I’m Darren Marlar and this is your Daily
Dose of Weird News! Ever wonder why specific sounds bother you?
According to Time Magazine, there is actually a name for it. It’s called misophonia—the
“hatred of sound”—a condition that causes people to feel irritated, or even enraged
or disgusted when they hear specific noises. According to Time Magazine, the top cringe
worthy sounds, starting at number one, are: #1 – soup slurping. #2 – gum chewing.
#3 – nose sniffing. #4 – nail clipping. #5 – knuckle cracking. ***And #6 – listening
to the Daily Dose of Weird News. Director J.J. Abrams has unveiled the latest
teaser for the new “Star Wars” film that arrives in theaters on December 18th. *** In the movie,
Luke Skywalker is wearing his Dad’s Darth Vader helmet…not because he’s joined the
dark side, but because he hasn’t AGED all that well. And Chewy is nearly bald and gets
around with a WALKER…a SKY-WALKER. (Ha ha!) Bob Barnard’s ears are a little too cozy.
The Washington DC reporter was doing a piece on Museum Week when an African Moon Moth decided
to land on Barnard’s ear. The moth eventually left but not without leaving two souvenirs:
moth eggs. ***MARLAR: Bob has not yet decided whether he’ll keep the babies or give them
up for adoption. The latest research shows a link between snoring
and a decline in mental ability. ***It may have something to do with how many times your
spouse hits you in the head to stop your snoring. The woolly mammoth has been extinct for hundreds,
possibly thousands of years, but now, researchers are attempting to bring it back to life. A
team at Harvard has successfully inserted woolly mammoth DNA into the genetic code of
an elephant. ***If this works, they next hope to resurrect our Founding Fathers, before
it’s too late. It’s been revealed that by the 2016 presidential
election, voters may be able to cast their ballots via their smart phones. ***Wow, American
politics is finally catching up with “American IDOL!” Maybe we can set a limit of 10 votes
per caller and charge $1.99 per vote, and suddenly the nation is out of debt! New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is confident
he can defeat Hillary Clinton for president, saying: “If I run, I will beat her.” ***No…
I’m pretty sure as big as you are, she’d outrun you. That’s your Daily Dose of Weird News, I’m
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