Signs Your Body Is Stressed – Telltale Signs

Signs your body is stressed that’s what
I’m talking about today I’m dr. Tracey Marks. If you’re new to this channel I
talk about mental health education and self-improvement. I publish new videos
every Wednesday so if you don’t want to miss one click subscribe and hit the
notification button. Even if you think you’re handling your stress well your
body could tell you otherwise and in this video I’m gonna give you seven not
so typical signs that your body is stressed. So how does your body respond
to stress? Well cortisol and adrenaline are two
chemicals that are secreted in the body under stress. Adrenaline is the fight or
flight hormone and cortisol metabolizes sugar in the body to make it accessible
to the brain. Cortisol also suppresses the body’s
immune response so typical signs of stress include things like high blood
pressure, poor sleep, racing hearts and heart rate. And these are the things that
are related to adrenaline. Some of the atypical symptoms are things like teeth
grinding or also called bruxism. And this involves clenching your jaw or grinding
your teeth back and forth. And this can happen at any time.
And you may notice that you say wake up with pain or you could even wake up with
a headache if you’re doing this at night. And sometimes too much teeth grinding
can cause cracked teeth. Unfortunately tooth grinding can be worsened if you
have acid reflux. Wearing a bite guard at night can help and you can get one
specially fitted by a dentist or you could buy a generic one at a drugstore.
I’ve had both. The generic ones could be big and it could be hard to fit in your
mouth and you got to even work hard to like close your mouth down. But, and the
custom ones though they’re pricey, but they are much better because they just
they fit your mouth. Number two: poor digestion. When your body’s stressed you
can get decreased motility and slowed digestion. So this can feel like you get
a stomachache or some type of stomach pain or gas or
bloating every time you eat. Slow digestion can also lead to constipation.
Why? Because as your food moves through the gastrointestinal tract
and through your intestine, it absorbs water. So if you’ve got slowed movement
your intestines are still drawing out water from the food or the fecal matter.
So if it moves too slowly and you absorb too much water then you can get hard
stools. So even if you don’t have hard stools, what this could end up looking
like is that you don’t go you don’t have a bowel movement very often. So instead
of having one every 1 to 2 days if you eat every day
you eat every day it should move through. So if you don’t have one every one to
two days, maybe you have a bowel movement every 3 or 4 days. So infrequent bowel
movements and/or hard stool and/or stomachaches after you’ve eaten things
could be a sign that you’re stressed. Another sign is sore muscles. Stress
causes the muscles to tense up and you can get aches and pains in places like
your neck and your back even with my without much activity. So you can get to
the end of the day and just feel exhausted and even achy and sore when
all you did was sit all day. You can help this by taking stretch breaks and also
Yoga is a powerful way to reduce stress. Next your hair. Chronic stress increases
cortisol levels which promotes inflammation and free radical damage and
this can result in increased or accelerated graying of your hair. But
hair loss is different. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that results
in in hair loss and this can just kind of go and come and fluctuate over time
and is not really related to stress. However you can get excessive hair
shedding because of stress and sleep loss can also disrupt the hair’s life
cycle leading to shedding. But the shedding makes your hair thinner
versus what you see with alopecia where you get clean spots usually circular
spots of hair loss. Next weight gain. Chronic sleep loss also causes increased
cortisol levels that affects your weight. And this may not look like you packed on
50 pounds because of it, but it may be more subtle weight gain like weight that
just kind of creeps up on you and you just can’t seem to lose despite
exercising regularly and having a healthy diet.
Number six frequent colds. High cortisol levels suppress your immune system so
that could make you more acceptable to getting sick often. Are you someone who
always seems to get sick every time it’s flu season? Having a suppressed immune
system also can activate or trigger dormant viruses like shingles which is
the Herpes virus or cold sores. So having an eruption of shingles or having
frequent cold sores could be a sign that you’re under a lot of stress. Last one: no
sex drive. Increased cortisol suppresses sexual arousal. One solution or one thing
that can help is exercise. Engaging in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a
week noticeably reduces stress and lowers
cortisol levels. So these are some telltale signs of stress that show you
that your body is trying to get your attention that you’re under a lot of
stress. And this is its reaction to it If you have one or more of these
signs, you need to work on managing your stress. You certainly don’t always have
control over your stress or the things that’s causing the stress, but what you
can have more control over is how you manage it. I’ve mentioned two ways to do
this the exercise and yoga. Another good way is using mindfulness meditation I
did a previous video on this and I’ll link to it in the corner for you to
watch. Try incorporating that in your day as just one more tool in your
toolkit to help you manage and reduce stress. Thanks for watching. Leave me a
comment and if you like this video click the like button.

One thought on “Signs Your Body Is Stressed – Telltale Signs

  1. My stress levels are out of control😠! Primary care physician prescribed my anxiety hydroxyzine pamoate 50 mg BID PRN! Since 2003 I prescribed diazepam 10mg QID # 120! Prescribed the hydroxyzine Pamoate 50mg for allergies and sleep!

  2. I just wanna say thank you for the extensive information you provide with your videos, and thank you for your videos in general. I couldn't sleep and had symptoms of anxiety when I came across your videos whilst trying to distract myself. Although I've known I have anxiety for a while know, I wasn't aware of how it can affect my body besides the usual stuff (heart racing, shortness of breath, lump in throat, etc). I immediately recognized most of the signs you listed as stuff I've been going through lately, and just the affirmation that they're not something I'm going through because I'm crazy or anything helped calm me down. Thank you and keep up the good work, Dr. Marks!

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