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“Stupid Indian Wedding By Angry Prash” Prash: Majnu Majnu: Yes Bro Prash: Today I will tell you about an amazing thing which everyone wants to do, even does it and after doing that he wonders why he did it Tell me what am I talking about? Majnu: Bro [email protected] Prash: (Slap) I am talking about marriage, pervert minded “Boy has Mars eclipse” (some constitutional thing in India related to planet and stars) Prash: Who know what’s the biggest reason behind most Indians not getting married Because some half naked stinky haired Sage tells the family of bride and groom that Your Girl is “Manglik” i.e she has mars eclipse Now tell me one thing, it’s the marriage of girl with boy and on golden night they will have fun with each other then what wrong did planet mars huh!! These NASA guys don’t go to mars so that the marriage of their daughters don’t get affected Then I heard “Boy has got heavy Saturn eclipse” They left mars, now these retards are after Saturn What do you think we kicked out Pluto from the planetary system……….NO NO NO He left the group himself, he thought what if these idiot earthlings dragged me into this what if someone says, girl’s aunt has got heavy Pluto Eclipse I am telling you after some days, other members of the group will leave as well “Profiles On Matrimonial Web Sites…” Prash: If some idol guy is viewing this video now who has lost the battle of finding life partner because he has mars eclipse or has got some problem with pluto Don’t worry, I am there I will bring best out of best proposals for you all Random old man: Hello I am Vishnu and I am only 55 years old Prash: No what is only 55 years old, from the time Tom Cruise turned 55 every old man thinks he is Tom Cruise Again that random old man: Ideally I would like to marry a woman [really strange nodding] younger than myself because you see I am very young at heart and other body parts too Prash: He He He heh There is no oil left in this uncles lamp, yet fire is still burning Another random guy: I was a caption of My kho-Kho team and was a state 3rd runner up Prash: Wah Wah Wah See the achievements of this guy, 3rd runner up at Kho-Kho, in which only 4 guys were playing Again that random guy: I was the champion of champions In my Meerut In debate and extra other circular activities Prash: Not circular it’s curricular activities scum bag From appearance he looks like champions of champion of smoking weed A girl named Asha: Hello my name is Asha (meaning expectation) but the boy not have any expectations from me Prash: No if tere won’t be any expectations from you then will the husband get the child born from neighbors house If he wants child it should be not from me because I am not a delivery girl Prash: Wah wah wah When his husband will ask baby let’s give birth to a child I am not a delivery girl Yes then we will download it from google, no tension of delivery then B#@!# Another Random aunt: We seek Aliens for our boy We seek Aliens for our boy Prash: No I knew that boys don’t get proposals of marriages that easily Then what type of problem was there,you sent proposal to aliens “Booking of Bride/Groom” Prash: When your goods get sold after marraige then comes engagement Then in marraige bride and groom, play lord of the rings together Majnu: Bro I did’nt get it Prash: Engagement means, making each other wear a ring and reserve a seat for themselves So that no other passenger can leave there item there Then after engagement, bride and groom will talk on phone and have such dreams like which will never complete in life They will marry in “Chandi chowk”, for honey moon they will go in maruthi S Majnu: It’s not maruti s (truck model) bro, it’s Mauritius Prash: In spelling, T is written, do anything, but don’t hurt my English ego, I have passed with 50 marks Majnu: Bro I know you passed with 50 marks but why are you getting your image down by saying that again and again “Marriage Day” “Marriage Day” Prash: Then it’s the marriage day in which goat and goatees are halaled In every marriage there are thousands of guests and for thousands of guests we have only 2 toilets for the guests and in which of which there is a long line, and in that line we have a @#$ uncle which every guy there, ” Who is in there?” No what will he do by getting the name, he acts like If you will tell the name he will tell how much time will they take, Ramesh will take time If it’s Suresh he will come quick and for Kamlesh it will be lose motion Then comes the auspicious ritual In which people throw rice at each other for no reason It’s the marriage of those two why will they throw rice at me? Next time if I get hit from any rice I swear I will hit them with rice Majnu: Control Bro Control Prash: Then comes the shoe stealing A guy named Suraj Barjatia invented this ritual in 1980s But in that movie, the grooms daughter was someone like Madhuri Dikshit And here we have Mark Henry like sister in law trying to steal shoes by fighting The name of this ritual should not be shoe stealing, it should be [email protected]#$ “Special Characters” Prash: This priest he is the luckiest guy in marriage He has swag of another level He can wear any type of clothes or come naked, no one can judge him and he can rule over others Bring the uncle of Groom, Bring the aunt of Bride Burn 100 kg oil in fire, scratch by back and he even charges for these things I am telling you, even mechanical engineering doesn’t have that much scope In comparison to priest engineering Then we clash with an uncle who always points problems of marraige Prash: Hey uncle whats up? Uncle: what is this, you call this a marriage that uncle of broom that beggar , he was picking up notes thrown by people again throwing them and the face of bride, it’s reddish Her face is like reddish like the A** of baboon, did his mother married a chimpanzee and did you saw the brother of bride, he looks entirely like a caveman Prash: I the brother of bride Uncle: Yes then what are you doing here go and bring something cold to drink Uncle: Arguing with groom side, what is this water such a faint color, this is a type of water In our times there used to be colored water Prash: Hi guys, I am your Angry Prash and I am very pleased to tell you that That our AngryArmy hitted 1 million subscribers One year ago I didn’t even thought it in dream that I will have 1 million subscribers after a year This is all possible because of your your love For which I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I expect you to keep loving my videos and make angry army spread entire YouTube One more thing I started a new YouTube channel named Prash Gaming Link is the description, go and hit subscribe, because I will do regular live gaming there If you liked this video hit like, if you are new hit subscribe We will meet again in a new video with a video, till then bye

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