Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2017 |  [Ep.#45] Featuring MrFunRacing

Oh, what a day? What a lovely day! 🎵 Heavy Metal 🎵 …what are y-… YOU F***ING PRICK! YOU D***HEAD! YOU F***ING WANKER! F*** YOU! YOU F***ING D***HEAD! F***ING PRICK! ARE YOU F***ING STUPID? OI! Did you show me the middle finger? Pardon me? Did you show me the middle finger? I didn’t show you the middle finger. Did you show me the middle finger? Seriously, I didn’t show you the middle finger. I really didn’t show you the finger How about moving instead of doing that? I guess you don’t see me here. It’s cool, it’s cool. Aw, that doesn’t surprise me. That’s what — God damnit, what the f**k? Get off your phone. You just made me hit this car, because you pushed me into them You were in the middle, why would you go right there? Because I’m legally allowed to, I’m a motorcycle. Ok, just watch out. Shut up. You saw me, I have it on camera. Yeah, your mirror is okay, i didn’t scratch it. Yeah, you’re good. She’d like push me into you. You good, you okay? Learn from that. That’s why that happened. You want me to tell the cops, that you’re on your phone? Roll down your window. Dumb fu**ng idiots, man I swear. SURPRISE MOTHA F**KA Put ya phone down.

100 thoughts on “Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2017 | [Ep.#45] Featuring MrFunRacing

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    00:13 MrFunRacing – Angry Guy Tries To Make Me Crash –
    01:17 AngryDragon – Motorcycle Road Rage at SUV –
    02:07 Angry Skipper – Motorcyclist Road Rage at Round About –
    02:37 Evan Koele – Farmer Chases ATV – Almost Hit –
    04:41 MrXSlenderManx – Car Runs Red Light and Nearly Hits Biker – (LICENSED by FLIGHT PATH MEDIA) –
    05:49 EAN – Road Rage –
    06:28 ViperSyl – The Bad Drivers of Los Angeles –


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    Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 | Road Rage [Ep.#45] –
    A bunch of stupid and angry people getting upset with dirtbike and road bike riders. The biggest and best Road Rage series on Youtube.
    Moto Madness 2016

  2. First guy a pussy for not doing anything about that guy fully fucking with him lol smash his mirror at least

  3. Never a single conscientious biker in any of these videos, right spaces should be avoided,dont harrass other drivers because you aren't law enforcement, never pursue another driver because that makes you the aggressor. Grow up and just enjoy your ride. Your ride,your safety, your responsibility.

  4. The biker who had to slow down because the red car got into the passing lane….awww.poor baby….hey biker…you gotta share the road too. If your red-lining it over the speed limit…too. Bad if someone gets in front of you.😱

  5. I love it..motorcycle going wayyyy over the speed limit, car comes over way ahead of him to avoid a stopped semi, biker goes crazy…hey dickweed… you don't own the road shit for brains. You arent special because you want to speed. Fuck off

  6. Cunts texting while driving deserve all they get…the selfish twats don’t realise they can kill innocent people.

  7. I don't get why you're cussing someone out the guy in the red car he was way ahead of you he switch f**** Lanes he never cut you off you have plenty of time to go around if you wanted to they are going to cash them out you are a little b**

  8. It's not her fault you hit a car that's your f**** but you're the one splitting Lanes that's why I do not let him over sickle split Lanes with me I don't give a f*** if you can do it you won't do it with me

  9. Angry Dragon, the car moved out because a car on his inside moved out to overtake the truck. He should of indicated but as u were coming up to him at speed maybe he didn’t see u. I have learned that you need to drive for the car drivers, I.e. see what they may react too and ride to compensate for the stupid things they do. Keeps u safe m8

  10. the guy on the quad at 3:20 was in the wrong not only did he go over someone elses property, a farm at that, without no doubt permission but also in most states you can only ride your 4 wheel so far on a public road and he should of gotten caught by the cops and made to pay a hefty fine cause its action like his that causes people to post their properties preventing others from using the trails

  11. also its sad to see such an untrained dog running lose thats how horrible accidents happen and the dog either gets hit or put down when it winds up biting someone

  12. In many of these clips, I see bike riders also doing the wrong and I'm a bike rider. However, because the world is full of "DIPSHITS" on phones driving, we bike riders should grab their phones and smash them on the ground and then ride off. Better to have a phone sprawled across the road than a bike rider.

  13. Practically EVERY single one of these clips are mostly bikers getting mad because they couldn’t do what they wanted or some guy pulled out in front.

    Honestly most of these bikers drive like dumbasses and forget if they meet a crazy shithead, they can get run over buy a 2 ton car.

  14. Please show these idiots their wrong doings with the authorities. We would deffinately like to see how the wrong doers react with LAW. Thanks.

  15. 1:00 Biker anger justified, shows incredible restraint
    2:00 biker anger way overreaction, douchebag that makes bikers look bad

  16. Fuck these douches on bikes…theyre going around starting shit with people for youtube videos. Hope you get shot pussies…Lmao

  17. 4:15 what’s the bad ass ATV rider afraid of? He’s just going to ride off road for a little bit… right?

  18. Riding your quad on farmer's land around where I live would have gotten you shot. Also, dude in LA is douche. If it's bumper to bumper traffic at light or because of an accident they don't have to try and make room so you can get by. You don't want to deal with traffic and shitty drivers than leave California lol.

  19. Towards the beginning I didn’t see anything wrong? He was a good distance away, the red car went to the lane, and he freaks out? I’m confused. If someone could explain please. 😩 I’ve seen some videos on here where the other car didn’t even do anything and they get pissed, but I do see videos where it’s clear the car was being an ass hole.

  20. First clip you’re riding like complete dickheads then you get angry when someone retaliates. It’s never your fault is it?

  21. What the hell is wrong with this people..80% of this videos are about crying babies that wanna the road for themselves 🤣🤣 or drama queens that like to be the victim🤣

  22. Rider at 1:40 is the prick, doing well over the speed limit. Do they realise that drivers need to spend most their time looking forwards? As such, checking mirrors and seeing a bike a fair distance behind and the moving out would have been fine had the rider not been pushing 100.

  23. Typical of this channel. ENTITLED pussies on bikes crying cause they can't ride for shit. Zero respect yet display none. Can't wait til your clipons are embedded in your kidneys!! Rest in piss ya fake ass motos.

  24. The guy at 8:40 is such a whiny prick hahaha. He didn’t get pushed, he just thinks that because he’s on a motorcycle he has the right of way… like most motorcyclists.

  25. Entitled little cunts driving their daddy’s Jeep ask why are you in the middle ? Lol it’s legal you little twat guess what’s not legal ? Being on your phone stupid bitch

  26. Another video of idiotic motorcyclist crying about how other people drive while they are breaking the law themselves lol. OMG a 740 is taking up the whole lane and I cant split lanes, omg a dump truck is taking up the whole lane. LOL this is a great video for how NOT to ride a motorcycle.

  27. 1:25
    What does he expect, hes not using lane dominance, these guys who ride the outside of lanes and complain when they get cut off make me laugh.

  28. Car isnt by law to HAVE to move just becasue you want to pass them. They are on road and in beetween lines. You have to wait. stfu

  29. First 2 clips are so amazingly opposite… one shows a calm biker faced with an idiot in a car, the other shows a raging wrong biker faced with a calm car..

  30. I must say, I do grow tiresome of the videos of pre pubescent kids on quads or motorbikes driving over people's land and causing mischief…reminds of my dickery on gta..makes me want to see one get annihilated by a truck and have the "wasted" screen appear..

  31. 2nd video. You need to check the road ahead. He pulled out as there was a slow moving trailer ahead. The car needed to pull out. You need patience.

  32. @6:30 Whoa, no way, everyone I mean everyone is in your way. The audacity… He's dealing with this on a daily during rush hour?
    It is California so he could sue them all for hurting his feelings and denying his safe space. Or he should be a cop and fine all these rude people and it will get the state debt free.

  33. 6:42 just makes me mad, what a joke , your not the police or anyone or nlore importance than anyone else in traffic. Maybe if it was hot and you didnt want to hold up your bike but it clearly isn't sunshine and need to wait your turn

  34. 7:52 the world doesnt revolve around you dude, if theres no room to lane split you shouldnt be doing it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ some bikers

  35. Riding in between cars like last dumb ass should not be allowed. That is plain stupid. It's hard enough sometimes to see motorcycles without having to deal with idiots doing that.

  36. This comment is for the embicile on the bike at 9:16. Learn from this, WHEN YOU LANE SPLIT YOU ARE IN OTHER MOTORISTS LANES. YOU ARE THE MORON!!!!! Other motorists owe you nothing when you lane split….even in the places it is legal. I predict that not only will you catch a severe beating for acting stupid on a motorcycle (probably by a woman, because you are a great big twat) or because of your mouth. News flash for you moron….Just because you have a helmet cam, that doesn't make you king of the road. Your video will be dismissed from evidence, (easily); because of the nature of what you do….and what you do is break traffic laws and harass and antagonize people. Remember, YOU ARE NOT THE POLICE. So, go ahead….take your little video to the police, and prepare to get some charges yourself….

  37. I'm a biker myself, but why so much anger and overkill from bikers. Some of the incidents are very dangerous and some of the others I find my self saying "just let it go".

  38. 8:35 blows my mind that this fool blames the jeep for him hitting the red car. I cutoff all motorcycles that lane split. Fuck them

  39. The atv that ran over farm land is a dick he deserves to get his shit impounded he has a ton of places to ride but still fucks with the guys crops

  40. Some Americans are the absolute worst at filtering. They expect people to move out of their way like it's their right to get through.

  41. These guys ::shakes head:: you fly down a road going 100mph and get upset over a simple lane change? Slow down you fools and you will notice a much better traffic flow.

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