Students Arrested for ‘Ghost’ Prank Videos

These days the youth post a lot on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. They wear different costumes and scare people as a prank. These youngsters then share video which get a lot of views. People really enjoy it and it started all over the world. In a similar situation, 7 Students in Bengaluru wore a white kurta and were scaring people. The police saw them and arrested them. You may think should a person be arrested for such a small prank? Let me tell you. The 7 students wear a white kurta and splash red paint on themselves to make it look like blood. When someone would pass by they would jump in front of them and scare them. They would walk and scare people. They would wake up poor people sleeping on the road and scare them. They scare the drivers of vehicles as well. They would jump in front of cars and scare people. They have done this many times. A man said that he was walking when the students scared him. He got so scared that he started running back home when he fell and sustained injuries. On 11th November, when the students were trying to play a prank the Police arrested them. The police then called their parents and told them to come to the police station. The police told them that the students were sharing videos on YouTube. They said that these pranks are very dangerous. The name of their YouTube Channel is ‘Ghost Prank in Bengaluru’ They shared their pranks on this YouTube channel. It was extremely dangerous. The police have given the youth a strict warning and told them not to repeat it. They were then freed.

3 thoughts on “Students Arrested for ‘Ghost’ Prank Videos

  1. 👹👺💀😈👻👽 Video rec share all whatsapp/tik/facebook/ app chat very stop.. Shut… The Video WhatsApp/facebook/app veery "video do work" True… Help family india understand… Heart save……. ISH Thnak you…

  2. Prank should not disturb others.this is the very good step taken by Bangalore police. please stop such pranksters in delhi also

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