Sridevi Irritates Kamal Haasan Sadma (1983) Movie Scene [With Subs]

Hmmm Somuuuuu What is it? I….I want some….INK What do you want.?…….eh? Ink Eh?
Ink? …….
Ink? Why Ink? I want to put a bindi (dot on the forehead) on Hariprasad A bindi for Harisprasad? Yes Ok, its lying up, will need to climb up to get it Then give it
Yeah Yeah Noww Not now, later You go play with your Hariprasad I will get it myself Somu No I will do later, now go play Oh no!!!! Oh!! The school records all, I had… I had…..I had told you I will get it for you did I not? What was the hurry? Why did you start jumping like a monkey? Oh! Oh dear God! What have you done? Do you know tomorrow there is the inspection? Would the world have finished? If you did not put the bindi would he remain a bachelor? Oh oh what happened? Granny Granny What happened? See Granny this Somu is always scolding me Why Somu? Why do you keep scolding the poor child? Child? Ha ha..See what your child has done? She has grown physically like a donkey but has no brains Tch Tch, don’t say like this Somu, what would this poor girl know?
She has grown physically like a donkey but has no brains Tch Tch, don’t say like this Somu, what would this poor girl know? What did you do dear child? Our Hariprasad….I had asked for ink to put bindi on him .. I asked for only very little, Granny. But he said he will hit me I thought….. I will only take it down When I got up, the whole thing crashed What could I have done Granny? Oh Somu you only should have given it. No. You…you keep quiet granny. You have spoilt her with your love. See granny he is scolding you also You don’t look there. He only is staring Shhh…Keep quiet. I did not do it purposely. I climbed up……………… and it fell down,………………….. what could I…
Aahhhh See…its over………, game over What happened Somu No….Nothing…., food is ready Such a grown up woman (like a tree) in the house but I have do all the chores Dont call me a tree Sorry dear you are not a tall tree you are small plant See Granny Dont cry child, dont cry, you want to eat? Yes Then eat with us Where is my wallet? Where is the wallet kept child? I don’t know granny, ……….I have not seen it also I am asking where is my wallet I dont know Then what do you know? If you do not know who knows, it does not have wings to fly off See granny this is how he behaves with me all the time Its ok child, you dont cry Granny I am leaving Where are you going son? Going to hell Don’t break anything else, sit quietly Dont ever talk to me So much anger, so much anger…

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