T-Mobile customers frustrated by massive outage in Houston area

we have also been following this breaking news for you all afternoon a massive outage for t-mobile in the Houston area now the carrier says it’s working to fix the issue which is impacting a significant number of its customers as Sophia Beausoleil showed us on our newscast at four and five customers were showing up at t-mobile stores in southwest Houston trying to get answers she’s joining us live again with an update Sophia so bill we just learned from t-mobile on Twitter that engineers are working on the problem and it should be fixed in some areas for next few hours so I know that’s a long time for some of you folks at home and a lot of you are actually making your way to this store that’s right behind me and there have been employees who’ve been out here all day long answering questions but people say they just want their service back and in age where our phones are always attached to our hips t-mobile users stopped in their tracks once their phone service stopped working it takes all day people like Gonzalo Palacios thought there was something wrong with his phone I’m no service I thought it was a sim Cossack they know but apparently it’s not the outage is across the city of Houston in a tweet t-mobile says it’s due to a major fiber cut and engineers are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible t-mobile employees spent the afternoon explaining to customer after customer after customer on what’s going on I rely on the phone for courier service at work with a courier service for nobodies as for Gonzalo he says he is a positive outlook on the situation and is confident it’ll be fixed yeah we all used to cell phones but is not there in the world but for some it is and they continue to come to this t-mobile store asking what’s going on and again we got an update there should be some kind of fixture here in the next couple of hours but you can use Wi-Fi calling if you go to our website click to Houston comm we have the explanation and how you can use that also we learned from employees here at this store that if you are in an emergency you can still dial out to 9 1 111 southwest Houston Sophia Beausoleil KPRC Channel 2 News Thank You Sophia

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