Sunny Again Tomorrow | 내일도 맑음 – Ep.81 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND / 2018.09.11]

Are you sure you had feelings for me? I’ve had such a hard time. I wanted to be comforted. You didn’t need me to comfort you. I found it strange to develop feelings for someone else. It made me seem fickle. I thought I’d come across as being flippant. What I’m saying is, the person I thought about, missed, and wanted to call was you. Ms. Kang. Yet you started and ended it without me and jumped to conclusions. How could you be so mean? I’ll get going. What did you mean by what you just said? I like you. I think I have feelings for you. If you’re saying that out of guilt… I have fallen in love with you. I love you. Do you know how long I waited to hear that? I love you. Very much. (Episode 81) You must be tired. No, I’m fine. By the way, did you call Mother? No, not yet. Go ahead and call to tell her we’re back from our honeymoon. I called while we were away, but she didn’t answer. Nevertheless, try again. Okay. With this hand. Take this. Being like this won’t solve the problem. Now that they’re married, you must think of how you’ll talk them into moving in here. Do you think Jinhui will bat an eye? So pick up… See? See? She hung up although it hasn’t been ringing long. I no longer want that hoodlum living here. Are you going to keep sounding like a defeatist? Do you think I want him living here? But now that they’re married, we must keep him close to see if he’s after Jinhui’s money. I can’t do anything while Jinhui refuses. If you can sway her, bring them here then. I’ll keep an eye on him. Good grief. I would have done it if I could, not mope around here like this. That’s what I’m saying. Your sister’s being stubborn, so we have no recourse. No. I’m sure there is a way. There is a way out of every problem. If there is a will, there is a way. My goodness, woman. Those sayings are meant for more useful endeavors. You be quiet. How many times must I tell you Mr. Park is a good man? Mother, you don’t need to worry about Jinhui. I’ve seen a lot of him, and he’s a good person through and though. I can vouch for him. How many times did you co-sign bad loans for people you vouched for? That’s not the same… I’ll see you later. Where are you going this late? The sauna. I’m sore all over. Do you want to come? Mom, do you want to come? You guys go ahead. I can’t be bothered with anything. Ow, my back. Hang on. We really don’t have to do this. She didn’t answer my calls. What if she refuses to let us in? She won’t do that. She’s our elder, so we must take the low posture as we got married against her wishes. Let’s go. Who is it at this hour? Oh, my goodness. What are they doing here? Seonhui! Hwang! Why did they have to go to the sauna? They are never around when I need them. I can’t let them in after not taking her calls. Whatever. Is everyone out? Try calling again. Call Seonhui. Okay. She’s not answering? No answer. Connecting to… She’s not picking up. If they’re not answering the phone… See? I told you they might not let us in. It’s upsetting, right? It’s okay. Let’s come again some other time. No. Unless Mom invites us, I’m not coming. Oh, come on, Jinhui. Let’s go. But… Wait up. Geez. Did you enjoy your honeymoon? Sure. Thanks for asking. Did you enjoy it too, Mom? Yes. The hotel and tour you booked for us were wonderful. Thank you. I did do a lot of research. I’m glad you liked it. Let’s go in. I made dinner. You even made dinner? You made all this? Of course not. You know I’m not that good. Then who? Oh, my. You’re back? So you made all this? My cooking must have seemed pathetic. She offered to help. I also helped out a tiny bit. My goodness. We are so grateful. Geez. I put my cooking chops to work, but I’m not sure you’ll like it. I didn’t get you a wedding gift, so consider this my gift and enjoy. – Dogyeong, this is hot so be careful. / – Okay. – I’ll take it. / – No, no, no. It’s hot. Be careful. Thank you. Wow. This looks amazing. We’ll get going. Why? You should join us. No, no. The three of you enjoy. Let’s go have dinner. Okay. Good night. – Enjoy. / – Will do. – Thank you. / – Bye. – Thanks for dinner. / – Ms. Im, thank you. I’m home. Good timing. Go change so we can eat. Okay. Get Hanui’s rice and soup. Okay. Yes, hello? How did it go at the plant? Has the owner come around? No. He doesn’t believe that we’ll pay him first once we sell the blouses. He says unless we pay, he’s not giving us the blouses. What if I offer a guarantee? You? Yes. I don’t know. I’ll come with you tomorrow and offer a guarantee. Then he’ll give you the blouses. Hello? Mr. Lee, thank you for the offer, but I can’t accept it. Why not? I’d like to try a bit harder. I don’t think I’ve given it 100 percent yet. I’ll go see him tomorrow and the day after to show that I’m genuine. I’d like him to see that I am someone he can trust. You understand, right? Did I upset you? Ms. Kang. Yes? I suddenly really want to see you. What do I do? Pardon? Should we meet right now? I’ll come to your house. R-Right now? Yes. It’ll take 30 minutes. Sounds good. Why aren’t you coming to eat? I’m coming right now. What’s going on? Are you talking to your boyfriend? W-What boyfriend? Huh? You’re stuttering. It’s your boyfriend, right? No! Stop being cheeky and get out. I don’t think we can meet. It’s my sister. Okay. Man… I really want to see her. I desperately wish to see her. I’m dying to see her. Who? You startled me. Good for you, kiddo. W-What for? There’s someone you are “really,” “desperately,” “dying” to see. What’s better than that? I’m surrounded by people I’m really, desperately, dying to avoid. But you said you and Hanui broke up. Have you already met someone new? I-It’s not that. Anyway, consider yourself lucky, kiddo. Dad. Yes? Isn’t there a reason you came up? You’re not hungry, right? No. You feel full even on an empty stomach, right? Yes. You want to be alone, right? Yes. That’s why I’m leaving you be. Enjoy the good times, kiddo. Huh? Why have you returned alone? Where’s Hangyeol? He’s not hungry since he’s had something else. What? Did he have a snack? I suppose you could call it a snack, a really, desperately sweet snack that’s to die for. What is your father talking about? ♪ Stick a name tag on my chest ♪ Bam. What’s with the name tag again? I said stop. What? Watch it. I must be the bigger person. Mom, is something wrong? No. Why? You look distraught. You should remarry too. What? Where did that come from? “It’s h-h-hot.” “Be careful.” What’s that? Mr. Park. He looked like a fool, but it was nice to see. You were jealous, right, Mom? I was not. I’d like someone to treat you like that too. So you should remarry. No, thanks. It’s gross to remarry at my age. What about Ms. Yun downstairs? Ms. Yun downstairs is pretty. You’re just as pretty. What? That’s not true. Hanui… Mom’s way prettier than President Yun. Come on. Although family comes first, that’s way off. I swear. Mom’s way prettier in my eyes. Do you mean that, my eldest? Of course, my dear mom. Fine. Let’s say that’s true. So, Mom, you should remarry… I’ll take good care of you like Mr. Park takes care of President Yun. So you’re against Mom remarrying? You’re so selfish, Hanui. Once you and I get married, Mom will end up all alone. That’s okay with you? Mom’s going to live with me forever. So don’t you worry. As if. You just watch. There’s no point. Sarang, be half as nice as your sister. Mom. Here. Open wide. My eldest, eat up. Will do, Mom. Delicious. You eat your fill too, Mom. I was a foundling, wasn’t I? Watch it! You shouldn’t joke about that. Okay. Why are you so serious? Your big mouth is always the problem. This is good. Mom, we’re back. Your sister was here. What? Really? Did she come with him? Yes. So did you try changing their minds? I couldn’t even let them in. Huh? Why not? I have my pride. I didn’t answer her calls, so how could I let them in? Jinhui will misunderstand again, thinking you refused to let her in. Probably. Man… This will be the death of me. Mom, our enemy is that hoodlum, not Jinhui. Like I don’t know that. Geez, Seonhui. Isn’t that rather rude? He’s your brother-in-law. As if. Why did you have to go to the sauna right then? If you were here, I could’ve pretended to cave to your pressure. You don’t say. You’re always causing trouble. Why did you talk me into going to the sauna? Wow. I don’t believe this. Listen. Who talked you into anything? You jumped at the chance. Whatever. It’s all your fault. You always do this. Good grief. Talk about an unwarranted blame game. Yes? May I come in? Yes, of course. Come on in. Please sit down. What were you doing? I was reading stories to see if any were publishable. Is there something you want to talk about? Truth is, I was rather down before I got home. May I ask you why? We went to my mother’s house, and it was upsetting for both Jinguk and me. I see. But thanks to you, we feel a whole lot better. So I came to thank you. Thank you for telling me that. And I came to see why Ji-eun loved you so much. If you two love each other, I don’t mind. That’s over. Ji-eun still seems hung up on you. Time will take care of that. Okay. Don’t work too hard. Go to bed early. I will. You must be tired too, so sleep tight, Mom. It’s wonderful to be called “Mom.” Good night. Yes, President Kim. I’m off to the plant again. You said he wouldn’t listen. Rather than waste your energy, let’s have a meeting about tomorrow’s deadline. A meeting won’t lead to a solution. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, so I’ll do my best until tomorrow. I should go. I can do this. What a headache. You don’t have money to spare, do you? I’m sorry. If I did, I’d lend it to you right away. Thanks for saying that. Hello? Yes, this is Dogyeong. Oh, hello. What is this regarding? Really? Okay. I’ll be right there. Okay. There must be good news. K1 is doing a special on small to medium publishers and wants me to participate. Oh? Then will your book be sold on home shopping? If this works out. That’s great. I’m jealous. President Park’s doing so well, so why are we floundering? We’ve been doing well until recently. It can’t always be good. If there are sunny days, there are rainy days too. Of course. Don’t get too down in the dumps. Hang in there. I’ll get going then. Thank you. For what? The publishing merchandising director you introduced me to is giving me a chance to pitch. Bye then. I should congratulate you, right? It looks like I’m the only one who’s hurt. You’re so unfazed that you can afford to smile. That’s not true. But then again, what does it matter now given that we broke up? Ji-eun. But it still hurts a lot that I was the only one in love. Oh, my. Where is my house? Where is my house? This woman is crazy. Let’s go. Where is it? Where is my house? Ma’am, may I help you? I’m hungry. Give me food. You’re hungry? Yes. I’m hungry. Give me food. What are you talking about? Why would Mom be here? How is it that you can’t even take care of my aging mother? Go out there and look for her. My goodness. Slow down. Have some milk with it. Ma’am, were you famished? Once you’re done, I’ll get you home. We’ll go to the police station together, okay? You wretch. You vile wretch! You want me behind bars so you can have a grand old time with my husband, right? – Tramp! / – Ma’am. – Tramp! / – No, ma’am. I’m trying to help you. Mother! Oh, no. Mother, Mother. Let go of her. Oh, my. Are you okay? Oh, no. What’s wrong? Are you hurt? No, I’m fine. Is she your mother-in-law? Yes. Her dementia has gotten worse as of late. I’m very sorry. I’m okay. Thank goodness you found her quickly. I’ll get going. Okay. Oh, my. You seem hurt. Should I take you to a hospital? I’m fine. Take your mother-in-law home. Miss. Thank you very much. You found her? Yes, okay. Okay. Bye. Sir. How are you? You’re back again. What’s going on? Oh. Something happened on the way over. I am at your service. What should I do? Should I clean? Or should I move fabrics? Should I get snacks for the seamstresses? How will you do anything with that leg? What you’re doing won’t make me change my mind. You can keep coming but it won’t work. I have enough on my mind as it is. Move. Get out of my way. I can do anything! Just tell me what! Did you enjoy your honeymoon? Yes. You don’t have to be curt with me. Mom refused to go, so what could I do? I didn’t say anything. You came home yesterday, right? So it was as I thought. What do you mean? You refused to let me in. I thought no one was home. Mom said she didn’t have it in her to see you and him on her own. He has a name. Give me some time. Anyway, when are you coming for a formal visit? You should now that you’ve married. I’ll come when you and Mom start treating Jinguk with respect. Jinhui. I’m busy, so can you leave? What were you doing at night that you’re yawning away? I didn’t do anything. I’m suffering from jet lag. Didn’t you go to a hot spring in Japan? So why do you have jet lag? I visited a foreign country, so aren’t I allowed to have jet lag? Why are you picking on me over nothing? So all you did was hold hands and sleep? Yes, yes. We held hands and slept. Happy now? That’s not right. You’re newlyweds. That’s a crime. Even if it is, all we did was hold hands and sleep, so stop your nonsense and get going. We’re not teenage boys. We all know what’s what, so what’s the big deal? Just tell us. Go on. Oh? Look at you. You’ve developed a youthful glow. I wonder how. Don’t be selfish. Share your secret to looking younger. I told you to leave! O-Okay. There’s no reason to get angry… Out! Mr. Park, sorry about that. I shouldn’t have chimed in. Didn’t I tell you stop? Does he have anger management issues? That’s not it. He’s being respectful of his wife. Being respectful of his wife? That’s right. Anyway, it’s a good thing you resigned when you did. Excuse me? Even if you had stayed on, you would’ve been fired due to the Me Too Movement. Excuse me? Are you done? So always be careful. Don’t let your guard down. You’re clinging to your old ways despite the social changes. H-H-Hey, you can’t leave. You must let me explain. I’m not that kind of person. I-I’m not that kind of person! Me Too? Mr. Hwang! Yes. Okay. Since we have agreed to the terms, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll take the first flight out. Okay. Let’s see. My registered seal… Where did I put my seal? Did I leave it at home? Hi, Seonhui. It’s me. Okay, Jinhui. Hang on. Yes. Here it is. So I bring this to you tomorrow? No. I have to go to Jeju-do on the first flight to renew the lease for our store. I don’t have time to stop by the office. Could you bring it to our house? Please. Yes, okay. Okay. Thanks. I’m home. Welcome. Hope you had a good day. Oh, wow. The family portrait is already here? Yes. How is it? Isn’t it a bit crooked? Yes. Push it up to the right. – Like this? Like this? / – Yes, yes. – Like this? Like this? / – Yes. All set. All set? Seeing our family portrait really drives it home that we are a family now. Same here. Whose son is that handsome young lad? Huh? Whose son do you think he is? He’s your son. That’s right. He’s my son. Oh, right. You have a picture of Sujeong, right? Pardon? Why? Just bring it here. What’s a good spot? Wow. Our family is finally whole. Thank you for being so considerate. Considerate? This is how it should be. Oh, right. Seonhui’s popping in real quick. My sister-in-law is? Yes, your sister-in-law is. Then I can’t be standing here like this. I’ll quickly run to the market. You won’t have time to cook. It’s fine. It may be fine for you, but it’s not fine for me. I must get top-grade beef to win brownie points. I’ll be right back, okay? My goodness. Getting home from work? Hello. What brings you here? Why else? I came to see my sister. Oh, right. President Yun lives here. Come on in then. Good night. Jinhui. Jinhui, I’m here. Hi. I’m in here. Are you showering? Yes. Wait just a minute. I’m almost done. Okay. Take your time. I know you take an hour in the shower. Okay. Mom, where are you going? I’m going downstairs to get our bowls and such. I’ll go. Will you? I wasn’t comfortable going to the newlyweds’. You go then. Get our glass pot and… Mom, I know all our pots and bowls. Right, right. Go on then. Jinhui must be crazy. This place is tiny. Love must be powerful. What is this? They already took a family portrait? Good grief. Mr. Park! President Yun, are you in?

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    His Dad over hearing I so really want to see her made me blush☺

  9. "Anyway, it's a good thing you resigned when you did."

    "Excuse me?"

    "Even if you had stayed on, you would've been fired due to the Me Too Movement."

    Omg, this was unexpected and funny.

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