Sillunu Oru Kadhal | Suriya | Jyothika | Bhumika Chawla | Angry Scene | 4K (English Subtitles)

Well gentlemen, as I
told you earlier, European cars are the
best in the world, what they have done on the European
model is something fundamental, now, let’s take a look at what they
have done on the lndian models, as you see here in the
lndian model cars, we don’t have enough stroke
length for the piston, and hence the torque and the power
is very normal for a normal rpm, now what I’m going
to do here is, I’m going to increase the
stroke length of the piston, see… as simple as that, since I’ve increased the
stroke length of the piston, the volumetric efficiency… This will not work in
lndian conditions. …the power and torque automatically
increases for the same normal rpm. Well, that’s about
it, gentlemen. Sir, what you say may suit
to your European standards, you don’t seem to know about the lndian
roads, and lndian attitude towards driving, for that we may have to increase
the bore die of the cylinder, to get volumetric efficiency,
power, torque for the same rpm. Was it you?- Yes sir.
– Who are you? In what capacity you
say this to me? Sir, this is Gowtham, one
of our chief mechanic. Mr. Ranganathan, I don’t need any
mechanic to design my cars. You got it? I mean mechanic. Just
ask him to get out. Sir, for your information, he’s
from our side near Tenkasi. Do you want to fix any alliance with him?
Send him out. Mechanic, know your limitations. We are not so foolish to take advises
from a mechanic. Just get out of here. Sir, I’ll continue only if he
leaves this place. Sorry gentlemen. Leave me sir. Security, whose car is this?
Remove it. Hey Mechanic! Come here. Father has come. What’s it mechanic?
You’ve come early? Good mechanic or bad mechanic? Good bad mechanic. I’ll prepare it tomorrow, okay? Sure? What mechanic? Deaf? Why are you off the mood? Will you please stop
calling me a mechanic? What am I to call a mechanic
other than a mechanic, a doctor? Okay, hereafter don’t call me like that.
– I’ll call you like that only. Mechanic… mechanic…
I’ll slap you. I’m just a mechanic
not a pimp, right? Go away. Wait for 15 minutes,
I’ll fix your breakfast. – Excuse me sir.
– Yeah. Thanks. Let’s try this in. Just try this. I don’t think this will go well…
– Don’t discourage me. – Okay then… Not yet started? Still
what are you doing there? Buddy, I’ve to go now… Hey, what’s all this? Why
are you calling me often? Since morning, your wife
called me several times. Why don’t you call her back?
– I’ll call her sir. I’ll talk to her. That’s great! Hey, what are you doing here? Get inside the car. Please listen to me… It’s raining. Get
inside the car. You got bored living
with me, right? There was a problem in my office…
Come home, I’ll explain it to you. Since morning, I called
you several times… You didn’t even bother to attend
even a single call, did you? How badly you abused me as
our child was watching? I just didn’t mean it…
– Don’t lie. It wasn’t like that… Mom, let’s excuse dad this time. Mom, excuse him this time… Poor dad! Let’s go… come on… Come on, mom. Listen to me… Dad, do I’ve to tell you separately?
Come on, dad. They made me drench in
the rain in their fight. Go and sleep without
making fuss. Leave me… I’ll beat you…
leave me… Getting angry on me? Don’t try to cajole me…

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