Stress Melt – 26 Min Yoga Break  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this
is Benji and today we have a yoga practice to
melt your stress away. This is a really good practice
to align and find what feels good just in case
your day is going poorly. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okay, my darling friends,
let’s begin in a nice seated position on the ground. So come on down to the earth,
we’ll get some of those earth vibes and grounding
vibes to help transform the energy and just your overall vibe. Whatever’s going
on with you today. So take some time, perfect that
my voice is nice and low today to guide this practice. Take some time to
just get settled in. Whether you feel scattered or
perhaps you’ve been kind of moving on a rigid schedule
and you need some time to just soften and expand, let’s take a
moment to just sit up nice and tall as you’re ready
and as you’re comfortable, close your eyes
or soften your gaze and just allow the sound of my voice to guide you here
for the next minute or two. Allow the hands to rest gently
on the knees of the thighs wherever feels comfortable. And then, see if you can align
your head over your heart and your heart right over
your center of gravity. So we’re sitting up tall but
were also bringing our awareness inward to this line that runs from the tail all
the way up to the crown. Alright, welcome everyone. Start to deepen your breath and just notice
what’s coming up here. Maybe you already
want to quit the video. “Oh, I don’t
have time for this.” Let’s stick with it. Let’s see how we can transform or move our body and our energy so that when we step off the
mat we feel balanced, aligned. Continue to gently deepen your
breath and again just see if you can align head over heart,
heart over pelvis. So the practice of centering
isn’t always just as we all know a flip of the switch. So just really take this
allotted time here to notice your breath and align up
through the spine and align with whatever you’re feeling today. Now, on your next inhale let the breath be big and full. And on your next exhale, let
it be long and as you do that, big exhalation,
relax the shoulders and then just repeat that cycle. Big, big full inhale, find what feels good
as you breathe in and then on the exhale let it be
long and lengthy and allow your shoulders to relax and notice how already
perhaps there is an invitation for the
energetic body to soften and just kind of
lean into this practice. It does a body good. It does a soul good to take some time
to balance it all out. Alright, just a couple more
quiet moments playing with that cycle of breath. Big inhale and
long extended exhale, relaxing the shoulders. You might start
to sit up a little taller, lifting your heart,
opening your heart and mind. Great, go for one more cycle. Try to really listen to the
sound of your breath as you breathe in and out. Awesome, then we’ll drop the
chin to the chest and you’re gonna open your eyes here,
bat your eyelashes open and continue nice
buoyant breathing here as we stretch the back
of the head, the neck. So a lot of tension, a lot of
stress energy can collect in the back of the neck, the shoulders so we’re gonna start
tending to that right away. Sitting up nice and tall. If you’re rounding
through the spine here, sit up tall do
that center plumb line. One more breath cycle
here tugging the shoulders away from the ears. Awesome, then rather than
just looking up towards the sky, lead with the nose you’re gonna
imagine you’re pushing a little ball of yarn forward. You’re gonna shift
forward all the way, draw a big line with
the nose all the way up. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. You come back in alignment and
then drop the chin to the chest. Here we go again, big inhale. Smoothing the heart forward,
leading with the nose. Look all the way up. Create space through
the front of the neck. Stretch, stretch, stretch. And then exhale, chin to chest. Now we can start to round
through and kind of exaggerate this movement as it
works for you and you’re body. Inhale to lift up, and
then exhale to round through, chin to chest. Now keep it going. Sync up with your breath. Stretching through the front
side of the neck as you inhale perhaps and then look up. And then exhale,
stretching through the backside, chin to chest as you round. So it doesn’t have to
be a huge movement here. Allowing yourself to connect to the subtle body, not just the big gross movements
all the time on the mat. Really tuning
our listening skills, yes. Let’s do one more, big inhale. Long exhale and then we’ll
come all the way back to center. Sweet, bring the
palms together, Namaste. Breathing deep. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. And just notice where your
thoughts go and then as you really use your breath to
keep coming back to this moment of meditation,
this moment of observation see if you can tap
into a little inner smile. Particularly helpful if you’ve been having a
rough day thus far. Great, take one
more breath here. Maybe tuck the
chin just a little. Lean back. Nice, then we’ll release
the fingers to the sides. Nice and easy breezy. Plant the left palm,
reach the right fingertips all the way up and over. Reach up and over. So we’re not really cranking
into the posture but creating space as we move into the side body stretch. Up and over, one more breath. Then all the way back to
center and the same thing. Right hand comes down,
think up and over. So rather than just
cutting into the pose. Create space, play with it and then find your
side body stretch. Continue to deepen your breath,
don’t worry about how it looks. Focus on the sensation, how it
feels to get the most out of your practice and this
precious time for yourself. Take one more breath and bring
it all the way back to center. Again, hands come together. We’ll quietly whisper Namaste. So so much power in Namaste because you’re recognizing the divine or the highest
in yourself while still acknowledging it
in everyone else. Particularly helpful when you
feel like kind of everything is working against you. But Namaste reminds, you that we’re one and we’re working together. And that’s the
beauty of this channel, too. That we’re all
practicing together. So we’re owning our
stuff while still recognizing, ah, we’re supported. Now we’ll
interlace the fingertips. We’re gonna press the palms
forward, up and back. Inhale, keep that
gesture moving all the way up. Pinkies go all the way back. You’re gonna lift, lift, lift. Engage the pelvic floor. Lift up, up, up.
Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Keep it lifted, deep breath in. Relax the shoulders
as you breath out. Now once more, big breath in. This time as you exhale,
release the fingertips, bend at the elbows and then pull the tops of the hands back, back, back as you
stretch through the pecs here. So you could take a
Mudra here if you like. Otherwise, just nice
awareness in the fingertips as you lift up through the chest. Draw the
shoulder blades together. One more breath, you got it.
Pull the elbows back. Sit up nice and tall.
Lift up from the pelvic floor. Great, now with awareness, slowly closing the
elbows together. Palms come together
and back down to the heart. And we quietly whisper,
you can close your eyes here. Namaste. Beautiful, alright come
forward on to all fours. Take your time. Move nice and easy
like you love yourself. You should definitely start to
feel really good that you’re taking this time for yourself
instead of just adding more on to your plate, your load. This is a smart choice so
feel good about that choice and really take this
time for yourself. Drop the belly,
open the chest, inhale. Exhale round through
the spine, chin to chest. Claw through the fingertips. With your breath inhale,
drop the belly, open the chest, open the throat. Exhale round through. Tuck the tail, press
into the tops of the feet. Once more, inhale,
open the chest, open your heart. And exhale
rounding through. Cat Pose. Breathe out. Beautiful, inhale, you’re
gonna come to a neutral spine. Claw through the fingertips or you can always
come to fists here. Here we go. We’re gonna connect
to that center plumb line. We’re gonna get realigned here,
balance it all out. Press into the top your left
foot firmly and then you’re gonna slowly
lift the right knee. We’re just gonna
draw big circles with the right knee one way. Now, don’t rush this. Nice and slow. Creating space
in the lower back, opening up
through the hip of course. Finding a little core stability. Then once you’ve
established one way, let’s go and reverse it. Take the other route.
Reversing the circle. Notice if you’re collapsing
into your joints here. Can you lift up? Tuck the chin,
just as we did before. Lengthen through
the back of the neck. Sweet, then
we’re gonna come down. You’re gonna take a Child’s Pose
in-between here so bring the big toes together,
open the knees wide. Carve a line with
the nose, inhale, drop the belly, look forward. Find this shape. Great, then round
through the spine and take it all the way back. You’re gonna press
into the fingertips, lift the wrists up for a nice
stretch through the forearm. And then melt
your sweet heart down. You can find a soft sway here or
you can allow the head to just rest heavy into the earth. Take a moment here to really
breathe in with intention. So, if you like, you
can inhale lots of love in. And same thing
as you breathe out, lots of love out. Intentional breath.
Inhale, lots of love in. Opening up through the
chest and shoulders and exhale, lots of love out. Sweet, draw your
navel up to your spine. From there,
move from your center all the way back
up to all fours. Reestablish a
nice Tabletop Position with a nice neutral spine. Press into the top your
right foot and then here we go, lifting the left knee this time. Big circles, oh yeah. Now careful not to rush. I love a good song
or good you know push but that’s not what
we’re here for today. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Don’t let anybody rush you here. Trust that this
time is super valuable. Notice if you’re clinching
in the jaw or the forehead. And then notice that you’ve
established one route and then we’re gonna switch it up,
go the other way. Also a nice little move
for your abdominal muscles and for your glute muscles. Yeah, yeah. Alright, and then
slow and with control, we’ll lower that down. So left knee comes in
alignment with the right knee. Wrists are right
underneath the shoulders. One more time, drop the belly,
open the chest. Cow Pose. Breathe in and then exhale,
round through, chin to chest to Cat Pose. Nice, inhale. Nice neutral spine
and check it out you’re gonna now
take the right toes. Stretch ’em all the way out,
so straighten your right leg. Now you’re gonna
rock front to rock back. Stretch through
the back of the leg. And then here we go,
from your center so careful and to
just sling your leg. How you move is everything
so nice connected transitions here, movement. You’re gonna
integrate with your breath, keep breathing
as you slowly bring your right foot all the way up. And if you have to use your
hand to bring that foot up, awesome, do it. No biggie. Then track that front
knee over the front ankle. Just working with a little
detail today to focus our energy and our mind on this movement and not on what’s
going on off the mat. And then you’re gonna slowly
bring your hands up to Namaste or Prayer Position
right at the heart. Keep that front knee
over the front ankle. And then you’re gonna actually
make sure those toes are not curled under today but you’re
gonna use the top of the foot to really ground down. Start to feel that opening
through the front of the left thigh and the hip
crease up through the psoas, as all that good stuff. And then to
support that stretch, we’ll squeeze the inner thighs
in and you should feel a sense of power here. So even if you feel
an intense deep stretch, feel how you can
connect to your power, your inner support system,
by hugging into the centerline. So we get really
stressed out you know, our nervous
system starts to fray, cortisol levels
start to change fast when things get
too spread out. Right? It’s too taxing on the inside so use this very simple shape to find that
support from within. Lengthen your tailbone down,
lift your heart up towards the sky and then if you
can engage your core here. So imagine maybe your lower ribs getting really
heavy and hugging in. Make sure you can
see your front big toe. Inhale, lift the sternum
to the thumbs and exhale, relax the shoulders down. Inhale, maybe you draw a line
with the nose all the way up towards the sky and exhale draw
your shoulder blades together. Imagine you’re pitching a pencil
just behind your heart space. Awesome, one more breath here. Press into the top
your back foot, you got it. Inhale, create length, space. Then exhale, relax
the shoulders down. Nice, slow and with
control take your heart forward. Fingertips come to the mat.
You’re gonna lift the back knee. Stretch left heel towards
the back edge of your mat. Notice if you’re
collapsing on yourself here. Even if you’re having a
hard day let’s see what happens we slowly start to open up and keep this awareness
from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail. Tip of the tail. Pull the right hip crease back.
One more breath. Really lift your
left knee up, up, up. And then slowly lower down. Plant the palms. Just come right back
to that Tabletop Position. Nice, neutral spine. Alright, you’re doing awesome. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Now check it out, stay here. This time time stick your
tongue out as you breathe out and look up
towards your third eye. Once more, the ultimate
stress buster, dudes. Here we go, Lion’s Breath.
Inhale, drop the belly. Exhale, tug the shoulders
back, stick your tongue out. Sweet. Draw the navel up to the spine
and as you’re ready curl the left under,
stretch your left leg out. If the muscles
are a little tight, little sore you can
rock a little front to back, and front to back. And when you’re
ready with intention, we’ll bring that
left leg all the way up. If you have to use your hand,
awesome, do it. Own it. Own it all is the idea. Be aware. You know owning it is just
really having the awareness and having the lens
of love on, you know? Squeezing to the midline,
as you’re ready, track front knee
over front ankle. We’ll bring the
palms together in Namaste. You might even quietly
whisper to yourself again, Namaste. So I’m going there but you know
when we do things like that it’s just a little reminder,
even subconsciously, that the words
we speak to ourself are the words we
speak to everyone else. We’re all a
reflection of one another. You know, how we treat ourselves and how we care
ourselves matters. How we talk to ourselves kind of
depicts how we speak to others. The vocabulary that’s available. So you know, Ru Paul
says it best (clears throat) but here we go.
Squeeze into the midline. So we know the actions,
we’ve done it on one side. See if you can play
with it on this side. So the first thing is like okay,
there’s the stretch and the second thing is oh,
how am I gonna be here for longer than a breath? Okay, I got to find my anchor
which is in the back foot. I got to connect to
my inner support system. I’m not looking
for it outside of me. It’s right here. Then align everything by
squeezing into the midline, hug the inner thighs in. And then as you’re
ready you can begin to lift the sternum
up to the thumbs. Staying connected to your core. Make sure you can see your front
big toe and then once you feel like you have your foundation,
maybe then you carve a line with the nose forward, up and back. Again, press into
all of your back foot. Let that be your anchor. Press into that
big toe and pinky toe. Find your full
expression here today. Focus on what’s
going on here right now. Big breath in. Relax the shoulders down. Big breath out.
One more time, big breath in. Maybe draw the
should blades together. Big breath out. Sweet, now slowly with control,
send your heart forward. Fingertips come to
the mat gently, with care. We’ll curl the right toes under,
lift that back knee and really stretch, stretch, stretch
your right heel towards the back edge of your mat. Front knee stays
over front ankle. There’s this attention to detail
not to get it right and not to just be safe. Of course, we want to be safe
in our body because moving with intention on the mat provides us with
a vocabulary and the experience to move
with intention off the mat. So you don’t have to be so
stressed out and out of control. We can dial it back in. It happens though, I know.
Inhale, look forward. Lift your back knee up, up, up. And then exhale,
plant the palms. Yep, we’re gonna do one Plank
so step the left toes back. Strong Plank Pose. So this is a pose that
can cause a bit of stress. So find your breath here. Tug the shoulders
away from the ears. Find that length in the side
body that we created before. Find the length in
the front of the neck, the back of the neck,
that we created before. Now, lift your heart up, stretch
your heels back and then send your gaze slightly
forward as we’re here for five. Breathe deep, four. Three, two, soft
landing on the one. Lower the knees. Bring them together,
really together. Inhale to look forward,
lift the wrists. And then exhale to swim it
all the way around and down. Balasana, Child’s Pose. Awesome work. Close your eyes. And once again,
befriend your breath. Feel the rise and
the fall of your spirit. Your guide. Such a powerful
tool in this day and age. (laughs) Especially. Relax your shoulders,
relax your neck. And once again,
inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Alright my friends, now draw
your hands nice and slow back underneath your shoulders. And close your eyes and think of this
next movement as a Phoenix rising up from the ashes here. So press the tops of
your feet into the earth. Really feel your
hands on your mat. And connect to the ground as
you slowly begin to rise up. Then we’ll slowly
make our way to a nice, comfortable seat. Back to one. Sit up nice and tall here. Allow the hands rest gently
wherever they naturally fall. And just take a
moment here to take stock. Oh, my, my, my. How a little really
does go a long way. Tap into that inner smile again.
You should feel proud. Happy. Supported. And I admire and respect you for taking this
time to tend to it. Take a deep breath in and exhale, relax the shoulders. Bring the hands together at the
heart one last time here today. Palms in Prayer Position. You can take this moment to set
a little intention for yourself. You could maybe
finish the sentence, “I choose…” Something unique
and authentic to your energy and where you’re at today. Something
positive and supportive. Then consider it already done,
already so and we’ll sign off by bringing the thumbs
right up to the third eye. Take a deep breath in,
long breath out. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy with me and with all the beautiful
people around the world practicing here together. We’ll take one final breath. Sit up nice and
tall and exhale to bow. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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  45. Iv just started joining you in your yoga classes and I really enjoy them its awesome way to start my day thank you for your free yoga it means alot and I love you beautiful dog I have blue healer x staffy I love her so much I see you love your dog to which makes me like you more kiora xxx

  46. I came home from therapy tonight and opened up youtube, and this video popped up on my homepage. Both of these things were just what I needed after a super rough day and stressful week. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of teaching with the world <3 It's always just what I need.

  47. As a 60-year-old wife, mother, and a gramma, who has chronic back issues, I find this session with Adriene particularly helpful! Granted, I have to be able to commit the time, but it's always well worth it! Have found that after plane travel my sciatic area seems tight and this yoga session has helped!! Like the humor and down to earth attitude!

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