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Hey! Hey stop! Hey! I am coming to your home. All my milk is spilled! Hey! 105, 106, 107. Is it justified to make me
chase & catch you at this age? I’m telling you to show this
enthusiasm in selection. Why don’t you listen to me? He’s not interested to
become a police man, Why do you torture him?
Leave him. My grandpa was an army man
and fought in WW2. My father was a police man
and made the British to sweat. I’m a honest police man, don’t
I wish my son to be a police man? You insist me to join police,
why did you make me study law then? Only a police man has right
to punish the offenders, I want you to be a police man
who knows the law unlike others. That’s why I made you study law. Hay, Singamalai. When I see you in
the khaki uniform.. ..then only my ambition is
achieved in life. Where’s that rascal?
– What happened? No questions please, where’s he?
– He’s exercising inside. Why is he still exercising after
selections are over? What over? Hay, Singamalai. Rascal! Why are you scolding me?
– Don’t talk I say. Have sweets.
– Why father? I went to the post office, post
man said you got selection order. I waited there and took
delivery of the order. Check it again dad,
it may be wrong address. Shut up! Why are you still standing?
Take your dad’s blessings. My dear son. You didn’t
let down my hopes on you. Now that he’s a police officer
as you’d wished, ..give me your head constable’s
uniform, I’ll wash and keep it safely. Take it. He got a posting at Narayanapuram,
coming 27th he must join there. Greetings! News headlines.. Narayanapuram constituency where
elections to Assembly have not been, conducted due to various reasons, in a public litigation case
filed against it, The High Court has passed
a swift judgment. It passed orders to State election
commission and Government, to conduct elections and
submit a report to the court. Following this order nominations
are called from tomorrow, and polls will be conducted on coming
24th says the Election Commissioner. Where’s the section officer?
– I am coming sir. Sorry, sir. I went out for a coffee.
So got late. What will candidates feel
if officer is not.. his seat on first day
of nominations? You’re new to this area, Government
announces polls every time, ..we paste that order
on the notice board, ..if any candidate dares to file
the nomination, they will hack him. So no one will dare to come here. Last time a candidate came
to file his nomination papers.. ..20 people hacked him to death in
the same spot you’re standing now. Who hacked him?
– Baaji! Then, what for police
and court are here? Baaji is the police and court here. Nothing will happen against
the wishes of Baaji. If it happens? We want to file nomination papers
for Assembly elections. What do you say now? Please come in sir. Brothers! People are trying
to kill me. Please save me. Please save me. Start the auto,
I want to go to hospital. How dare you file a nomination
against my boss Baaji’s order. You can’t escape from us.. Let me see who’ll dare to save you.
Catch him! Save me! Save me.. give me water,
I’m thirsty! Wait, I’ll give! How dare you contest
elections against my brother! How dare you file nomination papers! Brother! Please forgive me. I’ll never file nomination
papers against you. Leave me brother. You are liked to live, then why did
you come to nomination papers? Brother! Brother! Please forgive me..
I’ll never file nomination again.. Brother! I’ve little children..
Brother! Brother! No brother.. no.. I’ll never file nomination again.
Brother! Boss! What to do with him? Nobody must dare like him. His death must be so gory.. ..that people shouldn’t think
of filing nomination.. ..forget about daring to do it. Hang on him! ‘Hey all turn your heads to mine..
it’s time to feel the shine’ ‘Got attraction.. attention..
got to see who’s got possession’ ‘Hey gal.. I can see your
body moving – Its gorgeous’ Lights on! – Superb! – Thanks.. She danced very well, right?
– Sister, you were fantastic! Next! Catwalk start! ‘I’m a barbie girl..
in a barbie world’ ‘Life in plastic.. its fantastic’ ‘You can brush my hair..
and dress me everywhere’ Walk like a cat
not like an elephant. Your grandpa fell for this walk only.
– You go. Your walking style is nice. Sensational! Next, mommy! She walked just like this when
we went to see her as a bride. Oh no mother-in-law.
– Next is maid servant Venkayamma. ‘Hey! I rule the
world’ – What a beauty! What a style? What’s your score Sravan?
– According to my score.. My favorite maid servant
Venkayamma is my choice.. ..of this week’s cat walk queen. Right judgment.
– Thank you grand ma. Madam, sir is coming.
– Okay. Mother, call from spy police,
dad’s coming. Escape! See how peaceful the home is. You can’t get this peace
even if you do Yoga. After my father’s death, my mother
devotes her time in spiritual studies. A book of Mahabharata is enough,
she doesn’t need anything else. Mother, you asked for
‘Sundarakandam’, take it. Lord Krishna! He’s my son – He’s acting studying!
– First in studies. Very smart in games.
– Good! She’s my daughter Divya.
Studying in college. Book worm, reads a lot of books,
little food, that’s all. Greetings uncle. Where are you going dear? I’ll water the plants, father.
– Okay dear. Bye uncle. She waters all the plants
and trees in my home. Though God didn’t give me riches,
he gave a peaceful family. You’ve been allotted
ground floor in C-block. Here?
– Give me. Unload carefully. Keep that here.
Get the TV. Give it to mother in kitchen. We’ve to put material in the loft,
get a ladder. Go. Keep it in that corner. I came down shouting,
why didn’t you move away? Did you warn me? You gave smacking kiss suddenly,
what can an innocent boy like me do? How dare you sleep on me!
– You are sleeping on me. Get up!
– You must do that also. I don’t know whose face I saw
on waking up. Everything is going wrong for me. I don’t know whose face I saw
on waking up. Everything is going good for me. Who are you? My name is Singamalai.
New officer in this neighborhood. Officer?
– Yeah.. yeah. I need to clean my house,
I needed a ladder. Lf you lend it, it’ll be helpful.
– Take it. Okay! Crap! God, no evil may cast it’s on him. What are you looking at, granny?
– Who is it? He is doing too much. A new officer here.
– Officer? Look, how perfectly he’s
maintaining his body. Your grandpa wasted my life failing
to reduce his big belly. Go carefully son.
– Singamalai. Don’t stay put in your seat
after joining the duty.. ..take responsibility on your own Ask if you need to catch notorious
goons and criminals on joining duty. Only then you’ll get big assignments
for your enthusiasm. Okay father. Okay.
– Bye brother. Go carefully son. Keep it here brother.
– Shut up. Keep it here. Drop a card.
– We want to reform. Shut up. If you goons reform,
where can we go? Sir! Sir! Sir! – Yes, sir! I fell asleep now after working
last night. Tell me sir. My name is V. Singamalai I’m a new constable. This is my appointment order sir. New constable?
– Yes sir. You’re behaving like a senior
officer? Will you be responsible? Order me sir, should I catch
goons or mafia dons? You can catch them later,
first catch hold of this. I expected great responsibilities,
but they put me on sentry duty. Divya, Look there!
– Oh ghosh! How much he and his father
raised dust at home? He’s just an ordinary sentry
in the police station. Old lady is deflating my honour. Did he make so much
fuss for a sentry job? ‘Steel muscles.. I am on the loose’ ‘Jinny John.. c’mon! Let’s take it on’ ‘Who’s the man on the
land like to stand out’ ‘Who’s the man on the
land like to stand out’ New?
– No, old. What did you mean?
– What did you ask? I asked you.
– I thought uniform. I found this uniform is old from
a distance you’re new, aren’t you? Yes. Didn’t they train you to salute
your senior officers? Where? Hey, mister! The officer I meant is me!
– Sir. Who taught you to
salute with left hand? Nonsense! Salute with right hand! Sorry, sir! Why are you playing with the bayonet?
– Oh blood! What blood? Restrict your
play to your home. Moreover you need to know
a lot about me. Come to my room. A doubt.
– What? Did they allot you a room? Follow me! Hey bayonet! He’s aiming
perfectly with technique. I’ll take you to task. What is this?
– Just for fun. You can go. Keep it safely.
Playing mischief. Not saluting an officer in respect. He’s playing with bayonet
and hurting me. You need to know a lot about me. It’s an insult for Lion
to tell about another Lion. What shall we do then? Come here.
Tell him about me. What should I tell?
– Tell him something. Sir is a foolish f.. What did I ask you to tell and
what are you telling him? What’s this head constable?
He says foolish f.. What?
– That’s.. You needn’t tell anything, you go. Attention! – Ok! Listen! I’ll tell about myself. My name is Head constable
Ekambaram. I know. I’ve another name also.
‘Encounter Ekambaram. After killing every goon from
Ananthapuram to Adhilabad, I’ve been assigned to this station
on special appointment. Why are you laughing
on hearing me? You look like funny police to me.
– Funny police? I’m talking to you seriously
and you say funny police. Did you inquire about me? You have inquired.
That’s why this sneer. Get me a tea. Isn’t it crime to send
a new recruit to get a tea? You talk about the rules very well,
but hurt me for asking you to salute. Sir, that is.. Nonsense! Go and get a cup of tea! Yes, sir! Argues for everything.
Arrogant man! How come it’s standing
without support? He took me to task on
the first day of his duty. Dangerous fellow! I must handle him with care. Fish fry! Have it, son. Did you like your job, son? Did they assign great
responsibilities to you? Whosoever it may be can’t go in
or out without my permission. Just think this, entire station
is under my control. It’s like sweet music to my ears. When I joined police force,
with shorts and a gun in hand, I was made to stand in hot sun
outside the station. Haven’t the rules changed now? Why do you upset?
– Nothing. I’ve one in my station
standing like that. He might look like a fool. So, he was made to stand
outside with a gun. Why talk about that stupid now?
You eat. Since you listened to me,
you are given a respectable job. Take another advice from me.
Don’t say ‘No’. Circle Inspector lives in the opposite
house. Introduce yourself to him. Since you’ve written S. I. Exam, might need such officer’s help
to reach the stars. Okay. You fatso! Stop.
Give me that. Hey man! First you kissed
me outside my house. Ok. That was an accident.
I can forgive you. Now you planned & kissed me
inside my house. What’s there on my lips? I should’ve asked
you these questions. You kissed me first.
– Get up. Excuse me! You’re on me.
You must get up first. I’ll kill you man! It’s okay. I’ve heard
of death due to electrocution. Let me get the honour
of dying due to kissing. Father..
– What? He has come to see you. Sir. What?
– I’m Singamalai. We are your new neighbors. C-Block?
– Yes sir. I’ve joined as a constable
in F1 station. My father is a retired
head constable. I came to introduce
myself & salute you. Divya, get him coffee.
– No, thanks. I had sweet just now.
– I’ll take you task later. Sir. I’ll see you sir. Nice meeting you, sir. – Thank you! Convey my regards to her.
– Okay. Make it fast. I am very hungry.
– Wait. What are you in a hurry? I’ve to go to duty. Head constable,
accept God’s offering. Which temple did you visit?
– Lord Vinayaka’s temple. Hail Lord Vinayaka! Who are you?
– Can’t you recognize me? I had beaten you once.
– Really? When? Try to remember. Are you from the gang which beat
me black & blue near Angalur? No..
– No.. Are you from the gang which
bashed me near Kuchipudi? No. Not from that gang either! I can remember only a couple
of places. But I was beaten up by many gangs. Which gang he might be from? You’re from the gang which ripped
my skin off in urine street, right? You are right, sir. Once I was beaten up by your gang,
now I can take on anyone. You were so gruesome.
– Nothing that. Even after getting beaten up so badly,
you are still alive. That’s a miracle. Nothing miracle. This greatness
goes to that hotel free food How are you?
– I’m still the same. But those who beat you along with me..
‘Knife’ Rathaiah, and ‘Pan’ Ravi.. All are big goons now. Nonsense! How did they become goons?
How did they? Only after beating me,
they got name & fame. You mentioned about ‘Pan’ Ravi, right?
I’ll tell you his life history. He used to consume
10 betel everyday. But he didn’t get the
name ‘Pan’ Ravi then. One day, I was going to work.
He was chewing betel. I asked him for a bribe.
Just Rs. 5. I didn’t know why he got upset.
He spat on me. I was shocked. Only from that day,
since he spat on a head constable, ..he was called as ‘Pan’ Ravi. Do you know how ‘Knife’ Rathaiah
got his name? I saw him in the market one day. I also asked him bribe.
Just Rs. 2. I didn’t know why he got upset.
He took such a big knife. I started to run. Though it was a market,
I didn’t mind running.. No one has ever ran so fast
in police training too. Though I ran so fast, he took a
short cut, and stabbed me here. The knife come out this way.
– What happened then? I removed the knife & ran again. Only after that incident, since
he has stabbed a head constable, ..he got the name ‘Knife’ Rathaiah. Both of them are very loyal.
Well respected. Whenever ‘Pan’ Ravi sees me, he falls
at my feet for making him famous. He buys me tea & snacks. ‘Knife’ Rathaiah is better than him.
He gave me a rental house. Why do you bother without
knowing their life history? Leave that.
How is your life going? I had a financial problem.
It’s hard to survive. My earning started to dwindle. The times have changed.
The literates steal using computers. I am an illiterate. I started
my profession with a blade. But I am struggling to stay
in this field. When I try to pickpocket from a
jean pant, the jean is already torn. They call it is fashion. Earlier, people used to keep their
salary in their wallets. I used to steal their
salaries in lump. But now,
people use debit & ATM cards. If I steal the cards & use it,
it asks for pin number. Nowadays,
making money is a tiresome job. So, I took a decision.
– What? I will become a big goon & earn
a lot of money & become very rich. You must become rich.
– So, I am going punch on your nose. You will bleed.
Put me in jail for this crime. When I come out,
I will become a goon. So, you are also planning to
hit me & become famous. You are a lucky man. What will you do for me
if I permit you to hit me? I’ll buy the house you live now.
– You are very good. So, don’t hit me here.
I will show you a crowded place. Hit me there at will.
You will achieve your goal. No. It will become too late.
Only if I hit you here.. I will be famous for hitting you
in the police station itself. Getting beaten up in not a problem.
– No. I must hit you now. Other policemen
will know the secret.. Why did he make an entry now? How dare you! Do you think
he is “Useless” Ekambaram? He is ‘Encounter’ Ekambaram. He has shot down goons from
Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Since he couldn’t find any goon,
he settled down here. How dare you!
– Oh God! What?
– My head is rocked. Why does he take U-turn? Stop it man. Come inside. Lock him inside. Head constable!
Come out & I will kill you. What reason will
you file to arrest him? He came to beat you.
– But he didn’t hit me. Yes, you’re right. You must think twice before you act.
And you must listen to your seniors. Understood? What is this?
– He hit you not me. So we’ve arrested him
for beating you. How’s my idea? Even he suggested the same idea. If he had hit me,
only I would’ve been hurt. But you broke the table,
smashed my nose to bleed. Why are you so angry?
– Your nose is very soft. That’s why you’re bleeding
profusely. I will get medicines. You smashed my nose and
now going to get medicines. I will inform this to Inspector. What’s the problem in Narayanapuram? What’s happening there? Those who came to file nominations
are hacked to death. As a district collector, why haven’t
you taken any action against them? As per law and order.. This is a community problem. A man from a community controls
the underworld & political power. So, we are not able
to conduct elections there. He controls?
Is he the government there? He is above that. Who is he?
– His name is Baaji. Why isn’t he allowing the
elections to be held there? 80% of the constituency
belong to his community. 20% belong to minority
who work for them. But government has declared it
as a “Reserved constituency”. They don’t want one of their workers
to become an MLA. Fearing for their lives, they
don’t dare to file the nomination. If they do dare, they get hacked. Even if the elections are held after
this people fear to come to vote. This is the problem. If a man uses community to stop
elections for 16 long years.. ..what’s the use of Government
and Election commission? People will lose hope in democracy. I will personally go to
Narayanapuram this time. I will personally supervise the
arrangement for the elections. Just follow my orders! Hay, Singamalai.
– Sir. He is culprit in bank case.. He must be produced in
the court before 11 am. Take him carefully.
– Come man. Hay, Singamalai.
– Where do you go? Just a minute
– What sir? Instead of sending an accused
with a head constable.. are trusting and sending
him with a new recruit. What’s use of sincerity
and seniority? You’ll spoil everything. You don’t have a good record
taking criminals to the court. Let him take the criminal.
– No way. I’ll go with Head constable only. Why are you behaving
like a school kid? Whosoever you may go with,
you have to go to court. Shut up! You shouldn’t talk. A criminal is so confident about me
that he wants to come with me only. Your talk is strong.
But your body is very weak. Let him take the criminal. If you don’t trust me,
send this boy with me. Go with him.
– Why are you riding on the white line? Why are you crying?
– Crying? I never cry when I am on duty. If I cry, you should
have been reason for that. Then, who is crying?
– It’s me not him. Why are you crying?
– Lf I go to jail.. I don’t know whether I will be able
to see my mother or not. I thought of meeting her
and get blessings. But it seems impossible. Stop your cry and talk. Now, I cried not him.
– Why? I’m getting emotional
on hearing his story. Stop talking like a fool. He must’ve
thought about it before robbing. After becoming a policeman,
have you become stone hearted? A police should be terror to criminals
and also emotional for sentiments. First, let’s take him to his mother, ..then to the court.
– We’re already late. We must produce him in
the court before 11am. How dare you disobey
your senior officer? What I am trying to say is.. Do what I say! Sir..
– What man? This is my house.
Ask him stop the bike. Didn’t he say? Stop it.
– You’re not listening to me. Then, as you like.
– Sir, remove this handcuff. Go like that. He’s going to see his mother. He may hug his mother. He may wash his mother’s
feet with his tears. He has so many things to do.
How can he do with handcuffs? Remove the handcuffs. No sir. You’re taking too much risk. Taking risk is like having Rusk
for me. Listen to me.. Shut up your bloody mouth
and release him.. immediately! Go. Why are you crying?
Your mother will be fine. Be brave. I can’t see you in crying. Go. Bye, sir.
– Go. He is so kind
– Stone hearted. He was crying and
he stood like a stone. It’s foolish to expect
everyone to be like me. He seems to be very affectionate
towards his mother. Sir, it’s getting Late.
Go & bring him. He likes in separating
a son from his mother. A dictator. He got me into trouble
with his sentiment. He’s looking sarcastically. He is takings U-turns He is silent because
I am his senior. He gives only warnings to me. Do you’ve any sense? You nonsense.. idiot! Stupid! You are eating food, isn’t it? I told you repeatedly.
Now, what happened? You’re the only policeman in
Andra Pradesh to embrace a criminal. Moreover using broken
English to order me. You blabber a Lot, right?
Talk now. Say something. Why are you staring at me? Stop staring. Come. I’ll complaint
to the Inspector. No.. no.. I beg you. Don’t tell them.
– Come I say. Listen to me. Do you remember?
One day when we ate biryani.. ate the leg piece and
gave me just plain rice. Is this how you
repay your gratitude? He has escaped.
What do we do now? Manage the Inspector. I’ll catch him at any cost.
Trust me. Bloody criminal! He spoke emotionally.. me suspended and
made me clean floors. Idiot! I’ll catch you some day
and rip your skin off. If I don’t do that,
I’ll change my name. I got a bit emotional. Why didn’t you catch him
and sent him to jail? Where is he looking at? Where? So, he is looking at her. You’re a gutsy young man! We are cleaning the floors
for our mistakes. Now you’re ogling at his daughter. If he comes to know this,
he’ll beat you black & blue, ..and hang me upside down. Get it, fool! That place is clean. The filth is over here
and in your heart. Come here and clean both.
I’ll clean that place. Got irritated!
– Yes. Go. I can’t scare me with your stunts. I am always your
senior officer, got it? Instead of cleaning the floors
resign your job & get lost. Why? Are you planning to take
my post as head constable? That will not happen. The previous Circle Inspector.. ..planned to send me out. So,
he asked me to clean the toilets. I didn’t give up. Because I want to be a policeman.
I’ll do anything to achieve it. You want me to resign?
See, his desire. What is he staring at? Very desirous look! Even though he’s quiet, she’s
going all around. This is not good. Get up. Get up I say. You’ve planned to make
me a scapegoat. Enough of cleaning the floors.
Clean the walls. Go. You can’t scare me! Do what I say.. go! Idiot! Go away. Come, my dear! Why are you leaving me?
– I separated her from you. What’s happening here? She took my bubble gum
with her mouth. With your mouth? If you want to eat,
buy any snack. If you are hungry, buy a bun. But you ate his bubble gum. Are you an Inspector’s daughter?
Get Lost. Get Lost, you head constable. Bye. Say it louder! Are you jealous? Little bit. Hello, Mr. Mohan.
– Hearty welcome to my district, sir. Thank you.. – Please come. Ok.. Our SP, Mr. Dayanand – Welcome, sir. Nice meeting you. Report on why elections were not
held for the last 16 years. Reactions of the ruling and opposition
parties, and public opinion. All information is in this file. Who will dare to file nomination
against Baaji? Ruling party & opposition party
have tried their best. No one can dare touch him. He doesn’t use the Government seal.. ..even he’s de facto CM
of the South Zone. We’ll try our level best. They barge in and hack candidates. Hundreds are ready to die for him.
What can we do? Elections were announced thrice
in these 16 years. Twice Baaji killed the candidates
filing nominations. Third time a candidate was there.
People feared to caste their vote. So, Government
cancelled the Election. Is he alive now? He was adamant to stand against Baaji.
Now he has lost both his legs. Even I want my party flag to flutter
on the bonnet of my car. To become an MLA, I’ve
to bribe people to get the seat. My party wants me to
spend money to contest. But how can I win
elections against Baaji? Sir, I can give up
my post not my life. I want to see Baaji.
Ask him to meet me. He will not come. We have to go there. Suryanarayanan, I.A.S.
– I know. Out of 82 I.A.S. Officers,
you stood 2nd. Started your career as
Chittoor’s sub-collector. You got married in 1984.
Geethanjali is your only daughter. Studying Business Management
in London University. You have been a Collector,
Chairman, Home Secretary. You have also been Secretary
of Law & Finance in Delhi. After conducting elections
peacefully in Bihar. You’re now here as the
Chief Election Commissioner. Have coffee.. Good. You know a lot about me. If not how can
I keep this constituency.. my control without elections. Elections must be
held this time, Baaji. I am not stopping you. Go ahead.
Even I am eager to cast my vote. Then why do you kill people
who file nominations? Because of your selfish motives, ..entire constituency
is getting affected. First allow us to conduct
the elections. 80% of the population
belong to my caste. 20% belong to the other caste.
Even the government knows this. How can we accept this as
a reserved constituency? Every political party selects
a candidate.. ..from a majority
caste of the region. Isn’t that wrong? But if I wish the candidate should
be from my caste, you say its wrong. After the government declared this
as a reserved constituency.. ..he was the first candidate
to win the Election. Hey, Bulliah! Yes sir.
– Come here. What was your margin of victory?
– Over 300 thousand votes. After winning the elections,
he didn’t go to the assembly. He resigned as MLA and
is now my servant. Hey MLA, go & clean. How can I support an MLA
who’s my servant? If you want elections
to be conducted here.. of our men must be
the candidate. We’ll elect him. For that, change this into
a general constituency. Government has to decide that.
– Let the government decide first. We can talk about elections later. Don’t think you’re smart to have
stopped the elections? I’ve supreme court’s order.
– Let it be. But law & order of Narayanapuram is
in my hands for the past 20 years. I’m the only don with both goons
and lawyers in my service. Goons kill & lawyer bails them out.
How will the elections be held? This time, elections will be held. If you can be so
proud of as a rowdy, I’ve the right to elect
the Indian Prime Minister. How proud should I be then? As I told you, nominations will
be filed from July 24. Elections will be held on August 24. Let’s meet in elections, Baaji. Why did you bring me to the market? Any case?
– Case? It’s month end. I’ve no money.
I’ve to take bribes for a living. Bribe?
– Why are you shocked? How did you get this job?
– On merit. I see. If you’d got it by bribing
the officers..’d know the value of money. Since you didn’t borrow money to
bribe, you are very proud of yourself. Stop arguing with senior officer.
Just follow me. Get lost, idiot. If you don’t come,
they won’t give bribe. If I go alone, they may beat me.
If you’re with me, you can save me. Listen to me and help me
– Okay. Come. Did you call me
an “Idiot” while talking? I might have called you.
– Might have..! Sometimes I might use bad words too. Bad words? Stop squeezing the vegetables.
Others should also buy them. Why did you put up your shop here?
– Where else can I put up it? This place belongs
to the corporation. To put up a shop here,
you have to pay to the government. If you want bribe, ask me.
Don’t nag me. Head..
– Stop. You understood why I’m here.
Give me. Sir.. it’s been 4 days since I ate.
Please give me alms. When an officer is talking with him,
why do you disturb him? Don’t make noise.
– Don’t fight. When did I fight with him?
Is he equal to me? Don’t irritate me in business hours.
Both of you, stand aside. Okay. Why are you standing next to me?
– He told us to stand aside. Move. I’m busy, give my cut.
– Me too. Why is he getting angry?
You need patience in business. I’ll teach you a lesson. Catch it.
– Yes. Catch it, Head constable. What is this games? Don’t you know
how to deal with an officer? How could you throw the money?
Come & get it. A beggar caught it so well.
Can’t you catch it properly? What training did you get
in the police academy? Why do you link this with police
training? They don’t teach all this. If you spoil my business,
I’ll break your head. Better go away.
– Why are you getting so tensed? I’ll kill you. A beggar politely took what I gave
him. But you always create problem. I will take you task later. I trusted you.
But you threaten to kill me. How can a beggar have so much money?
He seems to earn a lot. I told you many times not to come
to the place where I take bribe. I told you many times not to come
to the place where I beg. You’re proud that you earn more than
me. I will take you to task later. How to put him in jail? Anyway, he will follow me.
I will arrest him then. – Take it. Give me my cut.
– Sale hasn’t started yet. Fill this bag with vegetables.
– Sir! What nonsense! Idiot! Nuisance!
Bloody black gun! You are a rat! What wrong I did.
– Too much of disturbance. Why did you come here?
– Keep quiet. This is worse than begging.
– Why consider this as begging? Consider it as a gift by people.
A present for our hard work. Why do you think it as begging?
– Move aside. Stop.
– Who are you? You stop here. How could you run
when a officer is talking? How much money do you have?
– The money is not important. Jalaja has come, sir.
– Has Jalaja come? Who’s Jalaja? She is the most attractive
girl in the market. She’s great! Move.. give me, my darling. What is this?
– Buttermilk. To reduce heat. Buttermilk.
– Drink. What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? What’s the cost
of those small Limes? What’s the cost of those mangoes? It’s costly if you buy in retail..
it’s cheap if you buy it in bulk.. If you want me in full,
if you want me in whole.. If you want everything in kisses,
it’s free.. What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? Let’s bargain and settle it! Soak gram along with the spices.. I’m young & came here to have fun.. I hate guys who touch me..
dazzle the entire market.. Are you trying to outsmart me? I won’t agree to be with you.. I won’t agree to keep you with me..
I won’t allow you to go.. Get lost.. What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? Let’s bargain and settle it! My cheeks are like tomatoes,
will you buy them? Will you buy two watermelons? You’re slippery like papaya..
You spoil an innocent.. I’m a beautiful fruit seller
and a flower seller.. Why delay? Give me a kiss
& taste its sweetness.. What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? What’s the cost?
What’s the cost? What’s the cost
of those small Limes? What’s the cost of those mangoes? It’s costly if you buy in retail..
it’s cheap if you buy it in bulk.. If you want me in full,
if you want me in whole.. If you want everything in kisses,
it’s free.. What’s that ruckus? Baaji..! Where are you going?
– He is going to kill him. Let him kill. What bothers us? How can I keep quiet?
– You must keep quiet. Do you know who he is?
A big rowdy. He has stopped elections here
for the past 16 years. That man was stubborn to conduct the
elections. So, he’s going to be killed. We have nothing to do here.
Let’s go. We are police.
– Who said that? In this place, we are not police.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Listen to me and come. He thinks everyone is like me. Forgive me. I did it unknowingly.
Leave me. I’ll leave this city. You filed a petition in the supreme
court to conduct elections here.. ..and made the Chief Election
Commissioner come here. No, brother! I’ve decided not
to conduct the elections. You are stubborn to
conduct the elections. – No sir. So, only one of us can live.
– No sir. I will live.
– No. Please leave me. You die. It’s a murder if a single man does it.
It’s violence when a crowd does it. Go kill him. Head constable..
– What? Why have you put me in jail? I put you in jail for begging
and irritating the public. It’s okay. Keep me in jail
for any long time. But give me my money which you took. I spent the money. Don’t you spare even beggars.
Return his money. I would’ve given him if I had money.
I’ve spent the money. Don’t provoke him. Where are you parents? What bothers you?
Better return my money. I said I spent your money.
Stop asking me money again. I will beat you to pulp, you beggar. “- Ekambaram..”
– Who’s that? Sir. What have you both done? That’s..
– Instead of going home after duty, You went to market for bribes,
and had fun with Jalaja. I’ve received many complaints. I’ll
put you on night shifts hereafter. Sir. No matter what the punishment is,
I will never lose hope. Put me in night shift. I’ll
see that there will be no theft. I will take care of that. There is a body on the
railway tracks with severed head. Go there & guard the body. Inspector sir..
– What? He took my money.
Get my money from him. Aren’t you ashamed
to steal from a beggar? Return his money. Sir. You had Idiyappam & Paya yesterday..
– Yes, I ate. How was it?
– Delicious! I bought it from his money. You rascal! How dare you complain about
a policeman inside a police station? I will beat you to pulp. It’s better you come with me
and beg on the streets. Our honor is gone. Go. You dead body!
There are many ways to die. Buy a bottle of brandy,
add poison into it. Drink it & you’ll die in seconds. Forget about that. Buy a bottle of sleeping
pills. Consume them & you’ll die. But you lay on the track
and had your head severed. Why are you irritating us? That’s his fate. Forget it. Why are you shivering? Is it fits?
– Not fits. I am shivering in fear. I never saw you fear something. I’m scared of many things.
I try to cover it up. Don’t tell anyone that I’m a coward. I won’t tell anyone.
– Thank you. People can know it on seeing
your face. I feel very hungry. I will have something
and get you a biriyani. – Oh God! We are like mother & son.
Why leave me alone? Mother & son! Why do you blabber
on seeing the dead body? I am very scared.
– You’re a man, right? You’re a man, right?
– Yes. Then, shut up. Leave my hand.
Be courageous. Give me the torchlight.
He left me alone with this corpse. Scoundrel! He took revenge on me. Why does the government send
2 policemen? To support one another. I hear strange voices. Oh God! If you protect me from
evil spirits.. ..I’ll sacrifice goats to you. You rascal! Who are you? Stop playing with me in the dark. You pushed me down. What if I fall on the track and
the train runs over me? You are getting angry for pushing
you on the track. But yesterday, the train ran over
me and I died. I cried continuously. Did you cry after you death?
What are you saying? The train which ran over me is coming.
I’m going to board the train. Bye. See you. Meet you tomorrow.
Wait for me in the same place. So, you are a ghost. Elections must be conducted in
Narayanapuram.. ..on 24th without any violence. We must create Election
awareness in the people. Why’re you scared of Baaji?
Come and vote. Have no fear. Your only right in this democratic
country is right to vote. You approach collector office for
ration card, water and proper roads. Have you asked us for
protection to vote? You can fear someone
for a day or two. But you fear him
for more than 16 years. I understand what
you are trying to say. But we can’t do
anything against Baaji. We never leave this
village for any reason.. ..except when it is elections. Why’re you so irresponsible? You think the elections are conducted
by the Election commission. Elections are conducted by
the government for you. Only when one of you contests
and wins the elections.. ..and goes to the assembly.. can tell your grievances
and they will be fulfilled. Since no Election was conducted in
Narayanapuram for the last 16 years.. have not received the basic
facilities provided by the government. So, if you want those facilities,
elections must be held. Your vote will decide the
fate of Narayanapuram. This time, your lives
will not be in danger. I’ll take the responsibility
of your safety. Your husband wants to
do good for the people. Why don’t you fulfill his dream? Since you’re so confident,
I will contest this elections. Thank you. Oh God! You’re bed ridden for spending
a day with a corpse. You are of no use.
– You will talk anything you like. I’m down with vomiting
and dysentery. You are making fun of me. Actually when we are sick,
we must be very careful. You must drink juice
and horlicks often. What you said now is very
soothing to me. Add sugar. Oh God! Add one more spoon of sugar. You shouldn’t take too much
of sugar. You might become diabetic. We must take fluids every hour. How yours words of concern
are comforting me. Any visitor brings fruits
for the patient. You’re swindling away patient’s
fruits and juices. Who asked you to come here?
– Don’t talk like a mad man. Who came to see you? Inspector told me to serve you
a memo, if you’re still alive. Or else get the post mortem report. That’s what I was surprised
to see you here. You left me alone at dead of
night near the railway gate.. ..that’s why I’m suffering now. If you really want to help me.. ..take a certificate from doctor and
give it to Circle Inspector.. ..that Head constable is hale and
healthy enough to join duty.. ..and tell him I’ll do my duty
with all sincerity. That’ll be a great help to me.
– So be it. I’ll shred you. Sir. Do you know him sir?
– Yes. Please take him with you now.
– Why? He tried to stamp that old man
to death by stealing his bread. Bloody killer!
– Yuck! I’ll punch you.
– Why? Just for fun. Yes, take this pain away from here.. ..we can’t have anything here
fearing him. He’s eating anything
he lays his hand on. Don’t know if it’s a stomach
or big hole? That’s nothing, he grabbed a child’s
milk with the feeding bottle. My child was crying
for milk all the night. But he was sleeping like a log.
Beggar! Won’t you all keep quiet? If my visitors bring them for me,
why would I steal from you? Complaining against me? I’m senior officer than him and
no use of complaining to him. Shut up and sit down.
– I never met such a creep in my life. Sister! – Yes? Okay sir. What?
– What did he tell you? He told me cut,
if you get up or talk. Cutting?! Collar bone..
spinal cord bone.. – Excuse me! ..cancer has spread deeply.
– Yes sir. Is my grandma’s
medical report ready? We are discussing about
a patient’s condition, Please wait outside,
I’ll tell it delivered to you. Ok, doctor. Excuse me, keep this file,
I’ll come back in a minute Hey.. Hi! – Hi! How come you’re here? I came just like that.
How about you? I came for a report. I’ll go and come,
Please wait for me. Hello doctor! – Hello! I came for the Head constable’s
medical report. Head constable?
Do you know what he did here? He’s inviting nurses here
to play mom and dad game. Take him away from here quickly.
– Okay sir. Nurse.
– Sir Get me the Ekambaram’s
reports immediately. – Okay sir. Doctor! – Yes? Thoroughly examined Inspector’s
daughter, here are the reports. Don’t tell her about affliction
of cancer. She may get dejected. Just tell her it’s just an ulcer
and medication will cure her. Rest I’ll talk to her parents.
– Okay Doctor. Who’s afflicted with cancer? The girl sitting outside
with a file, Inspector’s daughter. That girl has cancer. Does she know about her ailment? No, according my judgement, she
may not survive coming new moon day. Why are you inquiring about her?
Do you know her? I know her.
– Don’t tell about cancer to her. Let her be happy in
these last moments. Head constable’s report. Take him away from here immediately. Please don’t tell the truth to her.
– No I wont He went inside happily
but coming out very sad. May be he’s having
a serious disease. Look, nothing in human life
is permanent.. Today we die and
tomorrow obsequious. So, never get scared of death.
– Who? AII! You too!
– Why should I be scared? Please don’t tell her about cancer. Let her be happy in her last days. I’m going to the quarters,
may I give you a lift? I’ve some work, I’ll come Later. You carry on.
– Be careful. Hello.. you go carefully. Very nice girl.
– Poor man. Doctor says she’ll survive
only a month.. ..we are unable to bear it,
how is she going to take it? I’m depressed on hearing
she has cancer. Only 30 days left.
We are helpless. Sir, Head constable’s
medical report. It’s very tragic, sir.
Man proposes and God disposes. Don’t worry. Why is he so sad? I’m having headache. It’s
2 hours since I asked for a coffee. Wait for some more time.
Stop disturbing us. The important has started just now. Is that serial more
important than me? He has no other job.
Give him a cup of hot water. Stupid! He never allow us
to watch TV soaps. First I have to throw
that TV on outside. Hello officer.. – Yes. If she goes inside, she’ll come
to know of her disease. Let’s stop her here for sometime. My life is long live Hello, Divya! – Huh! You must visit our house once. Is it to kiss me in your house? Not at all. You must come
to our home for lunch. Am I a crow to come at your request? Why mistake me? If you come home lunch,
we will be happy. Okay. Since you are requesting,
I will come. But I am very busy now.
I will come after a month. Divya, a month is too late. Okay. I’ll come tomorrow.
Go home but not with a sorrow face. Bye! – Bye! Men feared to file nominations.
But now even women are coming out. Only nomination part is over. Everyone will be fearing the worse
on the day of Election. Their fear is my strength. Sit. I prepared all these for you.
Eat well. Put more.. more.
– Eat Give me that. Aunty.
– Yes. Shall I tell you a truth?
– Tell me. If you tell me to die a month later
after having such a grand feast, I will happily die. Heard what she said. God is making her
tell her end. What can we do.
God plays with our lives. What do you mean? Aunty serve some more..
– I will dear. I don’t feel shy when it
comes to eating. When you go out, don’t go alone.
Take someone with you. Because anything can happen
to you at anytime. What will happen?
– Keep quiet, father. Wash your hands.
– Come. The food was very tasty.
Invite me often. I will come even if I’m busy. I am ready to invite you often.
But you? Sir..
– Yes. He is breaking my
bones continuously. Why is he crying? Answer me. Wait. Let me stand there. Why are you laughing? Oh no! Why are you crying? What else can I do? I tried hard to hide it from you. But when I can’t hide it,
I must tell you. What is it?
– I will tell you. You have transfer.
– Transfer..!? When you have transfer
you’ll have blood vomits and die. It is cancer not transfer. Is it Cancer?
– Yes. Leave that. How long have
you been afflicted with cancer? Which fool said that I’ve cancer? It’s Singamalai spreading
the message all around. Don’t you know that? So, that’s the reason why he looks
at me with a worried face. Singamalai, you’re finished. Collect all the names of visitors
staying in lodges.. ..and hand it over to the
local police station. Tell our boys to be careful. Because he might arrest
our boys as a precaution. You must be alert 24 hours. Give protection to statues
of the leaders. Go! Let him provide any level of security.
But no one should come out to vote. If anyone dares to vote,
he mustn’t go home alive. Elections will be conducted in
Narayanapuram peacefully. I won’t let that happen.
– I’ll make it happen. You go that side.
You all go to that gate. Follow me. Go there! – Go.. Good morning, sir. Is polling going on peacefully?
– Yes sir. No problems till now. Since this is a highly sensitive
booth, security has been tightened. Good! Greetings sir.
– Greetings sir. Greetings sir.
– Greetings sir. What is the percentage of
voting till now? 40% till now.
By evening, 70% will be polled. Are you sure? – Yes, sir. Collector is on line.
– Give it to me. Yes? Voting is going briskly in all wards.
– Good. Voting is going on peacefully
in all the 115 wards. You see.. No one should be allowed to vote
without identification card. This is my order! I’m Baaji speaking.
– Sir. Do as I say.
– Yes sir. I’ve got information that violence
broke out in 25th ward. We must go there immediately.
Come on. This is Baaji’s area.
Highly sensitive area. That’s why police protection
is high here. Don’t talk unnecessarily. I’ve
got orders from senior officials. Listen to me. Police, follow me. Come. Government had declared Narayanapuram
as a highly sensitive constituency. But polling here is very peaceful. Anyone shouldn’t alive.
Go and kill them. Go. Why do you hit me? Take this! – Ouch! What nonsense is this? Who are you guys? Baaji! I won’t spare you. You can only say that.
But I can do it. Till now,
I only killed the contestants. Elections were postponed. For the first time, I am going
to kill an Election officer. Elections should not be held
in Narayanapuram at all. Trying to create problem
during elections? He is a high ranking officer. I will book you under nuisance case.
Go home. Stop staring at me. Go. You come in sir. Singamalai..
– What? Baaji is beating your father. Run! Go man. Get going! Don’t provoke me.
Set me free I say. I am saying politely What are you doing? Come in. Do you know whom you have arrested? Better seek his forgiveness
and release him. A truck full of men are waiting
outside the police station. If you not leave him out, we’ll burn
down the station and take him with us. Why waste time talking with him?
Tear the FIR. Go. Whom do you think.. Brother! How dare you shout here? Is this a police station
or vegetable market? Who the hell is he? Gandhi,
Nehru or any freedom fighter? He is a goon who
kills people in public. A criminal who tried to
stopped the elections. I’ll fire at you if you ask
me to release him. Look. FIR has been filed. You might be his relatives. But
you can meet him only in the court. Who dared to tear the FIR? It is you. Tear it. Look! I want you to leave
before I count 3. One. Two.
– Let’s run. Let’s run. For creating violence
during elections.. ..for the attempt of
kill government.. ..offiicials involved
in conducting elections, Baaji alias Baaji Rao is to be
remanded in jail for 15 days under non- bail able offence. Brother, why are you like this?
Who is he? Tell me who hit you? I’ll bring him here and
kill him in front of you. Not just him, I will
kill his entire family. Wear dhoti first. Take it. Wear it. I was the king of Narayanapuram
for the past 20 years. An ordinary policeman insulted me
in public by pulling my dhoti. I should’ve committed suicide
on that day itself. I’m alive to kill him. On the day I wear my dhoti,
he must die. I will kill him in the place
where he removed my dhoti. Violence broke out in the city. His community men are
on the rampage. We are planning to get transfer
orders and leave this city. You are planning for a transfer. But I am planning to resign my job
and settle down in my native place. It’s all because of him. Why did he beat Baaji without getting
permission from his senior officers? I will beat any wrong doer.
– Stop your lame excuses. Baaji hit your father.
So you hit him. I hit him so that he shouldn’t
hit anybody’s father. This is a police station in
this city for namesake. Neither this station
will exist nor us. It’s for your good. Fighting with Baaji is
like inviting death. Before he comes out, get your
transfer order and leave this place. I’ve decided to face him. Anyone who has guts
can stay with me. How proud he is.
He won’t listen to the officers. Are you thinking about it? Public can fear him.
But even the police fears him. Policeman is one who
questions the wrong doings. No matter he was a big shot, you
boldly beat him and put him in jail. I am proud for making
you a policeman. You’ve been asked to appear
for an inquiry in DGP’s office. Why did you arrest Baaji? Your arrest of Baaji has instigated
violence in Narayanapuram. You know that? Give us a proper reason.
– I’ve reasons for arresting Baaji. Ok.. You can go. Ok.. assistants! By the by.. I gave you scripts to talk good about
me in front of the new Inspector. Have you memorised it?
– Yes sir. Then tell me.
– Let him speak first. So, you didn’t memorise it. You talking.. You are a foolish.. Why do you always say that?
What do you actually mean? I want to know. I mean to say that you are
a good police officer. Were you struggling to say
this all these days? I stopped you from saying this.
I did a grave mistake. Yes sir! What are you doing here? We are discussing about
welcoming the new Inspector. I will do that. Give that to me.
– Take it sir. You clean that place and
tie the festoons. You all come with me. That the code! And the order! Yo! Yo! That the code! And the order! Yo! Yo! Oh no! He went as a constable.
And came back as an Inspector. Ekambaram, be alert. Welcome,
sir – Thank you – Squad, salute! Don’t you know how to salute
your senior officer? – Yes sir. Salute with you right hand!
– Right, sir! Follow me! Let me tell you something. I don’t care how you worked till now.
How you work in future is important. Those who drink free tea,
eat free biriyani from push cart.. ..taking bribes in the market,
and above all.. ..those who steal from the beggars. Everyone must stop
doing it immediately. Enough of fearing the goons. Goons must fear you.
You must change. Get me information about those whom
cases have been filed against.. ..list of total goons,
details of Narayanapuram. I want it in 5 minutes on my table. Ok? – Ok, sir! Send those details with
‘Encounter’ Ekambaram. Sir. How do you do? Not my name. Call me sir! – Yes, sir! It seems you order
new recruits to get tea? No, Sir. I’m from a decent family. Sir, somebody has misled
you about me. Hey, you’ve ordered me too,
haven’t you? I never expected that you will
become my superior.. I know what’s going on
in your mind.. – Really? Take it.
– Thank you sir. Without forgetting
this old colleague, I’m really proud of you for getting
my appointment order along with yours. Don’t blabber.
Give this letter to Divya. Already people call us ‘Pimp’.. Is it fair on your
part to confirm it? Why? Won’t you do it? No, sir! Who said I’ll not do it?
Ekambaram is here at your service. I’ll take leave, sir. Hey, Eka! You should not only
tuck in your shirt.. You should also.. Zip up the pant too.
– First wear brief. Oh my God! Get lost, man!
– Thank you, sir. A small request.. Sir, Please don’t reveal this
brief matter to anyone. That depends on your behavior. First I should borrow money
and buy briefs. Why did you send this letter
through that fool? He gave it to my father. I had to struggle to get it
back from my father. Your letter says, “Important
matter, come to temple”. What’s so important now?
– Come, I’ll tell you. Today, there is special
pooja in this temple. Today, if you worship God.. ..priest told me that you
will have a long life. What’s the connection between
priest and long life? I was expecting something
else from you.. Tell me..
– What? Tell me your zodiac sign, star..
– Pisces, Star Sravanam. You tell.
– Cancer, Star Ayulya. If you’ve any little wishes.. ..Please feel free to
tell me for a month. I’ll fulfill them. If I ask you after a month,
won’t you fulfill them? I’ll be here to fulfill your wish,
but you won’t be here to ask. What happened? Nothing.. what do you want
tell me, I’ll get it for you. I’ve noted down all my small.. ..wishes from my childhood.. Shall I show it to you? This is that small paper. I wish to jump over someone’s back. Good wish.. Oh Godl We liked each other
Listen to us. And pay attention to her wishes.. Do what your girl friend likes.. Fulfill all my needs
to be as my lover.. Your attracting face
made me your slavel Oh my Godl Oh Godl We liked each other
Listen to us. And pay attention to her wishes.. When I am with you all the time.. When I am with you all the time.. Is it not a boon to my life? Now I became speechless seeing you.. My address in your heart.
I found it by myself. Shall I protect your life with mine? Oh Godl We liked each other
Listen to us. And pay attention to her wishes.. Even I am moving this side.. Even I am moving this side..
I am reaching in your lap. Your thought is a fog.
I am drenching in that.. Won’t you come in dreams? Every moment is here to join you.. I am blabbering with
you in my dreams. Oh Godl We liked each other
Listen to us. And pay attention to her wishes.. Hey, 2 ice creams please..
– Ice creams too? Get me chocolate ice cream. How’s he going to manage her? You don’t want anything else,
do you? I feel hungry.
But do you know what elders say? What did they say? Never eat full stomach,
leave some empty space. That’s what I’m following. Hey, keep it that also. Don’t touch! I won’t spare you,
if you touch my ice cream. Go and pay the bill. Greetings, doctor. Hello, Inspector.
She’s very Lucky. You get her everything she wants. Is she your future wife? She is counting her days..
Don’t tease me.. According to your words,
she will die in a month, right? Crossed many new moon days,
but she hasn’t yet died. Why should she die? Didn’t you tell me that Inspector’s
daughter has cancer? Yes, I did say.
– She is Inspector’s daughter. I told about the daughter
of Revenue Inspector. You’ve mistaken it.
How can I be responsible for it? Is she not suffering from cancer? The way she gulps ice creams,
it seems she may live for 100 years. You’ve got fooled nicely. Thank you! Has everyone come?
– Yes sir. You carry on.
– Okay sir. Greetings.. Congratulations, sir. Thank you very much. Please sit down! Why this sudden press meet? There is a wide communication.. between police
and public of this town. There should be a direct link
between us. Public should have faith in police. That’s why I called you here. One should dare to raise voice.. ..against the crime taking place
in front of him. Your cowardice is their strength. Hooliganism grows on your support. So, fear is your first enemy. If you are not able to stop the crime,
lodge a complaint with the police. If we do so,
police themselves talk against us. You might’ve faced
such situations earlier. But from now, it won’t be like that. If you fear
to give complaint directly.. ..I’ll give you my personal number.. 9849011552.. Drinking liquor, smoking and
mugging in public places, ..brothel, selling drugs etc., If you happen to see any of this,
call me immediately. I’ll come there immediately and
take action in person. Sir, how far this phone strategy
will reach the public? Among affected people,
women fear to complain. They fear not to get their photos
published in newspapers. This system will be of
great use to those women. Is it possible? Nobody’s life is guaranteed.
First have faith. Good will happen.
I mean only good will happen. Buddy! No water pockets here. Don’t you have water pocket?
– No. Girls! We don’t have water
for our drinks. Do you need water to drink?
Get lost! – No. Look there! Is it Mr. Singamalai?
– Yes tell me.. Sir, I’m calling from girls school. Goons here are misbehaving with
girls after getting drunk. Sir, why are you
beating my customers? Close the shop.
– I won’t. I’ve license. Scoundrel, Govt. Has banned
wine shops near schools and temples. Singamalai becomes fire
on atrocities.. He bombards the criminals.. He kicks the heads of scoundrels.. He is a tiger who pounces
on criminals.. This Singamalai traps
lions on the net.. This Singamalai defeats
crocodiles in water.. He has sharp eyes..
He uproots all the criminals.. His fame reaches sky..
He’s a bad dream to cheats.. He never sleeps..
Nobody can win over him.. No fear till I’m here..
No fear till this Eswar is here. I’ll get you soft drinks.
– Okay. Dear, do you like this movie?
– You scoundrel! Have it. Give it to me..
– Man behind is misbehaving with me. Why are you behaving indecently? Look at this hero..
sit man.. sit down, man.. Turn that side and watch the movie. ‘My sweet dreams.. ‘ Hubby, Look there. Hello! He changed our town
better than emergency. After becoming Inspector, he is
gunning down our men like street dogs. Boss, we are finding it
very difficult carry on. We will also be safe in jail. Boss, we were fearless till now.
Shamelessly I agree we fear him now. We shouldn’t fear of him.
We should’ve only anger. Our anger will destroy him.
I’ll get out in 10 days. Be patient. Didn’t you say that you love
a man for the past 5 years? You could’ve told your parents. They’ll not listen to me. Aunty, you talk to them
and get their permission. Singamalai, is this marriage
proposal okay to you? I never say no to you, mother. This
marriage is perfectly okay to me. Thank you, Singamalai! Thanks a lot! Divya, when did you come?
Come inside. What’s the matter?
– Nothing.. I got bored sitting at home. So, thought of helping you
in your household chores. She is my brother’s daughter.
She’s here to fix her marriage. Her name is Namitha. Hi! – Hi! Mother, she’s here to help you,
right? Get going. Divya, let’s go..
– Show me your hand. Fortune mount is super.
– Anyone who sees it says the same. Can you see anything else? You cut these vegetables
and add it to the sambar. I’ll get my daughter from
the school. I’ll come quickly. You didn’t say anything about
my dress? It’s superb! If a modern girl walks on road,
at least 10 hearts should stop or a traffic jam for 10kms.
– Really? If you walk on streets,
both will happen. I really love your
sense of humor – Thank you! There are some girls
who look like buffoons. They lie, cheat and eat
anything they like at others’ cost. Then you know something..
earrings are old fashion.. Earrings on navel is a new fad.
Have you got one? Yes, I did. I would’ve been shocked,
if you hadn’t.. Have ice cream.. have it..
– I don’t want.. Hey, please have it..
– Please have it.. Damn! Oh my God!
– I’m sorry.. Wait! – Huh! Somebody will watch us. Why are you crying?
What’s your problem? It seems he’s going to
marry that new girl. He coolly tells her that he likes
wearing earrings on navel. This navel is a
long pending problem. Today I’ll put an end to it. I fear that she may break
me away from Singamalai. Do you love Singamalai?
– Yes. You need not fear of that new girl,
I’ll make him to roam around you. I’m master of ideas. As per our plan, work is going on.. We will complete this project
within 2 months. Banumoorthy, what’s all this? You’ve allotted tender worth Rs.5
billions for constructing flyovers. You should give at least 2 contracts
to my son, shouldn’t you? Is this the way you
show your gratitude? Sir, tenders were allotted according
to procedures. I can’t help you. I released statements
from State to Central. About heavy traffic in this city and
that we need 10-12 flyovers here. I cried hoarsely
to promote this project. How many protests,
how many fasts, struggles.. Did I do all this in
the interest of public? For my son! Sir, I can’t help you.
Do whatsoever you can. I’ll make a false statement
about scam.. flyover projects accusing
CM also. Public will believe it. Organise fasts in protest
all over Andhra Pradesh. Protests will spread all over. Tomorrow you’ll know my power. You refused tender to my son, right? I’ll see that this
project gets shelved. Why hasn’t he come yet?
– I’ve come. Why so late?
– Why? His parents have gone to the temple. Don’t worry. Before they come back,
I’ll make that girl a drunkard, And get her thrown out from here. I’ve come with a bottle
of liquor and a lemon. Tell me it’s name.
– Vokka? Not Vokka. It’s Vodka. This is liquor. I’m going to offer this to her
after mixing Lemon juice in it. After consuming it,
she’ll dance getting inebrlated. And create a mess of this place. Hey, am I not standing outside? Why are you still
knocking at the door? Didn’t attend office? I’ll break your teeth, you rascal! I should be asking this question. Why you didn’t go to work?
– I’m on medical leave. What happened?
– Dysentery. What do you have?
– Juice.. For whom?
– For my sister. Is she your sister?
– Why not? Why this sudden affection? It’s over affection. O positive people are always
ready to help others. It’s really tasty.
Get me another. Make it fast.. Make it fast.. What happened? Your man entered at the right time
and emptied the glass. What about our plan then? To hell with our plan!
Everything went topsy turvy! Don’t worry when I am with you.
I’ve the habit of taking bribes, So I got an quarter extra. If I hadn’t bought extra,
our situation would’ve been worse. Here it is. Take it. This stand is nice. Give it to me.. Lemon juice?
– I didn’t ask for it. I used to give alms and
produce children without demand. This is our family trait. We both are at loggerheads
ever since you came here. If you drink this juice,
it means we are friends. If you refuse, we are enemies. I don’t want, go. You can’t stay here against my wish. Didn’t I tell you I don’t want it?
– I’ll not hesitate to kill you. Have it.. drink it.. Very good.. very good! What did you give me? Our plan has worked out. I got her drunk
and put her to sleep. Hey Singamalai..
– Who is it? I’m feeling giddy.. hold me.. Where are you?
– I’m just opposite to you. Brother,
they’re in each other’s embrace. Let’s go fast and separate them. Don’t worry! – Alas! Pull him away.. come here..
– Get lost, you stupid.. I bought under wears
on credit, else.. I’ve lost my honor my respect..
She pulled away my dhoti suddenly.. Do you need all this flak? Ouch! O god! Why do you bother
about other’s problems? Oh my God! Hey Herol Will you come? Will you offer me a kiss? My house is on the east.. My house is on the west.. Both the houses are far away..
My garden is nearby.. Will you come? Hey Herol Will you come? Will you offer me a kiss? Oh my belovedl Wowl Oh my Godl I’m bursting crackers on the bed
because of you.. My nights are sleepless
because of you.. I’m ready for anything.. Let’s crack fireworks.. Oh dearl I’m an innocent.. Oh my manl I’m a soft girl.. Lot of sweets are offered
to me now.. Hey Herol Will you come? Will you offer me a kiss? Rock me, manl Beat the drumsl I’m your Tanjore Tabla.. I’m your Sugarcane.. I’ll play Tabla.. I’ll crush the Sugarcane.. I’ll catch 2 fishes in one net.. There are 2 deers for
one blade of grass.. Whatever it is, it’s not a curse..
– Well saidl Hey Herol Will you come? Will you offer me a kiss? My house is on the east.. My house is on the west.. Both the houses are far away..
My garden is nearby.. Will you come? What Divya?
– Do you 1ove him? Any doubt?
– He too loves you? Will he agree to this marriage then? Why do you want to know in detail? Do you love anyone? From your face, I can read that
you’re a love failure. Don’t worry. Prove him by leading a happy family
life. Instead, don’t cry like this. Hi Nammu, what are you doing here? Singamalai, it seems someone has
cheated her in the name of love. Poor girl! She is crying for it. Leave it. Didn’t you promise me to give one?
When are you going to give it? Hey, Not now.
Only after marriage.. I can’t wait till then.
I want it now Ask her to leave from here.
– What you are.. You got tensed for this. Didn’t you cheat
me for so many days? He didn’t love me.
He loves you only. He told me everything. Good girl. She has no expectations in life.
She never lies. She listed out her small wishes. This honest man got trapped in it. What? You haven’t yet fulfilled
half of my wishes. I’ve evidence. Are police ready to arrest
the corrupt in flyover scam? Our Chief Minister is directly
involved in this scam. If police promises to arrest the CM, I’m ready to give the proof. Special news bulletin.. Assembly rocked with Puli’s
flyover scam allegation. Assembly is adjourned for week
with our leader’s allegations. Our Puli has proved his power! Our leader’s allegation
has rocked the Govt. What else then? Seeing struggle here,
elections may come again. Did you see the cover story? Assembly is adjourned for a week. It’s a great victory for
people and justice. You want my interview? You come tomorrow. Welcome Singamalai.. My one statement has
rocked the Assembly. Do you know my power now? I decide whether Assembly
functions or not. Let’s discuss about it later. You challenged police to arrest CM
and you’ll produce proof of scam. I’m ready.
Give me the complaint. I didn’t get you. If you prove that CM is involved
in the flyover scam, I’ll arrest the CM.
– If I fail.. I’ll arrest you for false
allegations against CM. Will you arrest me? Brother, this is political gimmick. Today we will fight each other and
tomorrow we’ll join together. There are no permanent friends
or foes in politics. We change as situation demands. Based on my false statement
you have come to arrest me. Hey, do you have proof or not? Singamalai, you’re talking
without knowing about me.. Your anger shows you
don’t have any proof. You don’t have it, do you? Okay then, come..
– Where? I’m going to arrest you for
maligning a good CM’s reputation. Hey, will you arrest our leader?
– We will die for our leader. If anything happens to him,
Baaji brother won’t keep quiet. We will fire ourselves.
We will do anything for him. Where are you taking me?
– I’ll tell you, come.. Look, I’m public property.
I’m a mobile university. There will be a general
strike tomorrow. Come with me. No trains and no shops tomorrow..
The entire state will go up in fire. Earlier you didn’t punish me
when I escaped.. Why are you hitting me today? I was constable earlier, now I’m
an Inspector, won’t I get angry? Hey, why are you beating him?
– He robbed SP’s house. Give it
– You also thrash him. I didn’t steal, sir.
– Tell me. I didn’t steal, sir.
– Tell me. I didn’t steal, sir. Aren’t you humans
to beat me all the day? Give me a break, sir. Yes sir,
I’m also tired of beating him. Sir, let’s have breakfast
and continue beating him. I’ll be back in 5 minutes. If you don’t tell me the truth,
I won’t spare you alive. Do you need a break? Wait, I’ll come
and finish your story. They are beating you severely. Why don’t you accept your crime
and return the stolen goods? Is it not paining you? It will pain in the beginning. Later on, body will get used to it. You enjoy luxurious life
while stealing, don’t you? They will beat you black and blue,
if you get caught. Life has ups and downs.. Who are you?
– Puli. (Tiger) Where is your tail then? I’m ‘Pressman’ Puli.
– Is it you? You’re sitting here
quietly like a cat. What is your crime? Did you cheat, smuggle
or make fake notes? It’s all my time, man! I gave a false report saying CM
is involved flyover scam. Police arrested me for not
producing proof. Oh I see! A man from Delhi is coming
to get me out on bail. That fatso is sitting..
beat him, sir. Oh my God! They’ve come. Tell me, didn’t you steal
in SP’s house? Sir, I didn’t steal.. Sir, please don’t beat me..
Sir, why are you beating only me? Didn’t you lie? That man too lied about CM’s
involvement in flyover scam. Why don’t you beat him? Always poor are taken for granted!
– Law will take it’s own course. No.. I’ve powerful background. If you dare touch me,
you’ll regret it all your life. No brother.. Please don’t beat me..
I’m a diabetic.. Please Listen to me,
don’t beat me. I’ve piles. Blow and show it.
– I didn’t mean office files. What else then?
– I’ve peptic ulcer.. Sir, you beat me removing
my shirt, didn’t you? Why are you beating him
without removing his shirt? Remove his shirt and beat him. Is CM involved in flyover scam?
Tell me. Wait.. I’ll tell you the truth.. CM is not involved in this scam. I wanted the flyover project
be granted to my son. I didn’t get it. So, I alleged falsely about CM’s
involvement in the scam. There has been no corruption
in flyover project. I don’t have any proof. Did you tell lies then?
– Yes. Puli’s allegation of scam on CM and
then withdrawing it.. ..has created commotion
among political circles. Who asked you to
give such statement? You spoiled the reputation
of our party. In this situation.. it very important
for your son to get that contract? If you’d proof give statement
or else shut your gob. Even when you give false statements,
you should’ve stand by it. You fool, stupid..
You shouldn’t live in this world. You’re not fit to be a Minister..
You dog, get out of here.. Singamalai has cornered you
by your statement. Didn’t you hear them? Why are you sitting like a doll? Speak out, man! I know your Swiss
bank accounts and.. Hey, behave yourself on meetings..
Why are you behaving indecently? Go and inform the public. Nobody
will care for your false statement. Our party’s reputation is lost
because of you. You’re no more a
member of this party. Get out, you dog! I know everything.. Why do you create a ruckus? Stop it.
Try to control yourself.. Go and sit.
Why don’t you understand me? Why do you speak unnecessarily? Better resign the job. He is very sensitive. He will definitely resign the job. Why did you insult by beating
him with slipper? Without discussing about
our party welfare.. Now our brother Govindan will.. He doesn’t know the pain of losers. I’ll show him. Go fast.. Start the vehicle.. Keep moving.. Clear that vehicle.
– Okay sir. Open the check post. Go. Boss, Singamalai is manning
the check post. Hey, shut the window. Stop! Where are you going? Sir, my uncle isn’t well,
we are going to a hospital. We need to check your car. Sir, come quickly. Information from Intelligence
bureau was right. All the weapons are
inside this vehicle. Sir, come here quickly.. All of you be alert. Don’t leave him.
Catch that driver. Sir, here it is. My god! Krishna murty.. – Sir? Seize the car and clear the traffic.
– Okay sir. Traffic clear. Hello Singamalai here. You confiscated the weapons
but left your father alone. Who are you, man? Your father was kidnapped in the car
which you checked just now. If anything happens to my father.. It will happen.. That’s why we kidnapped your father. Bloody rascal! Hello! Hey, are you looking
for your father? You wouldn’t have got him. 3 kms away, there’s a petrol bunk. Reach there in 3 minutes. You attend a phone call there. You’ll know where your father is. Hello! Hello! Hello! As I said, you reached
there in 3 minutes. Your father is in the 10th floor
of Hotel Pandiyas. I’ve set a bomb there
to blast in ten minutes. It’ll take minimum 20 minutes
to reach there. How are you going
to save your father? Do something. Crap! Wow! You reached there
in 8 minutes. Do you love your father so much? I said truth about bomb and
it will go off in ten minutes. But not in the room, dear. Bomb is in the car you came.
And your father is in that car only. Only 2 minutes remain. Try to save your father. Or else.. Father.. What are you looking at? Your father will die before
you come down. Hay! Save him if you can.. Father.. Father.. Father.. I’m waiting for you only.. Come, Singamalai. This morning, I saw
your father die my dream. They say morning
dreams will come true? Is it true? What? Is it paining? I too felt the same pain. Within a day, you destroyed
peoples fear on me. I’ll come out in 7 days
and kill you. I’ll kill you. I arrested for your crime. But why did you kill my innocent
father in front of me? Baaji.. ..till now, this Narayanapuram
has watched only your show. But you haven’t seen my show.
From now, you’re going to watch it. Within 7 days, I’ll destroy
your kingdom and all your men. On the day you’re out, I’ll
shoot you on street like a mad dog. If I don’t, my name henceforth
shall not be Singamalai. Sir.. what happened?
Why are you getting tensed? Sir, we are lovers. Everyone is opposing our love. Sir, you should only conduct
our marriage at any cost. Is it so? This is my area. Don’t worry after coming here. Are you both major?
– Yes sir. I’ll perform your marriage. When her first husband is alive,
how can you conduct their marriage? First husband? What’s all this nuisance? He was my first husband. Is he your paramour then?
– Yes. You dared to conduct second marriage,
if you beget a child suddenly. What will be that child’s initial? She will use my initial. Who are you? I’m the father
of her forthcoming child. What’s his number?
– Before him.. and after him. You filthy woman!
You’ve illegal affairs with 3 men, if you’ve a child, who will you show as the father
amongst these three men? To avoid such complications.. ..she left the first child
with me before eloping. Who are you?
– I’m her first husband. Where does he stand? He is senior most,
before all the three men. Hey, she is my wife..
– I only bought this girl here. Perform our marriage and
arrange our first night. She is carrying my child.
She belongs to me only. Head constable, send her with me. Hey, she is carrying your child,
but our child is in the school. Head constable, send her with me. Head constable.. Shut up bloody idiots!
Nonsense! Close your mouths! Is she wife or snack to share? All your names will be written
on separate chits. Winner will take her home.
Rascals.. Give me your names..
– Pulasala Punnaaih. Peethala Pullaih Chicken Papaiya Mutton Ravi. Oh my God! You’ve kept animals’
names as your pet names.. Haven’t your parents named you?
– No. Head constable?
– What? Include your name also in this. My name? Why? Your moustache is tempting me. Already 4 are in the waiting list..
You want me too? I’ll kill you! Pick up a chit from this. You dangerous girl!
Pick a chit.. Damn! Mutton Ravi.. who is it? It’s me only, her first husband. Look, you’re lucky that you
got your first husband. Ditch these 3 men and
live happily with him. Dear, didn’t you hear him?
Let’s go. What? If you come to my area, visit me.
– Oh my God! Come! If I allow her, she may include
my name also in the list. If you want, take Head constable
also with you. But come home in the night. Who is he? Why are you sending her
with another man? He isn’t in the list..
– He is her legal husband. She used to cheat him and
give pleasure to us occasionally. He used to take her at
the end of the show. Even now, he did the same thing. This is all an entertainment for us. Entertainment? Constable, put them all inside
and cut it off. You committed crime
and speeding away. Hey, what’s that case? They were transporting
illegal liquor sachets. Do you need over speed
while doing illegal business? Don’t you feel ashame?
– Sorry Sir. 303.. – Sir? Take them in remand – Ok, sir!
Kneel down! Get the owner’s address from RC book
and produce him in the court. Sir, owner’s name
is stated as Pasupathy in RC book. Sir, owner’s name
is stated as Pasupathy in RC book. Which Pasupathy?
– Baaji’s brother Pasupathy, sir. Boss, Junior boss’s vehicle was
seized by our police. They’ve confirmed our junior boss
name from the RC book. Ask him to be safe. Disturbing me at the right time! What happened?
– Wait.. Hello! Do you’ve sense? Didn’t I ask
you stay calm till I come out? We didn’t expect this.
– Okay leave it. Tell SP and lodge a complaint
of lorry lost ten days ago. Arrange for an anticipatory bail.
– Okay brother. Shall we go? Singamalai, it’s been 10 days
since I’ve lost my lorry. Talk to my lawyer. First I’m not interested
to talk to you. Why should I talk to your lawyer? Get into my vehicle. You won’t listen to me. Hey! Hey! Sir, he escaped.
Why did you leave him? I wanted him to escape. Hello.
– Where are you rushing? I know you’ll arrest me
if you get hold of me. That’s why I’m going to the court
to get anticipatory bail. But you’ll die before
reaching the court. The bomb started ticking the moment
you put the ignition key. I’ve planted a bomb in that jeep. If you slow down or try to stop,
you’ll get blasted into smithereens. Hello.
– I am Singamalai speaking. Tell me sir. An accused is escaping in
a police jeep coming your way, Stop him at the check post. I told you just a small lie, You run over the check post,
hit a running lorry.. ..fell out from the jeep,
and dying with fear. What would you’ve done
had I really planted a bomb? Die man! What?
– Brother, Singamalai has cornered me. I’m scared he may kill me.
– Where are you now? I’m 2 kms away from the check post. You don’t get scared, he’ll not dare
harm you. I’ll talk to the SP. Sir. What the hell are you doing?
Seems he’ll kill my brother. Tell Singamalai to spare my brother, If anything happens to him.. I’ll ask him to release
him immediately. You’ll get a call from SP now,
are you going to kill me? On receiving the phone call,
you’ll throw the gun and salute me. You got a call from SP right? Now you know my power and reach? He’ll checkmate you in the phone. Sir! – Singamalai! You’ve arrested Pasupathy,
release him immedlately. I went to arrest Pasupathy sir but he
escaped taking away the police jeep, I informed the check post to stop
him, but he ran over the check post, He hit a lorry traveling
at great speed.. ..and jeep blew
up in a ball of fire. What?
What happened to Pasupathy? He died on the spot. SP sir, he’s lying,
I’m still alive. If an uneducated rag picker
like you is so clever, . clever should I be to
become a police officer? No.. leave me.. I did it
unwittingly.. Leave me.. Please don’t kill me. Brother! Are you eager to
see your brother? You can but in heaven only!
I burnt your brother alive. Hey! Singamalai. Brother, he’ll kill all of us
before you come out, I’ll finish him before you come out.
– First save yourself from him, I’ll get out in 3 days.
Just follow my order. What brings you here sir?
I would’ve come had you informed me. I’ve something very important
to discuss with you. Repolls have been ordered
in the 15 troubled booths. This time election must
go on peacefully. Don’t worry sir. Section 144 will be enforced
on the polling day. We’ll give full protection
to 15 repolling booths. At any cost people won’t
face any problem, sir. Crime branch informed,
Nagabhushanam may create trouble. Nagabhushanam and driver Ramana
went to the jail and met Baaji. Since then Nagabhushanam
is absconding. He’ll definitely create trouble
in this election. We must arrest him
before the elections. But Ramana only knows
his whereabouts. I’ll arrest Nagabhushanam tomorrow. Where’s Nagabhushanam?
– I don’t know. I know all the crimes you’re
involved with him. If you become approver.. ..I’ll close all pending cases
against you and save your life. My brother Baaji is there
to save me. Better save your life. You can never make me talk,
I’m ready to die also. What does he think of me? He started singing unable
to bear the stick. I’ve to produce him in the court
tomorrow. Do the procedures for it. Let’s arrest Nagabhushanam
based on his statement. Come along.. hurry up! Everybody! Ramana has become an approver
unable to take the stick.. ..he’ll be produced in
the court tomorrow, If he sings there,
your brother can never be saved. He won’t reach the court tomorrow. Just do I say.
– Okay sir, I’ll do as you say. What’s this? No sir.. no sir.. For few men like you entire dept.
Is hauled up as brokers, ..just a handful of men like you
is enough to call as pimp.. Dishonest in duty is like
becoming wife’s pimp. Every officer writes public service
commission exam to enter the service.. ..but men like you forget
both public and service.. ..but remember only commission, How will people respect
if we work for bribes only? Photos of Nethaji and Gandhiji are
hung in stations as role models.. ..and wanted list on the
other side to warn us. If we can’t differentlate them,
how can people do it? Okay.. you did your job
for the bribe, Do your duty sincerely as
a policeman for the salary, Come on tell me,
where’s Nagabhushanam? Welcome Inspector!
Have you come to arrest me? You can’t, I’ve had an heart attack. I shouldn’t hear shocking news. I’m not saying this but my report
says it. Want to see it? You don’t worry.. Doctor.
– Yes We’ve a warrant.
We’ve come to arrest him. There’s a board ICU in outside,
he’s an heart patient. Don’t disturb him, if anything
happens, we’ll be held responsible. He told you isn’t it,
you can go now sir, I’m resting with stage
managed ailment. What’s this sir, we had to
return empty handed? No need to worry about failure,
we can get him. Hello. Are you coming back from
the hospital with empty handed? I’ve kept him safely in hospital. He won’t get up from the bed
till doctor advises him. You can’t arrest him. You killed my another
brother cleverly. You can’t win over me hereafter. Discharge the ICU
patient immediately. Hello. I’m peon Rama Rao from health dept,
Is chief doctor there? I’m chief doctor speaking. Sir! Top officials are inspecting
your hospital on getting complaints.. Be careful. Remove all the extra beds, health
officers are coming for inspection. Other than patient no one else
must stay here, come on quick. Other than patients all others
leave the place, come on quick. Leave the bottle..
– No sir. I’ll beat you.. go away nurse. Hello. Hey Wastrel!
You’ve had a heart attack. I know how to bypass it. But I’m not the surgeon. But one of the doctors
you trust to save your life. He’s going to kill you
with a lethal injection. Doctor..
– Have you cleared all the places? Everything is cleared.. ..but Nagabhushanam
is drinking and creating trouble. Give him a shot of sleeping dose
and make him to sleep.. Okay doctor. Hey, doctor! Why are you getting terrified?
It’s just a sleeping dose. Are you trying to kill me by
taking more money form him? Don’t get tensed. You can sleep peacefully
with this shot of injection. Yes, I can sleep eternally with it.
– No Mr. Nagabhushanam Please Listen to me..
– No doctor, leave me.. Please listen to me.. Stop,
Nagabhushanam! – Get lost you fraud! Sir, it’s getting late to the court,
we’ve to take him. If we take him to court, he’ll use
some brilliant lawyer to come out. What if I kill him in an encounter?
– Am I any bird to kill just like that? I’m Baaji’s brother,
whatever is to do it legally. Your duty is to produce me
in the court.. ..court will decide about
sentencing or releasing me. We’ll cut your tail if you try to rule
over me showing your police job. Hey! Do you think police
can’t do anything? If you talk too much,
I’ll shoot you.. ..and close the case saying
you tried to escape. Hey! Sir, here it is key
First go from here. If you are here
he will kill you by encounter They have to produce in the court.
Go from here. I don’t bother
if I lose my job. Go. My brother is like God.
He have guys for all places. Bye. What are you doing? Go fast! Sir. Hello. Have you sent my man
as approver to the court? He’ll never reach. Your jeep will smash
into pieces on the way. I’ve planted a bomb in the jeep. I know it. I’ll tell you a news
which you’re not aware Your brother Nagabhushanam is also
going with driver Ramana. What are you saying man? Satan never goes alone,
it will take a companion, I’ve sent your brother as a companion.
If you can, try to save your brother. Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone..
bomb will go off.. you’ll die! Pick up the phone!
– Phone’s ringing. Brother! Brother..
– There’s a bomb in the jeep. He destroyed my empire
built over 20 year period. Violence must rock this
city tomorrow. He’ll come out to control it.
He must. I’ll hack him there. I’ll show him what happens
when he go against Baaji. Baaji is getting out tomorrow.
All goons in the city have united. It’s not good for you to stay here. Please go on medical leave
for a month. If not for your sake, get transferred
to other place for your family sake. Welcome boss. Let’s visit a temple first.
– Go to the police station first. Come on boys! Look, he’s picking up the phone.
– Hello, police control room. How dare you betrayed me! Where is Singamalai? He didn’t attend office
for a couple of days. He left the town fearing of you. Hello. Boss, he’s in the temple.
– What are you saying man? He’s entering into the temple
in yellow clothes. Keep him there.
Come on boys! He’ll be in this crowd, search him. Move out! Hey you! Search him, he’ll be here only.
Catch this. Go that side.
– Stand up man – Check him! Search all over! Tell me. Boss, he’s in the bus
trying to escape from here. Come on boys! Get in! Who are you?
– Shut up.. sit down! He’s not here.. give me way. I saw him in this bus only.
He vanished suddenly. Hello fatso! Boss, he’s in our place not
anywhere else. Where did he go away? Did he go hide fearing of me? Search every nook and corner. He mustn’t go out alive.
Search! Zoom it.
– Look sir! Baaji has come. Sir. What’s going on in Narayanapuram? Goons are attacking police station,
hacking people, Take immedlate action.
– Okay sir. Hello. What are doing there? Kill him in an encounter,
his goons are attacking.. ..police station and bus stations. We are ready sir, no shooting
order from the Collector. I am Home Secretary here,
– Tell me sir. Why didn’t you give shoot
at sight order to kill Baaji? I’m getting the order ready. Hello control room.. – Sir? Ask everyone receive the fax order. Sir, we got orders to shoot Baaji. I vowed to kill him in 7 days,
where’s he man? I want him. Hello. – Hello. I’m SP here, Singamalai has covered all your
acts live on TV since morning. All TV channels are airing it live. Collector passed orders of
shoot at sight against you. Leave the place immedlately. Come.. I was searching all
over the place for you only. I thought you were only brawn,
but you proved you’ve brain too. You trapped me in my own web. Hey! Either one of us must live. Today is the seventh day
and it is your last day. Hit me. Hit me. Come on. Hit man. Hit me. Come on. You wastrel! See real police blow. ‘He’ll come tearing the
sky and roar like thunder’ ‘The hero Singamalai! Singamalai! ‘ ‘He is a burst of
rage and boiling blood’ ‘He is a moving inferno..
Singamalai! Singamalai! ‘ ‘He is an incarnation of
Parasuram who cuts enemies heads’ ‘The hero Singamalai! Singamalai!’ ‘He is like the cyclone
that enters land from the sea’ ‘He vanquishes evil Singamalai!
Singamalai! ‘

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