Stuck In The Friend Zone? Watch “Anatomy Of Love” – Today

(upbeat exciting music) ♫ You know sometimes, I
just never find the words ♫ to express how much I feel about you ♫ While I know this,
darling I never such a man ♫ Could change my life ♫ I think of you night and day, ♫ Every night you shower me
with your love, your love ♫ And darling I, think of you as my angel ♫ How could I ever try to replace you ♫ (Mumbles) stay on my mind ♫ Though you a star, shining afar ♫ You everything you
ever said that you were ♫ And with you is where I wanna be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ You making me high, my head’s in the sky ♫ I believe I can fly
whenever you’re by my side ♫ And with you is where I need to be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ Boy, my heart is still
racing, feeling so impatient ♫ Soaring through the clouds
by my feet is on the pavement ♫ You are like a spaceship,
taking me to places ♫ I have never been, boy
you got me in amazement ♫ Feeling everything you do ♫ When you’re gone I’m missing you ♫ Stay with me forever
baby, you I never wanna lose ♫ Sometimes I don’t have a clue ♫ But I know (mumbles)
is true, I know that you ♫ You’re a star shining afar, ♫ You’re everything you
ever said that you were ♫ And with you is I wanna where I wanna be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ You making me high, my head’s in the sky ♫ I believe I can fly – Why did you bring that thing again? – [Man] I’m a film major,
I’m perfecting my craft. – Well, do you have to
bring it everywhere? – [Man] Look, I’m an artist. Don’t hate on me for being
committed to greatness. – Whatever. – [Man] Besides, I’m
working on my party reel. – Okay. Hi. (exciting rhythmic music) ♫ I’m higher than the Eiffel Tower ♫ Hello to the haters, even
with no patches, they sour ♫ Me and my crew stacked
double (mumbles) Jet Li ♫ Fast lane (mumbles) check my speed ♫ (Mumbles) (people talking and laughing) – [Man] Yo, it’s popping in here. (exciting rap music) – [Crowd] Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug! (people cheering) (high pitched rhythmic music) (alarm beeping lightly) – Shit. – How you doing? (mumbles) What’s the rush? – I’m sorry, I gotta go,
I have a hair appointment. – At 7:30 in the morning, on a Sunday? (intense rhythmic music) – Wake up, meet me at the coffee shop now! Cassius, why didn’t you stop me from drinking so much last night? Do you know I ended up at Caesar’s again? I don’t want that boy to
start catching feelings. – Hold up, I tried to get
you to leave the party, but then you started
drinking and you saw Caesar, you didn’t wanna have anything
to do with me after that. And you act like have feelings
is a disease or something. – Well you should’ve tried harder. Now that boy gonna think
we got something going on. This is the third time this month. – Well maybe there is
something going on, is there? – Of course not! What is wrong with you? – Ouch, girl, that’s enough
of you hitting on me. What did you want me to
do, drag you out of there? – Yeah, next time you see me with Caesar, or any other guy for that
matter, drag me away, kicking and screaming if you have to. – Listen, I would’ve loved
to take you back to my house last night, but it just– – Cassius, don’t even go there, you know not to go there with me. We’ve known each other since ninth grade. You’re like a brother to me, I get sick of even
thinking of you that way. (soft groaning) (light laughing) – Glad you think it’s funny. Some people don’t know a good thing when it’s staring them right in the face. (soft lighthearted music) – You remember that time we first met, and you peed in your pants? (woman laughing) – He he, hell, you know
that didn’t happen. It was those stupid clowns
with those balloons. – Geez, don’t be so sensitive. You have to admit, it was funny though. (woman laughing) (dramatic drumming) (man yelling) (people laughing) (dramatic intense music) – I’ve had just about enough out of you. (people laughing) – You know it was funny. You know Cassius, you
were so cute back then. – Really, if I was so cute, how come you never went out with me? You (mumbles) Emery to homecoming, you know I wanted to go out with you. – Cassius, you were Djing,
what was I supposed to do? Stand there and hand
you records all night? – Pretty much. – Plus, didn’t you go with
that girl Kristen anyway? – Yeah right, I went out with
that girl to make you jealous. You know I had a crush on you. (soft peaceful music) I was there for you
when Alfie passed away. I fed you soup when you
had your tonsils taken out. (serene rhythmic music) I was at every one of your games. (people cheering) Gen, I’ve always been there for you. – I know, Cassius. That’s why you’re my best friend. You mean more to me than
any of these other guys. – If that’s the case,
we should be together. – Cassius, please don’t go there. You know how I feel about
love and relationships. People use the word love so arbitrarily that it has no meaning. I bet you can’t find
two people in the city that give you the same meaning of love. And relationships, they’re no different. – Oh, really? – You know I’m right Cassius. Relationships are for
insecure people that feel they have to put a label
on a significant other. You have a girl, she’s with
you, than she’s your girl. The girlfriend title is
just for all the other guys that you think are trying
to take what’s yours. – Gen, you’re my girl so
you know I mean the best when I say this, but you’re full of shit. – I’m full of shit? – Yes, you are. Since when did you become an authority on love and relationships? I mean, when was your
last relationship again? – Well, there was this
one guy in high school. – Oh really, who was that? – He was very handsome and charming. I think you know him. – Yeah, I think so too. – Maybe we should go out sometime. – Okay, we can do that. – Do you have Emery’s number? – What, stop playing with me!
(woman laughing) Just go ahead, laugh it up. You’re having a good time over there. You know what, one day
you’re gonna look up and I won’t be there. – Whatever, boy. Look, I gotta go take a
shower so I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow. – Okay, that’s cool. – Okay, bye. (mumbles) Bye. – Bye, bye. (exciting rhythmic music) – Good morning everyone! Please take your seats
as quickly as possible, we’ve got a lot to cover today. What is love? Can anyone tell me. Yes, Ms. Nelson. – Yeah, love is when you
care so much about a person or thing it hurts inside. – Okay, very good. Class, do you agree? Ms. Meadows, do you find
today’s topic of discussion unworthy of your attention? – Who, me? No, I mean, yes. I mean, Professor Mason, in general, I think love is overrated. – Yeah, I bet you do. – Please elaborate, Ms. Meadows. – Well, I think if you
ask 10 different people what they think love is, you’ll
get 10 different answers. No one person can accurately describe love except that it’s an
intangible feeling that varies from one person to the next. In my opinion, love is
not some magical feeling that comes over you. I think it’s a combination
of your comfort level with someone or a specific thing, and the experience you share. For instance, it’s just as
easy to be in love with someone as it is not to be in love with them. It’s something that people
decide to call an attachment to someone or something, but they should just call it an addiction. – Yeah, well I never heard
my uncle say he loved crack, and he still hasn’t broken up with it. – [Gen] Whatever.
(class laughing) – Enough people. Very interesting Ms. Meadows. Class, what do you think
of Ms. Meadows hypothesis? – Actually, where is little Caesar. (class laughing)
– Shut up. – Stop hitting me. – Well, we have two competing
theories on love, class. So that still poses the
question what is love. Well Ms. Meadows, I will challenge you to test your hypothesis. – Wait, what? – Yes, you said if you
asked 10 different people what is love you get 10 different answers. This semester, instead
of your usual final, you may interview 10 people, 10 students, and submit a video essay of your findings. – How can you not take the final? – Oh, come on people. Ms. Meadow’s had the
courage to share her ideas with the class, she should be
rewarded with the opportunity to prove her hypothesis. So Ms. Meadows, do you accept? – Yeah, I can handle that. – Oh, this is gonna be interesting. The Grinch that stole love.
(awkward laughing) – Mr. Middleton, you
obviously have some thoughts on this topic, you could be
Ms. Meadows research assistant. You’re a film major, right? – Yes, but I– – Outstanding. Okay, it’s settled then,
class we are in for a treat. Mr. Middleton, Ms.
Meadows, you are excused. We will see you again in 14 days. (slow dramatic music) – What was that for? – This was all your fault. – My fault, you’re the one
that opened your big mouth. In general, love is
overrated, wasn’t that you? – Shut up, boy! – Hey, you’re Cassius Middleton? – Um, yeah, I’m Cassius. – Your dad plays
professional football, right? – Yeah, that’s me. – Excuse me, where you
going, we were talking? – Right, and now we’re not. Damn it girl, you’re
gonna stop punching me. – You deserve it, did you
have a nice conversation? – Whatever. (simple rhythmic music) Gen, wait, why you rushing off like that? – Cassius, just let it go. – Are you jealous? – Jealous, what do I
have to be jealous about? You can see whatever tramp you want to, it’s none of my business! – You are jealous! Ah! (simple soft music) She is jealous. – Damn girl, you know him? – Huh? No, just daydreaming, I guess. – Well it look more like a nightmare from that ugly look you just had on your face. – Brenda, do they look happy to you? – Yeah, they do, all
lovey dovey and stuff. Why you ask? – I don’t know, just asking. (soft sensual music) Do you think they’re in love? – Girl, I don’t know, I guess! And where are all these
questions coming from? You got something on your mind? – No. It’s just, well, Professor
Mason gave me this assignment. I have to interview 10
people and write a paper on how they feel about love. – And, that sounds easy enough, right? – Not really. I don’t understand how someone
can just lose themselves in someone else’s life,
someone else’s feelings. All you end up with is a broken heart. – Well I think you’re missing the point. (soft sensual music) – Baby, I’m sorry. – You see Brenda, that’s how
it always ends, trust me. Love is not a state of
being, it’s what you are, and when you don’t know what you are. – Well, I can tell you
what I am right now, and right now I’m five
minutes from getting off so I will see you tomorrow, girl, for our next session, Dr. No Love. – Hey girl, bye. – Bye, crazy. Bam! – Thanks, girl. – All right, see you later. – Bye. (people talking quietly) – Do what you do, make it seem smooth. – What up? – What’s going on? – Simmer down, man. I feel ya, appreciate that. – We’re just chilling,
checking out all this scenery. – I can dig it, I can dig it. – Oh can you, can you? – Don’t start (mumbles), he
just got here, give it a rest. – Give what a rest? What’s up, what’s going on Emery? – All right, I guess since
everyone else is too scared to say anything. – To say what, what are
you all talking about? – This right here is
the intervention, homie. – Intervention, what
are ya’ll talking about? – Yeah, your intervention, dawg. – We on Dr. Phil or something? – Look man, we love you, and basically you need to give up, we are tired of seeing
you chase behind that girl like a (mumbles).
– Wait, wait, wait. Ya’ll talking about Genesis? – Well, who else would it be? We don’t see you with
any other girl on campus. It’s time for you to move on, homie. Explore the world, see,
you know, new horizons. – Horizons, man, ya’ll are tripping. Gen and I are just friends, we hang out, we enjoy each other’s company,
what’s wrong with that? – And see lately, it seems
that’s the only chick you’ve been hanging out with. I mean, people are starting to talk. – Yeah man, talk. Listen, you’ve been
hanging in this friend zone way too long man. It’s like quick sand, you’re
gonna keep sinking and sinking, ’til you can’t get out.
– I ain’t trying to hear that. – Look around you, dude. Don’t you see all the potential you have? – Man, I see it all the
time, that’s the problem. – As a matter of fact, see
those two things right there. – [Cassius] Yeah, I see them, hey yo. – They looking at you but you playing. Now if it was me, I’d
have them both butt naked in the morning cooking me
some beans and (mumbles). (men laughing) You know what I’m talking about? – Seriously fellas, listen, seriously. I appreciate the concern, but Gen and I are more than friends. She just doesn’t recognize
it yet, but she will, I guarantee you that. – Man, what are you delusional? Man look, that girl’s never gonna love you the way you love her, all right. – Thanks for your support, my friend. – Hey, I’m just, you know… If it was me, I would have
gave it up a long time ago. – Yeah, if it was you. – Man, hey, she’s still
dating what’s his name, Caesar Rodriguez. (men laughing) – They’re not dating,
man, they’re not dating. They’re just, oh, nevermind. Yo, these women man,
they only see one thing when they see me, my dad. Gen looks at me and I
know she sees Cassius, not just some future paycheck. Come on, I mean, that’s why
I like hanging out with her. Plus she’s like the finest girl on campus, so what can you ask for? – She is fine as hell. – Exactly, so what more
can I ask for, guys? – How about some sex, man? – What? – She out there boning everybody but you. – Yo, you better watch
your mouth, I know that! I know that, you better
watch your mouth, yo! – Chill out, chill out. Hey, we brothers man. Hey, it ain’t funny, we brothers. – I’m just saying, you know what I mean. – Bro, we are not your enemy,
we’re not your enemy, man. – You know how I feel about Gen. – Othello is only telling
you what we all ready know is true, bro. You shouldn’t be mad about that, period. – My bad, man, my bad, bro. Oh, you gonna play. – It’s all good, don’t worry about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that anyway. – It’s cool man, you
right, ya’ll all right. I need to open my eyes, yo. – Just a little bit. – Just a lot. – Can I get a round of
1800 for my friends and I? – You know I got class in the morning, I can’t take no drink. – Man, forget about it
Emery, it’s just one drink. Come on. It’s one drink, it’s easy man, it’s going down just smooth, man. – All right. – Hey, let’s give a toast man. A toast to what, what
are we gonna toast to? – Beans and rice. – All right, let’s do it. – Beans and rice! – I don’t got nothing in my glass man, what’s up with that? – Oh man, I drunk that too. – Hey. It looks like you need a ride. Why don’t we get out of here, my friend and I can give you that ride. (loud groaning) (woman yelling) – I think we need a cab over here. (soft sensual music) – Genesis, come here sweetheart. There’s someone I want you to meet. – I have homework, ma,
and I need to get to it. – This will only take a minute. Genesis, Genesis, this is Jerry Raja, we work together at the firm. – Nice to meet you, Genesis. – Don’t worry about it,
she’s always like that. – Is this Mr. Raja? Your boss, Mr. Raja? – Uh, yes. Genesis, this is Mr. Raja. – Mom, can I talk to you for a second, in the kitchen, please? – You stay right there, I’ll be back. It’s fine. (soft sensual music) – Are you crazy, mom? You can’t keep dating your bosses. Every time we end up in the same place, sitting on the couch with a gallon of Butterfinger ice cream. – Sweetheart, this is different. Jerry is incredible, he
is so smart and sweet, and fine girl. – And young. How old is he anyway? – Well he’s (mumbles). – (Mumbles) maybe I should
come back some other time. – Sit down, Jerry. I’ll be back. (soft sensual music) – Is everything okay? – Yeah, everything’s okay as
long as you got a good heart, because I don’t wanna… You know, I told you
when I got done with you, I was gonna have to dial 911. Okay. (serene rhythmic music) – Ooh daddy, look, a wedding. – She looks pretty, right? – She looks like a princess. Did mommy look like a
princess when you got married? – Yeah, she did, sweetie. – I want to be a princess
when I get married. – You have a long way to go
with that, so don’t rush it, and make sure he’s the right guy. Don’t you settle. – Then we’re gonna live
together forever, and ever, and ever, like you and mommy, right? – That’s right, sweetie. – Daddy, you’re gonna stay
with me forever and ever? – Look, I promise, no matter what, I will always be here with you. Now give (mumbles). (fast solemn music) – [Woman] Whose panties is this? – Yo, I’ve never seen no panties. – They’re not Genesis, they’re not mine. (mumbles) for you to say
that they belong to you. Don’t tell me to calm down. Did you have somebody in the house? Whose panties are these? – I don’t know. – You better know whose panties these are. These are in my house. (mumbles) You bring another woman’s
panties in my house, and you keep talking about your tired! (rhythmic solemn music) (exciting fun music) – Another night, another
batch of groupies, huh Pop? Don’t you ever get tired
of these golddiggers man? – Sorry about that son, I didn’t think you’d be home until later. – It’s 11:45 and I have
class in the morning. Where was I supposed to be? – Really, 11:45? I must be on mountain time. But hey, I made Jessica
and Megan (mumbles). Now hold on. – For once Pop, I wish we would
have a normal relationship, a normal life. Since mom died, all you do is bring home these cheap ass tricks. – Boy, you better watch
who you talking to. I know it’s hard for you
to understand right now. Look, but since your mom died, I really just, I wanted to keep it light. I’m not ready for another relationship. When your mom passed, that
was the end of anything serious for me. Right now, I just wanna have some fun. And on that note, we
had a good talk, baby. (fun R&B music) (exciting fast music) (phone ringing) – Hey, I’m sorry I acted
so crazy yesterday. – It’s all good. – Good, so can you meet me on campus so we can begin our interviews? – [Cassius] Yeah, that’s
cool, wanna meet at 1:00? – Okay, I’ll see you at 1:00. (soft exciting music) Okay Kelly, so when we
begin, I need you to tell me your name, your major, and then I’ll ask you
a couple of questions, and that will be it, okay? – No problem. – You ready, Cassius? – Yeah, I’m good to go. – Roll the camera. – Okay, I’m rolling. – Hi, my name is Kelly, and
my major is sports medicine. – Okay Kelly, can you define love for me, and tell me how you know
when you’re in love? – Well I think when you’re in love, it’s just like the fairytales on TV. Not in actual sense, of
course, because we’re not cartoon characters, but you
still have the same feelings, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Like, the birds chirping,
and the sun shining. – So let me get this straight,
you know you’re in love when you hear bells
ringing, birds chirping, and the sun is shining? – Well I guess, I mean,
I’m single right now. I’m waiting for my prince charming. – So you found your prince
charming when you hear bells, the birds will be chirping,
and the sun is always shining? – That’s right. – And until then, you’re not gonna date or see any other guys? (woman laughing) – Oh, I still hook up, I
just don’t have a boyfriend. – I think we got all we need. All right, thanks Kelly. That will be all we need from you today. – Okay, no problem, anything for Cassius. Do you know if he’s single? – I don’t know, no. – Darn, really? I wanna ride that boy
until he has a seizure. Can you tell him I asked about him? – What, no! Cassius, come on, let’s go. I think Ms. Fairytale
here wants to sprinkle some of her pixie dust on you. – Oh, really? – Cassius, let’s go. I need your help. – Can it wait? – Cassius, I need you to help
me get my mattress today. You can deal with your fairytale later. – Mattress, are you
offering a better deal? – I’m offering you free lunch if you help me get my mattress. – Mattress or lunch? I think I wanna be on Kelly’s mattress. – So you’re gonna leave me
for some nasty mattress? – It beats a free lunch. – Okay, just don’t bring home any bedbugs. – Hi, Cassius. I have class in a few hours. Do you wanna go and do something? I heard you might be hungry. – Yeah, I’m a little hungry. – Don’t worry about that,
I’ll keep you satisfied. – I have to go, I have to help a friend. – Now? – Yeah, I gotta go, I’ll
see you around, okay? – Okay, let me put it in another way. I want you, I know you want me, and if you come with me,
you’re gonna have lots of sex. – No, I’m good. What’s your sleep number? – Don’t think you’re
gonna get some because you turned that ho down. – Well somebody has to
break in your mattress. – Whatever, boy.
(woman laughing) Thanks for helping me, Cassius. – Just another time
I’ve been there for you. – Yeah, yeah, I know. – Yeah, you say you know but
when are you gonna realize I’m the man you need? – I don’t know, Cassius. I mean, I don’t hear any
bells or birds chirping, and the sun isn’t even out yet. (woman laughing) – [Cassius] Oh, that’s funny, is it? – Oh come on, I was just joking. – You joke too much about
things that should not be joked about. – Cassius, don’t be like that. Come in, watch some TV with me. – No thanks, I’m out. – Cassius? Don’t be like that! (bell ringing) I knew he would come to his senses. What do you want? – What’s good, Genesis, how are you? – What do you want, Caesar? – I was just in the area,
I thought I could stop by and check up on you. – Great, I’m fine. Now you know, and now you can go. – Wait a minute, Gen. – Gen, only one person
calls me that, Caesar, and it’s not you. – Okay, I’m sorry, Genesis. Look, I miss you, what went wrong? I mean, what happened to us? – Us, boy there is no us. What we had was fun and it’s over, okay? – Genesis, give us another chance. I love you. (solemn R&B music)
(phone ringing) – I know he is not ignoring my calls. – [Cassius] Yo, this is
Cassius, you know what to do. – Cassius, are you still mad at me? I’m sorry, okay, but there’s
no reason to avoid my calls. Well, I hope you’re not mad for long because we have to finish
our interviewers tomorrow. Meet me on campus at
10:00, main courtyard. Bye, Cassius. I’m sorry. (rhythmic upbeat music) Cassius, are you still mad at me? – Let’s just get on with this, okay? – Cassius, don’t be like that. I said I was sorry, it was just a joke. – Well you’re not funny, I don’t like it when you make light of
my feelings for you. Well, I see you’re still
mad so I’ll drop the subject for now and then we can talk
about it after the interview. – All right, camera’s
ready, let’s get this over so I can go. If you’re gonna be watching, I need you to keep the noise down, please! – So when we begin the interviews, I need you to state your
name and your major, and then I’ll ask you
a couple of questions. – Cool. – Are you ready? – Yeah, let’s go. – Camera’s rolling. Please state your name and major. – All right, my name’s Emcee Get Busy, and my major is getting money
and getting the honeys, yeah! All right, first I wanna
give a shout out to my homeboys Wonder Bread,
Victory Slim, and Pete. All right, all right, I make doh, but don’t let the doh make me. Been in this game since
ya’ll was rockin’ paisley. A young rapper, maybe the best one yet, just getting started
and not even done yet. The more ya’ll talk about
what ya’ll gonna spin, I’m about to make my first 100 million. – Cut! What the hell is that? – You told me to say my name
and my major and all that. So I figured I’d (mumbles)
my peeps, you know, add my flavor to the video, you know. – [Genesis] No, I don’t
know, and I don’t wanna know. This is not a rap video, nor your personal rap audition! – Okay, okay, calm down, shorty. I just wanted to audition. Now what do you want me to
do, with your fine self? – First off, I’m not your shorty. (fun beat music) Hi, how do you define love? – My name is Jonathan, and I’m majoring in computer and information sciences. – My name is Lamar, I’m a senior,
and my major’s psychology. – Hi, I am Melinda,
and my major is biology and biological sciences. – My name is Gloria, but
I go by Glo, I major in… Cassius, why you making me do this? Business administration and management. – My first year of college,
I was totally devoted to my girlfriend from high school. I loved every minute of
it, and though I flirted with other girls, I was
faithful to only her. – Love is a word that
describes ones deepest passion. – God is love, he loves
us no matter what we do. His love is demonstrated
by his son Jesus Christ. While here on this earth,
Jesus Christ made the biggest sacrifice, and demonstrated
his love in the most powerful way of humankind. – Gloria? – I said I go by Glo. – Love is unconditional. Oh, it’s easy to love when times are good, but love is tested in times
of trial, and discomfort! – About a week before finals,
she left me for someone else. – Love is something that’s
gonna be there regardless, no matter what. And if you’re really passionate about it, your love for her will never die. Like for example, I’m
in love with my girl, which does mean I could possibly
fall out of love with her, depending on the situation,
because if the passion dies, then love dies too. – Love makes us vulnerable, and open. Sometimes love can’t
be described in words. Love is beyond words. Love can be displayed
in a multitude of ways. It’s not only material based. – [Genesis] Glo, can you
define love for me, please? – Well I’ve never truly been in love, but I heard love is when you find someone you wanna spend the rest
of your life arguing with. (intense rhythmic music) – [Genesis] You’ve gotta be joking, right? – College is an immature
place for immature people to learn to grow up, to break hearts, and to have their hearts broken, to find themselves knee deep, and to learn how to deal with it. – Um, well I don’t think
a person can really experience love with someone
else until they have a child. – [Genesis] I know you
said you’ve never truly been in love but how do you think you know when you’re in love? – I don’t know! Like I said, I ain’t
never truly been in love, but I heard, I think, I don’t know. I guess when he tell me he love me after a big argument or something. – Interesting, oh well. Thank you. – Forgiveness is an act of love. I believe people struggle
with loving other people because they cannot love themselves. They carry guilt and
shame, and fear, and anger from their past, and that can overpower ones ability to love. – Lori Evelyn Sullivan, will you marry me? (women speaking in foreign language) – For the sake of those that don’t know the Spanish speaking language, Tiffany, could you please state your
name and major in English? (fun rhythmic music) (loud slapping) Could you please state your
name and major in English? – Hey, my name is Tiffany Gomez, and I’m majoring in english
language and literature. Love is when your concerned
for the other person, and their wants, needs,
and well being matches or exceeds your own wants,
needs, or well being. Anything short of that, to
me, is simply passion or lust. That coupled with the existence of oneness with that person equate to love. – Thanks, we’re all set. – Okay. (fun rhythmic music) – Can I have one more interview, please? – The camera’s set on automatic, just make sure I’m in frame, okay? – Okay, but Cassius, you
don’t have to do this. – Last time I checked, I’m a student. And Professor Mason said nothing about us not interviewing ourselves. He just said only 10 different people, so let’s get on with this. – [Genesis] Okay, state
your name and major please. – I don’t think I need
any introduction but for the purpose of this interview my name is Cassius Middleton. My major is communications. – How do you define love? – Love is when you feel warm
all over, for no reason. Love is your inner soul
brightening so bright inside that people see it from the outside. (soft serene music) – How do you know when you’re in love? – I know I’m in love when
she’s the last person I think about when I go to sleep, and the first person I think about when I wake up in the mornings. When I’m around her, my heart beats faster and I feel warm all over. When she touches me, a
chill goes up my spine. And when she spends time with me, I do whatever it takes
so that the moment lasts because I don’t want her to leave. This is an actual event of what it is to be in love with someone. – Okay, thanks everyone, that’s a wrap! I appreciate your support. Cassius, I guess I’ll see you around 8:00 to review the footage? (soft peaceful music) (fun R&B music) Hey. – Hey. – Oh wow, something smells
good, are you cooking? – No, my dad has one of his
gold digging hoochies over. She’s trying to impress him. – Man, whatever your dad’s
girl is up there cooking, it sure smells good. You should go up there and
see if there’s enough for us. – Nah, I am cool. Ain’t no telling what she put in there to try and trap my dad. (people laughing) We’ll make something later. – Okay. – Maybe you can cook for me
with your bra and panties on, or better yet, your thongs. – You would like that, wouldn’t you? – Heck yeah, girl. – What’s in it for me? – Me, baby. Hey girl, you like to hit, don’t you? (woman laughing) – Maybe we should’ve interviewed your dad to see what his take on love is. – Yeah right, him and love. – Yeah. – A different chick every week. I think he forgot what love is. – I mean, he had to be in
love with your mom, right? Oh, I’m sorry, maybe I
shouldn’t have said that. – Nah, it’s cool, I’m good. – [Dad] Son, I’m headed out. I’ll be back really late, don’t wait up! – Does that bother you? – What? – Your dad and all the girls
he brings over to the house? – I don’t know, I guess so. I mean, I feel like I live
in a strip club, not a home. I mean, damn, can he just be serious with one person again? I mean, he’s back to his
old ways when he met my mom. My mom was the only person
to put him in his place. – Why did you do the interview? Is that really how you feel about love? – Yeah, the Wikipedia
definition of love is any number of emotions and
experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. It says that the diversity
of uses and meanings combined with the complexity
of feelings involved makes love unusually
difficult to clearly define. Even compared to any
other emotional states. – Wikipedia? – Yeah, Wikipedia, what’s
wrong with Wikipedia? – Nothing. What’s the definition of cornball? – Oh, I can find out
though, hold on one second. Got my phone right here,
got the Blackberry. Oh here we go, it says these nuts. – Whatever. – You ran right into that one. So why you scared of love? – What do you mean? – I mean I seen that look
on your face when the guy proposed to the girl during the interview. I mean, I don’t get it, you have Caesar. – Yeah but I’m not in love with Caesar. He’s just someone to pass
time, you know, FWB or STD. – What’s up with these acronyms? An STD, I know what the
medical term is used for, but I’m not sure I wanna know
how you’re using it, Gen. (woman laughing lightly) Does it have the word disease in it? – No, it’s something to do. – Oh, so you’re saying
that you don’t get that magical feeling for Caesar? Or should I say your brain doesn’t trigger that craving similar to smoking crack? – Are you making fun of me? – No, I’m just saying most
people don’t know their soulmate is right under their nose. – True, but I’m not really
looking for love right now. I feel like it will happen, but right now, I’m cool with just Caeser being my filler. Truth be told, I’d rather
if you be my filler. – Oh, really? – Yeah. How about I go strip down to my thong, or better yet strip down everything. Cook him some dinner, and
then you can give me some? – Oh, so now you anna be with me? – No, I’m not asking for
us to be together in a relationship, you know, just
friends on a sexual level. Then I can see what all
the girls want so bad. – Sex buddies, is that
what you really want? – Yeah, for now. I mean, you don’t have to put it that way. Who knows where it will go. Right now we can just be two
friends helping each other out. I’m sure it’s been a while for both of us. (soft sensual music) – It’s getting late, I gotta get up early, so since it’s late, you can stay tonight, I’ll just take the couch. – No, I’ll be okay. I guess I’ll see you around. – Yeah. (soft sensual music) – I need to make a bank run. Do you ladies think you
can manage to act like you’re working around here while I’m gone? – We’ll try. (woman giggling) – How you doing beautiful,
what time you get off? – In 20 minutes, why? – Perfect, I’m taking you out to dinner. Oh, and here, this is for you. – Wow, Cassius. This is really nice and a surprise. What is this for? – I just wanna take my friend
out for dinner, that’s all. I’ll be right over there waiting, okay? – Okay. Hey, hey. (woman laughing) (peaceful soft music) – [Cassius] How’s your meal? – It’s really good, what about yours? – Not bad. – You know, I was really
surprised to see you today, especially after everything
I’ve done to upset you lately. – Well I had a lot to think about, and I thought we would start over. I thought if I bring you here to dinner we can talk about us. – You know Cassius, we’ve
known each other for a very long time, and we’ve
been through so much together. Like when your mom died, you
never talk about her anymore. – I know. I hate the lifestyle my dad is
living after she passed away. – I know what you mean, my mom hasn’t been the most perfect role
model since my dad left. She dates these men that are her bosses, and they look at me as like I’m next on their sick twisted list. – Do you see your dad, because
you never talk about him? – Yeah, I talk to him a lot on the phone, and I go see him sometimes. I was actually gonna go live with him but I couldn’t leave my mom. She needs me here to keep her grounded. – I know what you mean. I thought about living on campus
but my dad really needs me. I mean I hate his lifestyle, but I’m afraid it would
get worse if I left. Say, do you think we genetically
inherit our parents traits? – Guys act like their fathers
and girls act like their moms. I don’t think I act like my mom, but I fear ended up like her. – You mean, unlucky in love? – Well yeah. I’m scared of caring for
someone who’s not gonna do anything but cheat on me
and treat me like crap. I’ve heard so many stories
of people being in love, and love making them do some crazy things. – Well I can testify, love
will make you do some crazy things, but that’s all
part of being in love. It’s a chance you take. – Well I’m not one for taking
chances when it comes to that. I think I’m scared of the unknown. – The unknown? – Yeah. – Care to explain what that means? – The unknown, the uncertainties. I know that sounds crazy
but after seeing my dad cheat on my mom, and
hearing my friends talk, I’m scared not to know. – Gen, sometimes life is like a game, you either win or you lose,
you just have to take a chance. – Well I’ll leave all the
chance taking up to you, and I’ll stick to what I do. Plus, I don’t see you all madly in love. – How do you know that? Maybe there is someone. – Well if there is, you
definitely don’t love her. You don’t talk about anybody, and you’re always with me. It’s like you’re scared
of the unknown too. – Girl, please. The unknown, as you put
it, does not phase me. I’m scared of becoming like my dad. I don’t wanna be with woman after woman. There’s only one woman I wanna spend the rest of my life with. – Sounds like you know who this woman is. – Well, I like to keep my faith. – Sure wish I knew how to keep the faith. I can’t wait for this
assignment to be over. – Why, you’re not enjoying
your time with me? – Whatever, why do you
always find some way to fix yourself into the mix? (people laughing) – Oh, you got to hit me
in the heart so hard? Good to see you smiling. (mumbles) you having a good time? – Yeah, I am. Thank you, I needed this. After we finish the assignment, we should get together
one more time for dinner, especially since we’re
both about to graduate and go our separate ways. – I really enjoyed doing
this assignment together, and if it were up to
me, it would never end. – I’m glad you enjoy
spending your time with me. – Gen, why do you think we
never hooked up as a couple? – Cassius, do I have
to go over this again? I was with Emery, and
you were with Kristen. – Forget the past, what’s stopping us now? – Cassius, you’re not just my best friend, you’re like a brother to me. And with that, I can never
take it there with you. Please don’t go there, I’m
really enjoying this dinner and I just wanna savor the moment. (peaceful piano music) – Are you guys okay, can
I get you anything else? – No, just a check please. – Okay, I’ll be right back with you. – Can you state your
name and major please? – My name is Ginger, and my
major is telecommunications. – Okay Ginger, how do you define love? – There was a time when
I believed love as being the best you could be for a person, knowing that you think of
them even before you think of yourself in everyday situations. – Love is an unbroken bond
between two or more entities. – Love is many, many things. There’s no one word or thing
that can describe love, but love is caring, sharing, trusting, and being there for your partner. – Will the next person please step around? – I knew I was in love
because I truly saw him in every aspect of my life. I wanted to share everything,
good and bad, with him. And as corny as it may sound,
I saw us growing old together. – You know you’re in love
when you wanna be around that person all the time. That person makes you feel
loving, makes you wanna love. – I assume you know
the drill, so go ahead. – Some form of love will
last an entire lifetime. Demonstration of love may end physically, you know, death, break up, whatever, but love abides forever
in you emotionally, and/or spiritually. – Thank you, that’s all we needed. That’s a wrap. We officially interviewed
our last interviewee. – Good because I have something to say. Can you come over here and
stand behind the camera and just point it at me, please? – What are you doing? – Nothing, just come over here
and stand behind the camera and just point it at me. – Okay, but we all ready
got your interview. – I know, but I have something to add. Is that okay with you? – Yeah, whatever. – Is it framed at me? – Yes. – This is Cassius Middleton
and we’ve just wrapped up our session of defining love. Earlier I talked about how
love makes you feel warm all over for no reason. Love is your inner soul
brightening so bright inside that people see it from the outside. I have to stand corrected. I’ve been in love with the
same girl since high school. How I know I love this girl
is because she’s the last person I think about when I go to sleep, and the first person I think about when I wake up in the mornings. When she’s around me,
my heart beats faster. I’ve enjoyed spending the
last several days working on this project with her
that I don’t want it to end. I will go the end of the
earth for her, and back. When she hurts, I hurt. – Cassius, please don’t. – You are my reality, sweet and sexy. Everything I’ve dreamed,
the only problem is she doesn’t love me back. She’s done everything
in her power to try to jump all over my heart. Every chance she gets, she makes it known that
we’ll never be together. But still I come around. I still help you, no matter what, and why? Because I care that much about you. All that we’ve been through, and you only want me to be
the brother you never had. (solemn slow music) Just hear me now, for the
record, I love you, Gen, I love you. (slow sad music) – Hey Cassius, I would
ask how you’re doing but it doesn’t look like
you’re getting much sleep. – Nah, I’ve been very busy, what you want? – How about we go grab
a snack after class? – No, I’m not really
up for that right now. Matter of fact, I’m not really
up for anything right now. Maybe I’ll catch up with you later, okay? – Actually that is what I was hoping for. The last time I spoke with you, I wasn’t clear why you walked
away from me so abruptly. – Well that’s because you’re
only interested in my status and not me. – No, I approached you
because it is no news flash that you’re in love with
someone that doesn’t feel the same about you, so in that sense you’re heartbroken. And I just got my heartbroken by my man. – So where are you going with all this? – Look, we’re both someone on a rebound, and rather than trying
to be with someone else only to get our feelings hurt again, why not be with each other, where we know from the jump
there are no emotions involved? – Just hooking up with
no emotions, no nothing, just hitting it and going home? – You don’t have to put it
that way, but yeah, somewhat. Just look at it as rule 12. – Rule 12, what’s with these rules? – You don’t know the hooking
up rules for college? – No, I don’t. How do I know you’re not trying
to get with me for my money? – Actually, we have a lot
more in common than you think. You see, if you weren’t
running behind girly, you’d realize that. Unlike you, I use an
alias for school because I don’t need people to
know that I’m the daughter of a professional athlete. And my mom, she’s a tennis player. She’s even gone out with
your dad a couple times. – So no attachments, right? – Nope, none at all. On black and white, we’d make a good fit, but both our hearts are somewhere else. – All right, come over tonight. Doo, doo, doo. – Hey, guys. Hey, there. – Hey, what’s up? – I tried calling you a little while ago. – Oh, you did? – Yeah. – Oh, yeah, you did. So what you want, is everything okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanted to apologize,
and before you say anything, I know I’m always apologizing. It’s just something you said– (bell ringing)
– Can you hold that thought? I’ll be right back. – Cas, Cas! – Hey, sexy. – Hey, handsome. – Damn, don’t you look divine? – All right, cuz. – All right, man. So Samara, this is
Genesis, Genesis this is– – I know who the hell she is! Cassius, what is going on? – Nothing, me and Samara about to kick it. – Kick it? She is nearly naked but
you’re about to kick it. More like stick it from the
looks of what she’s wearing. (slow dramatic music) – I’m about to go pour us some wine. – All right, baby. (man moaning) What’s up Genesis, why
you over here acting all surprised and brand new? – Damn Cassius, you were
just spilling your feelings to me, what, yesterday, and now not even 24 hours
later, you’re here with her? I came over here to tell
you I had a change of heart but I see you had other plans. – Well you should have
said something last night, not that it would have made a difference. I mean, I deserve to be happy, and that’s what I am right now. – Happy, you just met her! – Actually, I all ready knew her, we’ve been friends for sometime now. She completes me and we have potential. – Potential, what a freaking joke! You know what, you’re
just like your father. You feared becoming him,
and now you are him. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. – Let’s stand corrected
here, my dad has many woman, I just have one. You’re a smart cookie, do the math. – No, you’re no different Cassius. You’re a whore just like your dad. You men, you make me sick. – If you say so, but I have
the courage to at least try my hand at love, I just tried with the
wrong person, I guess. (sensual solemn music) (light sobbing) (phone ringing) – [Caesar] Hey gorgeous, I’ve been waiting for you to call me. – Yeah, I know, I’ve been busy. – [Caesar] I guess you have been. I thought maybe I said
something wrong last time we were together. (mumbles) what you been up to? – No, you’re fine, I’ve just
been doing a lot of thinking, working on the assignment for class. – [Caesar] Have you thought
about us, and our relationship? – What are you doing? – [Caesar] Sitting here chilling,
about to watch Casablanca. – You know that is my movie,
are you really watching it or are you just saying that? – [Caesar] I haven’t started, how about we watch it together then? – Yeah sure, I could use a smile. How about you bring it over here? – [Caesar] All right,
I’ll be there shortly. – Okay. (light rhythmic music) (loud knocking) – Damn girl, you look fine. – Thanks, where’s the movie? – Oh, I figured we could
watch the movie anytime. From the look of you, I was right, it don’t quite scream
movie watching outfit. – So you wanna get down and dirty, huh? Well, we don’t need a
movie, I’ll be the movie. – You know how we used to do. (soft sensual music) – Oh, Cassius. (rhythmic deep music) – Is something wrong? – Man, what you doing? – Getting (mumbles) and dressed. – What, you about to leave? – [Samara] Yeah, I’m straight,
I got what I came for. Hooking up with no strings attached is not all that bad, right? It has it’s perks, don’t you think? – Yeah, I guess so. I can get some when I
want without the hassle of answering to anybody. – Are you okay? – Cassius, I think you’re a cool guy, (mumbles) not hanging out,
you know, going to movies, dinners, stuff like that. – Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, what happened to just sex
only and nothing else. – I’m fine. – Wanna talk about it? – Not really. Caes, I’m sorry. – Where’d you get that outfit from? – The store. – Funny, you know what I’m talking about, you didn’t have it on earlier. – I had this in my bag, you like? – [Cassius] I like. – Does it look good? – [Cassius] Girl, a napkin
would look good on you. – Maybe that’s what I’ll wear
the next time I come over. – Just as long as it’s those
little cocktail napkins, you know the ones they give you
with your drink at the club. – You’re too cute. Who wouldn’t wanna be your girl? I gotta get out of here. How about going shopping with me tomorrow? – Okay, I’ll come and pick
you up in the morning. (soft rhythmic music) – For what? – For what just happened. – It’s okay, it’s not like
it’s the first time you done that, I’m used to it. – Oh my god, you mean
I’ve done this before and you never said anything. – I ain’t see no reason to. Gen, I mean Genesis, are you all right? – Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that you and Cassius
are similar in so many ways but in so many others,
you’re completely different. – Well we are different people. – I know, but Cassius would’ve
came into the bathroom to make sure I was okay. – I asked you if something
was wrong and you ignore me. – Yeah, because Cassius
would have got out of bed and came into the bathroom. – Maybe because you locked the door. Who cares what he would’ve done. – I do, every time something is wrong, you just sit around and
wait for me to come around. You’re never there for me like Cassius is. – Look, I didn’t come over
here to discuss Cassius. Especially after just having sex. – I’m sorry Ca… Caesar. – Wow, that’s the first time you call me (mumbles) about to call me Cassius. What, you wanna get with
Cassius, or have you? I know how close you guys are. What, you break up and I’m
the rebound for the night? – No Caesar, it’s just the assignment I’ve been working on for class. He’s my partner, we’ve been arguing a lot. I’m just really stressed out, that’s all. – I don’t know (mumbles)
to compare me to him, then you call me by his name. Genesis, sounds like
more than being stressed with some project. – Look, let’s not spoil the night. Since you failed to bring over Casablanca, how about we find a movie to watch. I’m hungry, you want a snack? – Yeah, what you got. – How about some milk and cookies. – Drop it like it’s hot, baby. (simple rhythmic music) (exciting inspiring music) – Genesis, right? – Yes, Samara. Cassius, funny to see you two here. – Hey, Genesis. – Hey. – Nice shoes. How about we go grab something to drink? I’m a bit thirsty. It was nice seeing you Genesis, we’ll have to invite you over for dinner. – Cassius, can I talk to you for a minute. – Sure, what’s up? – In private. – Samara, hey girl! – Tiana, Gabrielle, oh my goodness, it is so nice to see you girls! – [Cassius] What’s up, Genesis? – Cassius, why are you here with her? I thought you said you
wanted to settle down with somebody that was
ready to be serious. – What about it? I said what I was feeling,
but you didn’t seem to care. I ran after you like a
lost puppy in a mall. And I don’t, and I don’t
wanna go through that again. Being hurt by somebody I care about. So I’ve decided to be
just like you, Genesis. I think love in general, it’s overrated. – You don’t mean that, you’re just hurt. – Come on now, does it look like I’m hurt? Samara gives me something that
I haven’t had in a long time, and that’s companionship. I mean, I’ll always care for you, but I’m not gonna be your puppy anymore. I’m the big dog on the porch now. I thought the assignment
would show you what love truly means, but it didn’t. You can’t go around
holding grudges forever. You have to learn to let go of
your fears and insecurities, and let love enter into your life. I mean, you freely remind
me about how I don’t wanna be like my dad. But what about you mentioning you don’t wanna be like your mom. Take care, okay. (sad soft music) (woman sobbing) – Genesis, are you okay? What’s wrong, baby? – Nothing. – It can’t be nothing
if you in here crying. – Ma, how do you know when you’re in love? – Oh baby, love is complicated. Love is a strange thing. It can be the most amazing
feeling in the world, or it can really hurt. But in the end, love is
something most of us, if not all of us, will face. There are many different
ways to define love, and there are many different
ways to love someone. Does this question have
anything to do with Cassius? – Why do you ask that? – I see how you are when you’re with him, but you’re such a strong
but stubborn girl. You keep acting the way you’re acting, and you’re gonna lose him forever. – Ma, can I borrow your video camera? – Sure sweetie, why? – I need it to finish my class assignment. – I’ll be back. Here you go. You need some help? – No ma, I got this. This is something I need to do on my own. – Okay baby, I love you. – Love you too. I guess you’re surprised to see me, and I think you all know who I am. When I first began this project, I thought love had no meaning. I thought love in general was overrated, well I stand corrected. – Good morning, everyone. – [Class] Good morning. – The last time all of us met here, we were talking about what is love. We had a few compelling theories. Ms. Nelson believed that love was when you felt and cared about
something, or someone, so much that it hurt inside. While Ms. Meadows
disagreed with Ms. Nelson, she thought that love in
general was overrated. Ms. Meadows went onto explain
then if you were to ask 10 people what they thought love was, you would get 10 different definitions. She went onto explain
that no one can accurately define love, other than
some intangible feeling that varies from one person to the next, is that right Ms. Meadows? Well two weeks ago I
challenged Ms. Meadows to prove her hypothesis to the class. Have you completed your
assignment Ms. Meadows? – Yes, I have, Professor Mason. – Very good, then I give
the rest of today’s class session over to you. – This should be interesting. – Hey, quiet, I expect you
all to give Ms. Meadows your undivided attention. – In college you meet many
different types of people and learn more about human interactions than any psychology textbook. So the atmosphere is basically
a spectrum of different attitudes, beliefs, and values. So the DVD I prepared
will show you just that. (simple soft music)
Love can be found worldwide, and is often used to describe compassion. Accepting those you love for who they are is a part of love. People in love are sensitive
to each other’s needs. An endeavor to meet them, even when they do not feel like doing it. Men and women may be equal in value, but different by nature. People who are truly
in love are considerate of each other’s feelings, so remember, there’s no failure in love. Once you tell someone that you love them, you’ve all ready succeeded in love. – Please. Well, as we can see, Ms.
Meadows did an excellent job on her assignment. Does anyone have any
questions for Ms. Meadow? Yes Ms. Nelson, what’s your question? – I just wanna know if
you feel the same way about what love is? It seemed at the end you
had a change of heart. How did it change? – Excellent question, Ms. Nelson. Do you care to answer, Ms. Meadows? – Yes, love is any of a number
of emotions and experiences related to a strong
affection and attachment. The word love can refer
to a variety of different feelings, states, and values. Ranging from a generic pleasure
to intrapersonal attraction. This diversity of uses
and meanings combine with the complexity of
the feelings involve make love unusually difficult
to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states. I define love as a feeling of want, you feel all over for no reason. Love is your inner soul,
brightening so bright inside that people can see it from the outside. But I would never acknowledge it. How I know I’m in love is
when you’re the last person I think about when I go to sleep, and the first person I think about when I wake up in the morning. When I’m around you,
my heart skips a beat, and I feel warm all over.
(soft serene music) When you touch me, I feel
a chill down my spine. Cassius, you are my
reality and I am yours. The problem is I let my
stubbornness and insecurities get the best of me. For the record, I love you Cassius. I love you. (soft peaceful music) (intense powerful music) I’m sorry, Cassius. I’m sorry I put you through so much. I love you, I’ve always loved you, I was just too scared to tell you. – It’s okay, Gen. – No, it’s not. I shouldn’t have been so stupid. After seeing what my dad
did to my mom, how men are, I let them rob me of my happiness. I love you, Cassius, I’m
ready to be yours now. Not as a friend with benefits,
not even as your friend, but as your woman. I don’t care about your
status, your dads status, nor your money. You’re my best friend, Cassius. I love you, baby. – Wow, Gen, that’s deep. And I always will love
you, but it’s too late. – No, no it’s not. – Yes, it is, I’m in love with Samara now. I told you when you came
to the house I moved on. – Why Cassius, you don’t love her. – Gen– – You don’t love her! – Gen, don’t do this to yourself. Stop embarrassing yourself, I’m sorry. I’m not sure what to say right
now except I’m sorry, okay. (simple rhythmic music)
(woman sobbing) – Hey sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why are you not dressed? – Nothing, just thinking
about the past, the future. – I know this is not how you
thought things would play out, but it is what it is. I mean, it could’ve been worse. It’s been two years
since all that went on. – I know ma, I just never– – I know sweetie, but you
have me and I love you. So maybe you should go get dressed. – I will in a moment. I just need a minute
to get myself together. – Okay, but don’t take too long baby, we don’t wanna miss the ceremony. – I’m sure will no one
will mind if I’m late. – Just go get dressed. (exciting soft music) – Fellas, fellas. What’s going on, man, what’s going on? How you doin’, how you doin’? My boy, my boy. – Hey, pop. – Looking good, son. – Yeah, I do, huh? – Yes, you do. – Just like you did on
your wedding day with mom. I’m glad you decided not
to date Samara’s mom. Otherwise, this would be on awkward day. – You’re right about that. Hey, but watching you and
Samara made me realize I needed to get back
into a real relationship. Settle down, find somebody
just like you did. – Yeah, she’s great, just like mom. – Really? – Mmm hmm. – Hey, you ready for this? – [Cassius] Yeah pop, I’m ready. Let’s do this. (soft happy music) – Dearly beloved, we
are gathered here today in the sight of God, to
join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Not to be entered into
lightly, holy matrimony should be entered into solemnly,
with reverence and honor. Into this holy agreement,
these two persons of (mumbles) come together to be joined. If there’s anyone here
that can show just cause why these two persons should
not be joined together in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. You have pronounced
yourself husband and wife. But remember to always, always
be each other’s best friend, where there for God has put together, let no man put us under. And so with the power vested
in me by the state of Georgia and almighty God, I now
pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. – Are you gonna kiss me, or are we with MFWB, married
friends with benefits? – Sex buddies, is that
what you really want? – Yeah for now, who
knows where it would go. But for now, we could be married friends helping each other out. (soft rhythmic music) (exciting energetic music) ♫ You know sometimes, I
just never find the words ♫ To express how much I feel about you ♫ Darling I never knew such
a man could change my life ♫ I think of you night and day every night ♫ You shower me with your
love, your love, your loving ♫ Darling I think of you as my angel ♫ How could I ever try to replace you? ♫ (Mumbles) to stay on my mind ♫ Boy you a star, shining afar, ♫ You everything you
ever said that you are ♫ And with you is where I wanna be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ You making me high, my head’s in the sky ♫ I believe I can fly
whenever you’re by my side ♫ And with you is where I need to be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ My heart is steady
racing, feeling so impatient ♫ Soaring through the clouds
but my feet is on the pavement ♫ You are like a spaceship,
taking me to places ♫ I have never been, boy
you got me in amazement ♫ Feeling everything you do ♫ When you’re gone, I’m missing you ♫ Stay with me forever,
baby you I never wanna lose ♫ Sometimes I don’t have a clue ♫ But I know one thing is true ♫ I know that you ♫ That you’re a star, shining afar ♫ You’re everything you
ever said that you are ♫ And with you is where I wanna be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ You making me high, my head’s in the sky ♫ I believe I can fly
whenever you’re by my side ♫ And with you is where I need to be ♫ You got the best of me ♫ You’re sweeter than the milky way ♫ Boy you brighten up my day ♫ It’s such a pleasure to
be exploring your galaxy ♫ I know that we are meant to be ♫ It’s (mumbles) astrology ♫ Enter in my atmosphere ♫ Take me far away from here ♫ Boy you a star, shining afar ♫ You’re everything you
ever said that you are – Love is inner soul
brightening bright inside, that people can see it from the outside. (soft sensual music) – [Genesis] Please state your name. – Please. ♫ You’re a star baby,
you got the best of me (soft playful music) – For the sake of those
that don’t know the Spanish speaking language, Tiffany, could you please repeat your
name and major in English? (light slapping) (women laughing)
(soft relaxing music) ♫ Girl it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You that I need ♫ You that I want for the rest of my life ♫ Girl it’s you, that I’m feeling ♫ You, that I need ♫ You, that I want for the rest of my life ♫ Listen up baby girl ♫ In case I never said it before ♫ I’m glad you in my life, fo’ sure ♫ And I really couldn’t ask for more ♫ I just thought that I’d let you know ♫ That for the first time in my life ♫ I’m really thinking about having a wife ♫ I’m giving up the bachelor’s life ♫ Tricking off and staying out late nights ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You that I need ♫ You that I want for the rest of my life ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You that I need ♫ You that I want for the rest of my life ♫ I’m starting to feel like
it’s time I settled down ♫ And (mumbles) for that running around ♫ There comes a time when a thug is grown ♫ And gotta start taking care of his home ♫ I’m looking for a queen to throne ♫ Not just something to bone ♫ I’m talking about us having some kids ♫ Me, being your man, and
you being my (mumbles) ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You, that I need ♫ You, that I want for the rest of my life ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You, that I need ♫ You, that I want for the rest of my life ♫ I need someone to share my life with ♫ My ups and my downs, my pains, my joys, ♫ And all my stripes with ♫ I know it’s you because
I’m feeling your smile ♫ Remember when I used to be wild ♫ You got me feeling
like walking the aisle ♫ Taking you out in the magnificent mile ♫ Give you my black card, let you go wild ♫ And you know that really ain’t my style ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You, that I need ♫ You, that I want for the rest of my life ♫ Girl, it’s you that I’m feeling ♫ You, that I need ♫ You, that I want for the rest of my life (soft sensual music)

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