Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers [Ep.#128]

Oh what a day. Oh what a day. What a lovely day! What a lovely day! Go off and do it somewhere else I was cleaning my tires Forget it man Forget it It’s cool Get him the F*ck outta here Alright, man Just calm down Calm down He didn’t mean it I’ve got my granddaughter in a car Yes we apologize sir, we apologize He’s fine, he’s fine, sir he’s fine, we apologize, alright? Everything’s alright sir, alright He’s leaving sir. “get him outta here” He’s leaving “before I change my mind” He’s he’s leaving sir, alright Have a good day 🙂 Do not cut in front of me {inaudible}… …what the f*** is your problem boy? You f***ing pulled out in front of me Thats all i’m saying I didn’t see you at all, man Well you didn’t stop or nothing, you could’ve killed someone, man. Then what? How fast were you going I wasn’t speeding You could’ve f***ing killed me, you’re going on YouTube Moto Madness Cool Alright, douchebag You would Yeah Bitch Absolutely Woah {inaudible swearing} Alright Yeah, I’d seen it, there was no kids near here, man Pack it in, what, what you being like this {inaudible} Right? Listen, I’ve seen that there was no kids, man Those those kids could’ve ran in the street What would happen if a car is coming And a kid comes out onto the street? Alright? If I drive over here in my car, are you gonna
stop me? there’s a difference between somebody really in the f***ing street and a car There’s a less chance it is different siuation less chance of him mam how would you because listen if I am in a car come around 15 must roll on here I will kill that child right? because I want to man because I want to I know this not , do you see any kids on here why ok not i would had not done it they are at home what you understand that what you saying that but the risk everywhere if we all like said what all this happening , what are there happening ya okay ya ya right here i would here any from us alright okay hello, leave or i will call the police there are little kids living here police won’t help you wheelies are only against the law done on the street on dangering people but we’ll leave if you ask us nicely to do so 😉 none of a problem 🙂 “they” always race their cars behind teir too it’s that’s no race track here we just wanted to practice some wheeles , no problem we’ll leave I can clickbait . brought a new bike okay thanks for heads up ! thanks for warning hey get on the road get on the trail what I am taking down bike stunts i want tell you

100 thoughts on “Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers [Ep.#128]

  1. What’s funny is sometimes it’s all the motorcycle guy’s fault but they always think they are right because they have a camera very strange. They also edit it to look innocent.

  2. At 3:48 that's how you handle disagreements good job to the motorist and the guy with the black mechanic glove's that's good very good two people they should be friends.

  3. “If I come through here in a car going 15 miles an hour, I will KILL that child!”

    Best thing I’ve heard all year

  4. 2:32 is an absolute asshole. Try your wheelies on open roads, not in such small streets. I wish you a ball or something flying over a fence. Let´s see if you feel like beeing in the right after

  5. Yeah no there's a difference between doing unnecessarily dangerous acrobatic shit that will completely prevent you from reacting normally and in time in the case a kid crosses the street running right in front of you… plus in a narrow street surrounded by family houses full of kids, and simply driving to the store to get your groceries.

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  7. The evolution of a Sport bike riders brain.
    1: get a full lobotomy
    2: buy baby motorcycle
    3: drive like an ass
    4: pretend you are the savior and God of the highways
    5: kill yourself acting like an ass on the road and become organ donor

  8. I see stupid, crazy and angry people on both sides .. and bad attitude on most of the bikers who think they're right and allowed to force justice. Dudes, you're loosing all the reason you might have had initially by reacting the way wou are doing!

  9. Some bikers deserve to die, do what do just for oather provocative clip to put on you tube … And you have angels, really good gays.

  10. 4:55 Aha also n Parkplatz gehört nich zum öffentlichen Straßenverkehr??? Und warum gilt dann dort die STVO? Vollidioten

  11. These anti biker comments are bringing the business, okayyyyyy🙌🏾😂🤣😂…They are NOT here for it AT ALL! I'm not pro or con, but I do empathize with how folk feel about reckless riders and belligerent drivers, smh…BOTH are dangerous liabilities.

  12. Motorcyclists are among the most easily offended people in the world. They think they're badass for pussy slapping a mirror and speeding away into traffic. From now on anyone who pussy slaps a mirror and speeds away is getting deported to Puerto Rico, AG Barr will see to it personally.

  13. 1:01 what a little bitch lmao he clearly had enough time to move in the other lane. Then complains about the other driver being crazy but then he speeds up like hes fucking crazy😂😂😂 then sounds like a total hypocrite when he takes off speeding😂 oh my goodness i honestly probably would of hit him just cause hes being stupid

  14. There are some nice, good, really kind bikers out there… it's just too bad that some of these entitled acting douches(like the ones in this video) make them ALL look bad.

  15. dude u are the best mec i never seen men u really the best and people need to do the right thing like u show in youre video those bitch is drive and dont pay attention or do some bad shit just like the run in 1:12 that really crazy i love so much those face after you tell the true

  16. 2:20 lol wtf what that. What kind of calm argument was that?😂don’t get me wrong that’s a good thing it was just so calm and chilling 😂

  17. Some 4 wheel drivers barely can control their vehicles and are a hazard. Some don't look out for M/C riders. Some are definitely hostile to anyone on 4 wheels and will run you off the road, pull out in front of you from a side street, try to run you over. It pays to be very alert. It helps to not be pulling wheelies and doing other stupid and unsafe things on the highways that give negative perceptions. (It's hard to do on my ElectraGlide anyway!). I am a licensed M/C rider- have no hate for bikers. Just offering some advice. Take it for what it is worth. Ride safely, live for tomorrow.

  18. Ok, I used to ride a motorcycle daily to and from work and I had my share of run ins with idiot drivers…but the majority of these knuckleheads are the actual problem and not the people they're flipping out on. Slow the hell down and stop riding wheelies all over the place and maybe you won't have all these problems.

  19. People wonder why drivers don't like bikers or why bikers don't like drivers.  The problem is your own attitude.

  20. That second clip …this rider is a perfect example as to why people get mad at bikers. I usually side with the bikes cause a lot of people in cars can't drive worth a hot shit(texting, eating, so on). Pause it at the 1:00–1:01 mark, like immediately after the first clip fades out… and look how far away that truck is. That's not anywhere near a close call, come on! I'm sure the biker wasn't speeding(rolls eyes). Biker tells dude in the truck that he "wasn't speeding", with a defensive tone …and proceeds to speed off… I'm pretty sure I saw 75 or 79 on his digital gauge..And I highly doubt the speed limit is 60, let alone 70 on this road(not a highway).. Me thinks this drama queen is just fabricating conflict cause he's bored or maybe for street cred to be a youtube star! XD

  21. The last lady was in her own world. She had no idea. Probably didn't even register in her brain when you knocked on her window even though she made eye contact

  22. aucun respect du code de la route, surtout pour les "bikers", pour eux ils ont tout les droit, il sufit de voir le nombres de morts et de bléssés

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