Sleep Hypnosis to help Achieve Goals

do not listen to this recording while
driving or while operating any kind of heavy machinery only listen when you can
safely relax and bring yourself to your own complete comfort hello this is
vikram welcoming you today to this sleep hypnosis exercise designed to help
transform your thinking and bring yourself to a place where you can begin
achieving and reaching any goals that you may have set for yourself going
after what you want even if you give it a hundred percent effort without a plan
in life is usually going to lead up to failure it’s because of a lack of a plan
that many people usually burn out those direction and sometimes shift their
focus and lose interest if they don’t really see the end result inside remember just like any hypnosis
experience all hypnosis are self-hypnosis
and if for any reason anything in the outside world demands your immediate
attention you may switch off and go back to that if you so desire as you get into a more calm and relaxed
state of mind we’ll start to realize that with a
slower rate of breathing and as you descend into a more peaceful Center
you’ll find that the suggestions that I’m going to give you turning the
session will allow you to experience a great chance at success in relation to
any goals that you may wish to see come to life remember that goal-setting is vitally
important if you’re going to head in the right direction and it is through
discovery of this direction that you end up reaching your destination whenever you’re ready I’d like you to
find yourself a nice place where you can either lie down or relax comfortably on
a chair and allow your mind to calm down allow your breathing rate to slow as you
feel it from your fingertips through your body from the top of your head to
your toes a gentle feeling of relaxation coming over taking deep deep breaths in and allowing
yourself to relax and as you descend to a deeper more powerful state of
relaxation like you to gently pay attention to the
sound of my voice and less to the suggestions or distractions of the
outside world focus on your breathing and just relax before we enter a deeper state of
relaxation and begin the suggestion process I would like you to enter a
powerful state of self-hypnosis and in order to reach the state of
self-hypnosis I will now slowly begin to count down
from ten to one and in that process I would like you to come slow down your
rate of breathing and enter a more powerful state of relaxation where
everything will allow you to enter the present and everything that you wish to
experience will become your experience remember that with any goal that you
wish to achieve patience is important and the more patience you express the
easier it becomes to see yourself as growing ever so closer towards the goal
that you wish to accomplish 10 take a deep breath in slowly relax you’ll find that in this place of
relaxation attention that usually holds you back and the anxiety of having to
achieve your goal is a lot less nine keep breathing slower and slower and as
the seconds slowly tick away imagine your goal moving towards you as
you move towards it eight as you continue to slow down at breathing and
find the blood coursing through your veins ever so slowly seven as your heart rate reduces and you
feel stronger sense of connection to yourself six a strong sense of calm that may or may not have been present before slowly starts to envelop you more and
more five you slowly begin to enter a more
powerful place within your mind a place where you can train your subconscious
mind and unconscious mind to grow more and more focused and it has been before three
you find yourself bring to a place of power where you can hold to heart that
you have the strength to achieve any goal that you desire – as you enter ever so deeper into the
state of hypnosis soon we will begin to train your mind to
find it more powerful and more resourceful than ever to reach your
goals and fulfill you one you are now in a deep state of relaxation as your tired
eyes begin to rest and relax you can now begin to just focus on the sound of my
voice else we will now begin the hypnosis
experience process of delivering certain suggestions which will allow you to wake
up and tackle your challenges and achieve the results that you desire I’d
like you to take a moment to examine exactly what it is that you want what are those finer details that you
would like to bring to light with regard to what you want to achieve what is your
goal have you ever thought about what it is
that you truly want for yourself know that it’s very important to know
exactly what you desire in advance so that you have in your mind a target that
you can strive to achieve and aim for it with absolute certainty as you move on
the path towards achieving the school and know for certain but you have
achieved it so take a moment now and as you continue
breathing and relaxing I’d like you to think of your specific goal what is it
that you would like for yourself how much of it who would you like how big would it be how little would it be I’d like you to
think of the colors the textures and locations what really needs to happen or
what needs to come together for this desire to fall into place I’d like you to see the goal completed and see what you want and as much detail
right in front of you so that it becomes a lot easier to recognize and become
aware know that as you become more and more aware of what you truly desire you will enter a powerful state of self and as you remind yourself of what it is
you desire and develop the kind of clarity that is needed to know your goal I’d like you to take a few moments and
just ponder on what life would be like once you achieve this I’d like you to
imagine that you’ve already succeeded in achieving this goal I’d like you to imagine yourself imagine
how you achieve this as if you’re watching you to play on a movie screen where you’re watching yourself as an
actor and in this movie you are the
protagonist the hero who achieves whatever you desire and you’re creating the life that you’ve
always wanted with the power of your own mind you are the director and whatever you
choose – imagining happening with your goal as it comes to life is your
decision realize that you are in complete control and that you are
completely safe and comfortable as you decide what goes on in your own mind
with regard to your goals imagine the end result of your goal and imagine that it has already happened
in all its detail as you see this goal come to life bringing a smile to your
face and living life as you’ve always dreamed about it create this vision slowly start to play
with it in your mind and allow it to descend into reality with your own
mental power and now it’s time to break this down
step by step and now that you have achieved this goal I’d like you to think about what it’s
going to take in order to make this happen what would your first thoughts be
with regard to achieving this goal what are the steps that you need to take
to make this happen how will all of this come together whose
help I going to need to achieve this goal is there any specialized equipment all
knowledge that you require what are the resources that you will need to amass in
order to actualize this gold imagine and gather these resources in
your mind and remember that all the resources that you need all lie within
your mind within your resourcefulness know that resourcefulness and clarity
with regard to what you want is true power as you imagine the completed goal that
lies in front of you know that it gives you the ability to chase with certainty
and figure out how you’re going to make it happen as you enter a state of power now that
you know what you want I’d like you to think of the step-by-step process of
what you need to do relax and take a few moments to think
about what it’s going to take to achieve this goal realize that now you’ve created this
goal in your mind you can accomplish it you can achieve it and you will achieve
it understand that what your mind can conceive it can achieve realize that all
thoughts are things and every goal that anyone has ever achieved including
yourself all of them have been created with the power of human thought all you need to do is use the power of
this thought in order to achieve something that is important to you everything was created at first with a
thought just as you’re doing here as you continue breathing realize that
this is your blueprint and only you have the power to follow
the step-by-step process to create the building that is your goal and bring
this blueprint to life whenever you feel challenged and you
don’t think that you can achieve your goal I’d like you to constantly repeat
this mantra in your mind and that is I can I shall and I will slowly repeat
this mantra in your mind I can I shall and I will I can I shall and I will I can
I shall and I will I can achieve my goals I can reach any destination that I
desire in life all my dreams are coming towards me and are slowly descending
into the palm of my hand know that you have the power to make it
happen and that you can do this you are an
ambitious and creative person you have all the abilities within you to
accomplish everything that your heart desires know that you can achieve anything at
all the abilities and capacities lie within you to accomplish whatever you
desire and by simply taking action on your
blueprint and tapping into your resourcefulness it will help you to get
anything and everything even if things are not readily available and you feel
that what is needed is not at your disposal allow yourself now to commit
yourself to the details of her goal and your blueprint to the deepest part of
your memory memorize and cement the details so that
when you eventually wake up you’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to take on
the upcoming challenges and to work towards the accomplishment of your goal know that everything that you desire
your own definition of success every ambition that you have and every
unfulfilled dream can be achieved with a single powerful part transformed into a
belief which is translated into action in a few moments I will stop speaking and as you descend ever so slowly into a
deep slumber I’d like to remind you that you are a powerful person
but you are a success and that your ambitions all are at your fingertips and
ready to achieve all you need to do is grasp them take it to your heart and
make the goals that you wish to accomplish a must and that you can and
that you shall and that you will achieve everything that you need to in this life thank you for listening and good night

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