Welcome to F3 info junction I am Satvinder on solutions to kids behavioral problems Today we are going to discuss another behavioral problem called temper tantrums Temper tantrums are nothing but angry out burst For examples throwing objects, hitting, screaming on roaming on the ground. This is common in children between 18 months to 3-4 year of age Have you ever wondered why your child is behaving in such a manner there are different causes behind it the very first cause when a child is denied to do something or just to seek attention he tries to throw temper tantrums sometime even when a child is hungry sleepy or even tired he does this behavior A child is also behave in such a manner when something is taken away from him or when he is stopped of doing the activity he is interesting in sometime just to satisfy his demands, he tries to behave in such manner now how to handle the situations avoid situations to give rise to tantrums Do not say no unless absolutely necessary Give him suitable choices For example if a child is insist to buy a toy which he already has , give him choice whether he would like to go for a movie or a ice- cream parlour just keep diverting his mind, show lack of interest and indifference to his out burst Ignore the child and continue doing your work. Do not soothe argue, hit or reason with the child when he is angry he will not listen when the tantrum is thrown distract his mind to some interesting objects, keep calm & appear compose even if very upset Do not give in , be firm in your decision . The child should know you say what you mean & you mean what you say show affection and make the child understand when he calms down. and when the tantrum is over welcome him with open arms Never say to your child I am ashamed of you instead say , you are angry now I will listen to you when you will cool down So, these were few handling techniques when your child is throwing temper tantrums I hope this will be helpful to you Do send us your feedback on our email address and also subscribe to our channel. See you next time with some more behavioral problem in our next episode Till then happy parenting

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