Shock! Ben Affleck is Batman in Man of Steel Sequel | Angry Batman Fans Rant at Ben Affleck

hi this is Lynne from rags to riches success dot com buy now everyone will have heard the news that Ben Affleck has been awarded the role of Batman. in the man of steel sequel which is due to come in July 2015 okay and to be honest I was a bit taken
aback by this as I can’t quite connect him to Batman ok what CL and at all possible he’ll daredevil many years ago as a bit of a
stiff tight film it wasn’t anything have more in
also with the successful batman franchise and with Christian Bale giving such a great performance I can
understand why you know everybody’s a bit and I don’t
know and he’s right at that shocked more but
angry come on guys at you know it let’s face
it Ben Affleck has done a lot of great movies are cool I you know he’s matured over
the years that is well and today you know I really kind of and not sure why so many people he 2001 the fact that he’s Batman I mean the
fact that there’s I have petitioned I to get the newest and two at V CAST the the the rule and a commander said legally what could the
studio bosses critique you love this petition because
as signatures you get is just no clue what guys me let’s
members well done Creek when he was forced and announced as the
18th hole and everybody was yeah I have to admit I was more salt at
that the war was at been amply being Batman and because I
as such more than I call it fool and and I really couldn’t quite believe it was just so if the guy that was so many people just give them such a hard part time
didn’t even give them a chance and look what’s happened you know he’s
like knows he’s been you know what if the most and celebrated
bond soon as if that’s what you know is is the most and want to find truly think it’s as
though the best job is James Bond so and actually I think I’ve it’s always
well the people in Ossian coca down there you go close to done you
create deeply and Daniel Craig as Batman I mean does this get
more bizzare by the minute hand to edit and save us all people you all set now I the fact that you do
is just unbelievable and I you how you can get
your comments in Cata official to serve the unbelievable but it gets so he macy’s into so you’ll have all come people have a
against them a sprain the guys in his that is where was that saying that the more that one tries to prove someone wrong just increases the chances of that
one being right, so let’s remember that there’s
the also the studio bosses have seen
something I’ve been up late stopped they didn’t like the client also get the
fit and taken the cut to let me because should be a great day I mean I know the guy was offered to
land and if you see Kay even fifty million dollars that mean
that’s just obscene and itself to be a given that make money
an affable and itself while your hat I don’t know I just think that but it’s
good been implicated chance I felt passionate to as a then
post that 3602 you know why he’s a big little things you do all season and and
if you guys interested you can click the link below
I know T state to the post and if you like the
pools any please get me a thumbs up and or
leave a comment below that the really cool I just think that you’ll
it’s a little even the snow at morton what you think about it the
becomes a reality so we want this to be a great film guys
it was still seek well then let’s play some good thoughts this
day so good fives I’m just the and the hope that he does a
great job and that we’ve got a frontal voted because the first months the it
was a fantastic elastic safe I can’t talk at babydoll and you know make a judgment before you
know i I can get that with and did the most ill I didn’t know if a capable with actually do a good job with no I didn’t penny he
campaigns that the league 15 just wasn’t sure but do what he
believed that we hadn’t I wasn’t sure how the how they could
take some 12 level and they really did that but doesn’t
damage to it Ben Affleck as Batman things to do the same owned a and slip
it defies that time hopefully will be as much support start to
emerge as there is as much and I’m good he ate there so this time
teledyne for bath and get some support 10 on day at
sea if you and will head to pull and with
the poorest and if you like this video please give a thumbs up and I’ll talk to you later

2 thoughts on “Shock! Ben Affleck is Batman in Man of Steel Sequel | Angry Batman Fans Rant at Ben Affleck

  1. thanks for your comment Brian. Isn't the whole point of SEO to help get your videos noticed. Otherwise what's the point of doing a video if no one is aware it exists. Thanks for at least taking the time to view it and engage. I take on board every comment I receive as I want to improve. peace and love.

  2. Daniel Craig was unknown, Heath Ledger was unknown.
    George Clooney (Batman) and Ben Affleck aren't unknown.
    Ben Affleck isn't threatening, he doesn't have the face nor the chin, and he can't throw a punch without wires. Batman is major master of martial arts.

    Scott Adkins or Karl Urban would have been the PERFECT choices.

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