Stupid, Crazy & Angry People VS Dirtbikes & Roadbikes

suh dude bitch I wanted look up and over pull over a minute little bit of everything was all I sit down I’m smart I’m sorry you got a video i gotta-i gotta watch a motherfucking living what what okay we got to do with it fucking drunk on walking you fucking blind or something fucking drink here’s your fucking eyes that’s when you’re fucking mirrors and for your fucking con- send this in the police if you want it’s all a fucking camera your fucking cock fucking idiot don’t even use fucking move off max about your fucking back he’s going the same you stupid . about was little improvement for consistent with deadly are you Jewish Indian you put your lip little bit and but you think you’re going to come too late because we’re a little clip we’re going to put a blanket over to call your bank little within the wrong side of the village I’m lookin they win 6-3 walks in looks you took to quote me in the core of the brain corner are not many women said what the fuck you think you’re doing not too often said to compete you can even back-to-back your hip ok just come straight in front of adding another cat you’re coming out the side here you can fuck off no but not her work how it works you don’t just come in and try and push away into one side I said go further any anymore so I know it could be in a lane you’re not in I don’t do it or not I’m money doesn’t come out to her way all right just like a push your fucking lie ok that’s good when you can explain it to the police buddy because you have no idea what the law is thankfully about your video yeah same language forward you move forward and hit my leg that was in front of you try to the cop buddy single hello ok you’re going to wal allowing I have a cam Ron . you to leave la ok the fuck what they realized your camera bruh and your camera bro then go dude I let your front of me I’m not doing anything wrong excuse me go dude go what the fuck one fucking for male side want to be following me also because you’re on camera yeah now you’re the one that will be fucking off and when you get cold well I don’t give a fuck . why are you running around like idiots the other one is order that was fucking elements cool then fucking . me if you want a fucking man why don’t you just fuck off them fucking question there one use I’m being funny I’m not being funny there’s a fucking crossing there they’re worried crossing there ever still Jessie there’s a fucking crossing meant to use it then why not use it I’m not you’re gonna cross there but still use it i know because look it’s not fucking more narrow yeah you’re lucky I wasn’t getting any fucking far stuff like that I don’t yet you’re lucky why it was summer creek mmm number two going up in the window won’t open your windows open your window then coward pussy yeah I thought the whole thing make lane 1 clear on this night on the car on the other side if you guys like this little fucking it yet you can guy who else can type in the car dad going out fucking idiot mmm hmm fucking idea dude look look through all the way to the second part hmm are you from doesn’t matter . in private can you read I’m minor I don’t give us your harassing me right now so I can call the cops and I’d rather deal with that menu doesn’t matter i don’t go down this road I just come here to rest and come down here but I don’t go down there interactive private I just come here take my drink water and go back stay off the road I see on here again 30 Cottagers living on here i don’t i don’t go into ask them I don’t go down there and make sure to stay away from just stay off yeah I know here again I’d rather do with them that’s final deal with them that’s fine I’m insured I’m license i’m good to go private road use the owner fuck are you doing you’re supposed to do a lane to Lane transfer when you turn in from their supposed to turn into the right-hand lane you’ve turned into the left marlane know when you’re turning right you’re supposed to turn into the first land name yeah he’s been coming into two legs you saw that you turned into both ways yep unbelievable man you’re looking at in crash dude you got to watch out for man around here ok says something that happens on the road oh it’s not that it’s just in case there’s an extra happy that I’ve got a whole youtube channel because of it yeah that I well I am most wanted I don’t like here if you smoke you’re the one that’s smoke it for jenna is not here important that if there was any spare maybe

100 thoughts on “Stupid, Crazy & Angry People VS Dirtbikes & Roadbikes

  1. hey look maybe if you knew how to drive and not blame other drivers or flip them off or call them names then there would be no problem but you don't know how to drive you could have caused an accident

  2. 6:54 seems to be one of those times where the double riders try to steal your bike when one of them hops off and gets you off yours.

  3. no soy racista pero estoy seguro de que el motociclista del primer vídeo era negro por la forma en que se expresaba :V

  4. 4:40 not gonna lie brotha. That's exactly why you don't split between the lanes and overtake at a diagonal. You getting your muffler crimped. Ignorant biking. Sorry ✌🏽

  5. Again a video that only shows you how fucked up bikers really are like the road is made for only them and swearing at everyone. Dicks

  6. I dont get about the last clip of tge kids, is it like(dont worry guys there are people that are not retards against motorcyclists) or…

  7. I wish somebody came up with me on with a bike that didn't know how to ride their own bike I want to say sorry I want to go and slap the s*** out of him with the Bible

  8. Bikers only have a lot to say because they have their camera to hide behind, calling people all the names under the sun, antagonising people. Then threatening them with the cops

  9. The clown at the end hit the car on purpose. the car was wrong also though. but the biker purposely turned his wheel into the car.

  10. Three things I always see in theses videos; 1) Dude acts like he's a total badass, then never takes his helmet off in fight. 2) Dude smashes someones mirror, then runs like a bitch. 3) Dude gets caught running and starts screaming "I've got you on camera!" I've never seen a rider minding his own business get accosted out of nowhere and just kick ass without acting like a spoiled brat. Probably because those guys don't need to post their shit to Youtube to feel like badasses.

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