for the meeting. So, it left. I don’t think it’ll come back.
Let’s start the meeting. What if it comes back? I’m petrified of mice.
– Roshan come on.
You’re so strange. You’re my wife. How can
you be scared of a mouse? If there was a tiger,
crocodile or bear then getting scared
was justified. That would be all right. But a mouse, darling?
A mouse? Come on, Roshan. It’s fear.
I am scared. Babita, are you okay? Yes, but where did the mouse go? Babita, relax.
The mouse has left. That’s what I’ve been saying,
Aiyar. Listening to all the noise, even
the elephant would run away. I mean, a real elephant.
It must have run away. Come on. Sit down. Stay calm.
Let’s start the meeting. Mr. Mehta, how can we stay calm?
Bhide, what’s all this? There are rats in the club
of the society. Look at what’s written
on the board. ‘Keep the club premises clean.’
Is this clean? What can I do about it? Bhide, Popatlaal means that you
should focus on cleanliness. I understand that you alone
cannot focus on everything. So, that committee member
next to you who is focused on who comes late
for the meeting can take over the responsibility
of maintaining cleanliness. Jethalaal, I agree I’m in
the committee. But for your kind information,
I’m the treasurer. And the treasurer manages
the accounts of the society. It’s not my job to make sure
that the society is clean. So, whose job is it?
– Popatlaal’s. I don’t think the meeting
will happen today. Read that board, Popatlaal. ‘Accept your defeat with love.’ Popatlaal, you’re a member
of the committee and you’re the one
complaining? Sodhi, I wasn’t complaining. All I was saying is that
all of us should do something about the mice in the club. I keep my society so clean
that our society deserves an award for the best society. You? I mean, the cleaners
do a good job. But under my supervision.
– Look at him. Popatlaal, if you are
a good supervisor how did rats get inside
the club? I’ll tell you why the rats
got in and how. Look, friends,
think positively. We’re gathered here for
the Ganesha festival. And a mouse
is Ganesha’s messenger. Lord Ganesha’s ride came
to us on its own. It’s a good sign, isn’t it?
That means the function is going to be
amazing. – Right. Yes. That was wonderful.
– You’re right. Wonderful, Mr. Mehta.
That was great. It’s as if we’ve got
Lord Ganesha’s blessings. Absolutely. So, all hail Lord Ganesha.
– Hail! Sit down.
– Sit down. Yes, so, where was I? Mr. Bhide, you were discussing
the food menu for the festival. Baby.. Hey, Goli, my memory isn’t
that weak. I know what I was talking about. So, I, Aatmaram Tukaram
Bhide, the respected.. That was done. Let’s proceed. I can’t, it’s not done. Whenever I tried to speak,
someone interrupted. Hold on. I, Aatmaram Tukaram
Bhide, the respected secretary of Gokuldham welcome you
to today’s meeting. Thank you.
– Thank you. Look, in this year’s
Ganesha festival we face huge challenges and worries. So, I don’t exactly know how
to tackle it. What do you mean?
– What? What do you mean?
All of us are here. Yes, Bhide, we’re with you. Yes, Dad, we’ll all bring
Lord Ganesha to the society. Yes.. Sonu, I understand. I also
respect your sentiments. But.. Look..
– What? Ms. Madhavi..
– Speak up. I have to tell you that
unfortunately, this time we won’t be able to celebrate
the Ganesha festival here. What nonsense..
– What are you saying.. Hold on.. First of all,
go back to your seats. Please. But, tell us..
– I’ll tell you.. Please be seated.
Please be seated.. I’ll tell you.
Please be seated.. It’s an old tradition.
– Jetha, calm down.. Do not break the rules
of the society. Please remain calm
during the meeting. Mr. Bhide,
what are you talking about? There’s no problem in life
without a solution. – Exactly! I understand, sir, but..
– But what, Mr. Bhide? Tell us what’s the matter. Well, the problem is..
– Yes. The problem is.. Tell us.
– Speak up! The problem is,
there’s no problem! What! I was just joking! What? Do you think
we are here to crack jokes? You got us all worked up. At your age, people should be
a little mature. Right, Dad? Friends, the preparations
for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ have begun
in the Gokuldham Society. The residents of Gokuldham
are involved in this. They are enthusiastic and happy. Everyone has only one vision. They want to bring Lord Ganesha
to Gokuldham, pompously and as soon as possible. This time, there are no hurdles
at all. I really can’t believe that there’s no problem
in Gokuldham during a festival. But the truth is,
there are no problems so enjoy the festivities,
and celebrate. There’s going to be a grand
celebration at Gokuldham. There’ll be a marquee on display and there’ll be
grand decorations. ‘Modaks’ will be made. There will be many events
involving dancing and music. Just join us
in welcoming Lord Ganesha and enjoy the festivities. Keep watching, ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching and keep laughing.

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