Stupid Superstitions In India : अंधश्रद्धा | Angry Prash

[Music] ***B0mb Tickling*** Hey, Majnu We’re only left with 30 seconds at any cost. Yes Brother! Cut the red Wire… ***Sneezes*** Hey, Why are you looking at my face? Cut the Wire. No, brother we have to wait for the next sneeze. Otherwise, some misshapen could be there. Hey, hey cut the Wire, we are only left with 15 seconds. Brother, first you have to Sneeze once again. Now from where? Should I Sneeze from my a$$ now!? Cut the Wire!!!! You Jerk, Cut the Wire!!! ***Boom*** [Music] Brother, What happened? We live one of the Country in which, We haven’t Cradled Superstitions, but Superstitions Cradled us! When I was a kid, My Grandfather passed away. Then, everyone was Crying… I was also Crying… Everyone was Crying just because he passed away… I was Crying because they made me bald. And they also have never asked me before doing so… Ok, it’s done but Why he left that Tower? Just to catch Wi-Fi Signal? [Music] Why don’t you make Superstations as a law of our Country? We will not Cut our Nails after 6 p.m. We will not Cut Grass on Monday. On Tuesday, We’ll not cut our hair. Why don’t you fix a day for cutting tuft of hair? This one is my Favorite… Whenever anyone hear the sound of a dog crying… our family members will say that someone will die from our Neighborhood… Now What is the Connection between the Dog’s Crying and anyone’s Death? No, Why the dog is Crying? Anyone don’t wanna know that. That maybe, didn’t Got his food… or suffering from cold… or had a breakup… No, Imagine this scene… How it would be? Hey, baby wanna go for a Date? No… We are just friends. OK? What??? ***Crying*** Today someone will die in the Neighborhood… First, you will die from my hands…! [Music] One day my mom was rotating some chilies around my head… I asked my mom, “What are you doing?”. She said… Just ousting evils’ eyes my son. So that any evil can’t touch you… Oh, like a Shield you mean? Yes, Yes… a Shield! Wow… Hey kid what are you doing in the middle of the road? It’s Dangerous! No, No Uncle… Nothing will happen, my mom has ousted my evils’ eyes. Come, Come, Come! ***Crash*** Come, Come, Come! ***Crash*** Excuse me? I want an admission in Avengers. What all Special Powers do you have? My mom has ousted my evils’ eyes. Nothing will happen to me! Awesome! [Music] You will not find Superstitions in real life… but on Internet too! See This! Write a number on the Lemon and be a Billionaire. Just put a Clove in you House and be a Billionaire. Just dig some Cloves in the Lemon and you will be rich! I cannot understand that, why are you so interested in Lemons & Cloves? I think now, that they will say, just write a girl’s name on Lemon and She will be yours! Just write the Girl’s Name on a Lemon… keep the Lemon with you… the Girl will be yours! Noooooooooooooooo!!! ***Boom*** [Music] This means that you don’t believe in Superstitions? No… Never…! OK!, Brother I have seen a Ghost in the House there… What? Ok let’s go and see your Ghost! [Music] Brother, don’t you afraid from the Ghosts? Your Brother doesn’t afraid from anyone… ok… not even from a Witch? No, not even from Dinchak Pooja! Wow… Great job! Hey, Hey, Hey!!! See that a Black cat is Cutting our way!!! Hello, Control Room! ***Sirens*** Hey you… You have to go back! ***Sighs*** We are Save now. Right? If you also wanna be save from the cat’s Curse… Then don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe if New! If you haven’t followed me yet on Instagram then please do it! You’ll find the link to it in the Description! I’ll Again meet you in a new video, with a new Topic! For then… Bye, Bye! [Music]

100 thoughts on “Stupid Superstitions In India : अंधश्रद्धा | Angry Prash

  1. Hoooooooooo! You are awesome bro aapke channel bahut Sare subscribers Mein Nahin bhej kar sakti hai mujhe bahut Achcha lagta hai aapke videos bahut funny rahte hain bahut acche rahte hain😂😂😍😍

  2. Billi rasta Cross krne k baad main sbse phle aage chala jata hu road cross krne
    Anybody jo Billi p andhwiswas manta ho

  3. In my schools science exhibition, there was an entire room about superstitions. My friend was on the ' lizard falling on man is bad' and there was nonense there. It was about avoiding superstitions

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