Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2017 |  “CRAZY LANES”

Oh, what A Day, what a lovely day What’s up YouTube Kickin it Through Midtown having some fun *Motorcycle Horn* *Motorcycle Revs* The Fuck I got your Camera Bitch Moron Asshole Yeah YouTube I was going to welcome some new Subscribers for Moto Madness and in the Process I get to have a whole new Moto Madness Video YOU NEED TO WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING GOING MOTHERFUCKER Fuck I got you on Camera bitch You’ll be on YouTube Tonight You’ll Be on YouTube Tonight Yeah then Speeding you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about moron Fuckin Redneck Truck and your Stupid, ass Bullshit Welcome New Subscribers it Looks like We’ll happily of that Kind of Stupidness Going on Because got Stupid People, over the fucking Place Get Over Here Huh Man: You hit the rear view mirror, you ok? Biker: No Ensuring Little Fuck R in Here might Like them with A, gallic ain’t got Nothing Left on sade’s 6 50 Licenses nine your Relations are not Tell by the whale Talking I’m not you? Don’t have A light no, idea I wore my friend ruler Quarter go Down and get to obey You have to have Nice and A row, Let’s give it up i just Require Somebody far to go to pick Got There have some Kind of my name is [Stacy] right Honey and I’m Take Sensible Actions like All Right now support Php Php You have to look man you Gotta Look fuck man oh The fuck Dude you need to Look Excuse Me Any Idea where Seneca Colleges Rag They’re Here all Day Because if you can get to the Power 4 11 okay Perfect okay, Perfect Thank you Might Be Say I All Right Thank you Yeah Nice of a, day to Say was this Guy Doing That’s Crazy Scott She does not go Like why are you kind of double Turn on Mira? It’s okay go for Kind of Have to look Though you know i mean Looking People Just don’t Look in our life Shit’s Crazy All right Want you Fucking looking Fucking retarded Dumbass Taxi Mom and I look Me: WHAT?! Did he just show you the middle-finger?! Girlfriend: YES! What was that?! x2 What kind of a sign was that?! Fuck that Guy Day Mom I turned away the other why, you’re in the Box why? Prove it Thank Fuck you much Lately, no [i] said [in] [Look] man Nothing wow What is all day not gonna Be why You, Made quite a lot. I don’t think I don’t think, We have lost you join? Us yeah, Make you more Discoveries Date why do you like I’m so great Let’s go Through them Male Athlete Don’t go now Motherfucker wait yeah, we’ll go now even Popular Pudding chef Monica Good Boomer Good for you I don’t go to Sleep oh Yeah Pull right out in Front of me that’s cool No no, it’s fine I didn’t want to live Today thanks yeah and go very slow that even Helps More that’s awesome Thank you yeah what one of Us, was Paying Attention so that’s that’s good Really that’s The Bare Minimum Requirements Is that one of Us Just Paying Attention as you Creep as Slowly as Possible Into The Lane and Proceed to Drive 12 Miles an Hour in Front of me Definitely wouldn’t help to Anyone For you to just Fucking Wait for me to go by Put your phone down! Put your phone down!! See you on YouTube

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    [00:13] ➤ Tommy TwoWheels – Welcoming New Subs with Road Rage –
    [01:26] ➤ Rich VF – Hit and Run on the 405 –
    [03:48] ➤ Scooby Doo – Biker Almost Hit While Lane Splitting – Bad drivers of Fresno, California | GSXR 750 MotoVlog –
    [04:05] ➤ Twitch R6 – Motorcyclist Vs Cars Road Rage –
    [04:24] ➤ Goran Cerin – Yamaha MT-09 Tracer @ Close Call –
    [04:40] ➤ Heels On Wheels – Motorcycle Close Call –
    [05:07] ➤ Torontos 2Wheeler – Motorcycle Vs Idiot Drivers –
    [05:45] ➤ Urban BeRiding – 2 Close Calls in 5 Minutes –
    [06:32] ➤ Alpha Vlogs – Motovlog #3 Road Rage Stress –
    [06:53] ➤ Denver Bike Life – Close Call –
    [07:03] ➤ Ethan Dicker – Near Miss! Motorcycle Rear Ended –
    [07:32] ➤ MotoBob – Road Rage London –
    [09:07] ➤ Clem Is Roaming – MotoVlog #1 , First Road ''Almost'' rage ! –
    [09:23] ➤ Dork in the Road – My Lame-Ass Attempt at Off Road Motorcycling in Town –
    [09:50] ➤ Mr VROD – Daily Obs 13 | Put Your Phone Down ––c


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  2. why take insurance if theres no damage i don't understand lol, in the Uk if you make a claim you still have to pay out too so whats the point of asking for insurance?

  3. lmao i see in a lot of videos with bikers in merge lanes trying to speed pass the person in the lane nxt to them and when the ppl dont slow down they bitch and complain and then when they do it to u they're also in the wrong? a lot of u bikers are trash as bitches who like to complain and blame

  4. Does anyone know where I can get a custom motorcycle helmet fabricated and designed I'd really like to know the goods place if anyone knows of one

  5. Wow dude drove off when he was going to call the cops. Shocker!! Pretty stupid not to know that was coming

  6. 9:26 the gray truck legally pulled out of a parking lot. He didn't cut the motorcyclist off. Yeah, he didn't pull away briskly, but there are all kinds of reasons why that may have been. Share the road means sometimes we have to lift for merging traffic.

  7. Also..9:55. Not your place to instigate and tell others drivers what do. If they cut you off..slide into your lane etc..blast them. Otherwise mind your business. She was as unbothered as I would be.

  8. First dude is such a corny bitch. How is a Ford Explorer a red neck truck? You are so right we do have stupid people all over the place you are one of them.

  9. Do you see how corny and stupid bikers act? So he was all tough and wouldnt move then something amazing happens, CAR DRIVERS UNITE and try their hardest to take a biker down. It would have been amazing if they did we would've had one less stupid biker on the road.

  10. At 9:30 do you hear how corny you are? You were so far away from him he didn't do anything wrong. He saw you also since he didnt go into you and none of you had to jam on ur bikes so it wasnt a close call. Wow anything to whine. Also your voice is annoying. At least he want speeding. They complain when they speed and then complain when they speed. Have a great day!

  11. Most of these videos wouldn't be videos if the Bikers actually did the speed limit. If you want drivers to respect the laws put in place for Bikes, then follow the ones that are for all vehicles. Sorry but when you do 37 in a 25 I have no pity for you.

  12. Why are all these sport bike riders such lousy motorcyclists?? Been riding for a year and still don't know that nobody sees you and you have to ride paranoid instead of stupid

  13. The biker in the beginning was stupid, and would have been at fault had there been an accident. You can hear him speeding up some as the black car ahead of him, who was changing lanes, had enough room to do so. The biker even went around him and caused a minor scene, as if the driver of the car did something wrong — which he didn't.

  14. a friend of mine use to carry a paintball gun on his bike and he would shoot the windshield if any car was doing dumb stuff like in the video

  15. How stupid that sounds.I got you on camera.WTF does that mean.why is that so cool.what is the pleasure of saying that..All I see is you all recording your foolishness.stop getting so angry at other drivers and just drive without thinking its important to get into social justice and then post it,make yourselves look like fools

  16. Use translator:

    Also mal ehrlich. Ihr Amerikaner (natürlich nicht alle) habt doch einen Dachschaden! Ihr besteht auf euer scheiß Recht und nehmt dafür ein beschädigtes oder kaputtes Motorrad in Kauf. Wie dumm muss man denn sein? Anstatt dumm zu hupen oder das Motorrad aufheulen zu lassen könnten ihr euch und euer Motorrad retten. Und dann immer zu sagen "I got ya on camera, bitch!" ist ebenso voll dumm. Immer dasselbe. Ihr regt euch viel zu schnell auf und provoziert unnötige Situationen. Es gibt halt dumme Autofahrer. Damit muss man immer rechnen. Natürlich auch in Deutschland. Aber hier verhält sich keiner so wie ihr. Zumindest ich nicht. Sich aufzuregen und dann noch dem Typ hinterher zufahren ist es doch nicht Wert. Kommt natürlich auch wieder auf die schwere der Situation an.
    Aber ihr Amerikaner, ob Autofahrer oder Motorradfahrer, sehr viele von euch fahren zu sehr mit dem Gedanken, dass man immer auf seinem Recht bestehen sollte. So funktioniert der Straßenverkehr nicht. Aber das lernt ihr hoffentlich auch noch irgendwann.

  17. You sure talk a lot of shit when you're dealing with women or law abiding citizens. You sounded like a lil b**ch when you talked to black guy. You're a punk dude

  18. Stupid blk guy hit front motorcycle but why he don't wanna give him his license his black car carny Toyota but maybe he afriad don't have his license and insurance maybe?

  19. 1st clip, The biker was the stupid one, learn to use the fucking breaks you dimwit.
    2nd clip: Biker was the idiot, I don't fucking care, you never EVER do a lane split during a moving traffic, EVER, but with that said, the car driver doesn't have a license? wow…no, call the cops on that fucker.
    3rd clip: Lane splitting lane splitting lane splitting, do bikers just lane split without a care in the world?

    lol the moped driver was a total BITCH.

  20. HAHAHA!!! the dude in the "Urban BeRiding" clip having a go at people for not looking or using their mirrors when he has his own mirrors folded in……hypocritical ass clown

  21. 9:24 Shut the fuck up…
    A) Truck was a mile a-fucking-way
    B) You were doing 37 in a 25, so had you been going the speed limit, the truck would've been even further away
    C) Shut the fuck up, especially with that "you almost killed me bullshit"

  22. I don't get it… All these bikers want to lane split, drive up on and pass other cars but then get so offended when cars do that to them? Like you can't have it both ways my guy.. if you want to lane split on cars then cars can lane split on you. If its unsafe for them to do it then maybe you shouldn't do it either.

  23. The first guy is a whiny baby. I hate when they say "I got you on camera, you're going on youtube." Like anyone gives a shit.

  24. "Excuse me? Do you know where the college is? Back there? OK thank you so much."

  25. did you notice that every time ppl revv their engine those stupid drivers think that you were speeding? they have no fuckin clue and ar dumb like a fuckin rock

  26. To be fair bikers shouldn’t be able to lane split. It’s hard to see them as it is and even more hard to see them when they splitting

  27. Doing 80 mph on city streets with congestion and you're pissed when someone pulls out in front of you?

  28. Overly aggressive asshole on a moto got real quiet when a big black dude got out of the car that hit him lol

  29. It's easy to tell the clips that are staged. When moped bois 1..don't chase; 2..don't cry so much; and 3.. when they give out the middle finger with a thumb. THAT is a symbol for "fuck you' for the fooltube footage with a "thumbs up" thank you. See the shit stain at 6:57 for reference.

  30. What the fuck is wrong with the biker and the rental car guy ?? You are fine it was a little bump get on with your life why the fuck do you want his info for ???? Money hungry asshole

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