Super Soul Sunday Talk: Change irritation to appreciation

Opening Music with birds chirping Good Morning Good to be with you on this Super Soul Sunday morning June 5th 2016 fantastic day in the Island unfortunately this is my last day in the Island and we are going to have brunch little latter and after that I’m gone back to the reality of the world right at any rate ha.. we had wonderful evening… yesterday and award nights … ha fantastic at Rendezvous film festival lot of unexpected people were jumping up and down and some people were upset… you know what I’m talking about right… when there is an award some one have to lose someone have to win but you all have to be happy.. you all got accepted! itself is an award… but winning is that pays your extraordinary dedication and work.. so we had a great evening and night yesterday at the Rendezvous film festival I posted some pictures I will also post some video little latter Today I wanted to talk about ‘Temper’ this is because I have seen something were…happening yesterday after party time, people were some them really angry and they let out their temper… ha.. so the brings to…today’s topic….of talking about the short temper I wanted to tell the story from the Bodi Sativa… which is actually Buddha’s reincarnation…. so one day Buddha went to a village and in the village there is a man came up to him and he wanted to ask him an advice about something… so lets see whats the story is…. right A man went to call on Buddha for advice. ‘I was born with a short temper,’ he confessed. ‘They say getting angry only makes matters worse and they’re right. After I let off steam I feel rotten, and I regret hurting other people’s feelings, but by then it’s too late. Is there anything I can do to rid myself of my short temper?’ you know what Buddha going to do right Buddha smiled genially. ‘Well, well, well… you certainly were born with an interesting item,’ he said. ‘If I am to fix it, though, I need to examine it. Do you have it with you now?’ its like if you go to doctor and if you don’t want to show your body and you are having some pain or some kind of ops.. he has to see it… right the same thing with the Buddha too so and Buddha asked him that way now the man was responding to him back ‘Well, no,’ said the man . ‘I have nothing to be upset about now, so I can’t show it to you.’ ‘That’s odd,’ said Buddha. ‘Since you told me just now that you were born with it, it must be somewhere on your person. Don’t be shy, just go ahead and bring it out for me to see.’ ‘No,’…. repeated the man, ‘it’s not here.’ ‘Then where is it?’ ‘When you put it like that, I don’t know what to say. Right now it isn’t anywhere.’ ‘Of course it isn’t. No… one is born with a short temper. The next time you start to blow up in irritation, ask yourself where that fit of temper came from. The answer is, it came from you.. yourself. To say you were born with it, as if it’s not your fault, is shirking responsibility.’ Patience doesn’t just happen, but must be cultivated, It is all a matter of attitude. that’s what Buddha was telling him so next time Change irritation to appreciation. in Tamil we say பொருத்தார் பூமியாழ்வார்… which means அதாவது… பொருத்தார் பூமியாழ்வார் wchich means if you have patience you can actually conquer the world so you know what to do next time right… Next time when you get into temper just put it down and keep the patience… patience cannot be ha… just come out ha… you have to cultivate its all your attitude…. if your attitude is good you are going to get patience… and if you are having patience you are going to have the world in your hand with that I’m going to say everybody have a great day see y’all latter.. ba… bye…… Birds chirping and closing music

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