‘She’s happy’: Greta Thunberg’s father says climate activism helped her beat depression

When she decided to do this, we said,
you know, quite clearly that we would not support it. Why did you say that? Obviously, we thought it was a bad idea. Putting yourself out there with all the
hate on social media. Three or four years before she went
on the school strikes, she fell ill and she stopped talking, she stopped eating
and all these things. She stopped going to school.
She was basically home for a year. Now she’s just like any other … You think she’s not ordinary now
because she’s special and she’s very famous and all these things. But to me, she’s now an ordinary child. She can do all the things like
other people can. And she’s happy.

100 thoughts on “‘She’s happy’: Greta Thunberg’s father says climate activism helped her beat depression

  1. So how many Fires is Greta responsible for inspiring her followers to light fires on purpose to bring attention to there Climate Agenda or Carbon Tax Agenda

  2. She is happy making other people miserable, with her constant hate and moralistic judgement over society. Quite an achievement to educate people in hate.

  3. I stand for not killing poor people (fuel poverty kills) through astronomical energy bills and then giving that cash in the form of subsidies to rich 'green' fat cats via the toxic Globalist medium of Carbon hysteria ……

  4. It might have cured her depression but she sure depressed the rest of us put her back in school and hopefully she will leave the rest of us alone she is noting but a puppet for the elite that want to tax us for living and her parents are a disgrace should be brought up for child abuse

  5. Perhaps due to her diagnosis, she has latched on to the environmental topic.
    Perhaps this time next year she will no longer be interested in environmental protection and instead campaign against child labour or food waste. She caught the spotlight & this is the problem for her. I fear it will she’ll end up with more issues to contend with. She best go back to school & think of her future.

  6. Nieodpowiedzialni rodzice powinna byc dla nich kara za to ze nie sa odpowiedzialni powinna byc w rodzinie zastepczej gdzie dostanie opieke

  7. The people of Europe are about to face the consequences of clicking the like button for Greta.

    Fossil-fuel and transport companies are going to be paying tens of billions more in taxes under the European Green Deal,

    A tariff on the import of goods from outside the EU will also be imposed.

    These costs will be passed onto consumers…

  8. I always wonder why these vegans dont realise that their brain isnt functioning well (depression) because it lacks vital vitamins and neutrions… We arent herbivores…

  9. Why is there so much hatred from a small group of fearful Humans?
    Your fear of Change proves you're a liability for All and weak af

  10. Allebei opsluiten in een kliniek voor psychiatrische patiënten. Er mankeert duidelijk iets aan deze twee idioten. Een kind van die leeftijd hoort op school te zitten en dit soort zaken aan diegenen over te laten die daar WEL verstand van hebben!!!!

  11. Comments section reflects the need for change asap. Remember, it’s a child you’re writing inappropriate comments about. Some shameful hate speech out there.

  12. Let's raise taxes to combat climate change! Oddly Barrack Hussein bought that massive home at Martha's Vineyard right by the ocean. He's not worried about rising sea levels due to "climate change"

  13. So basically she was a bad kid refusing to do anything until you allowed her to travel the world to terrorize us. Why dont you send her to China and India, the biggest environmental violators?

  14. Why does her dad look like Leonardo DiCaprio as rick dalton when he's playing the villain in that western tv show in once upon a time in hollywood

  15. 92 people falling for his bs. Drops out of school for a year and becomes an expert on climate change? Who taught her about climate change for that year? Shame shame on the Guardian for promoting her and him

  16. I am seriously interested to know how many trees this man have planted since his name became known for the daughter he has. Remember, mother nature give us the tool to fight what his daughter speaks out about. Trees!!!

  17. Who does this child think she is? Privileged little brat shouting at the rest of us just trying to get by. i have yet to hear a climate change activist come up with sensible ideas.

  18. I suppose channeling out your anger onto random strangers could reduce YOUR depression but now I am depressed. I've been recycling 20+ years, actively chose to use recycled products whenever possible, and carrying my tumbler for the past 10+ years. What did this little brat do beside eating with plastic utensils, drinking out of plastic bottles and proudly posting it on twitter? More importantly, what makes her think she even qualifies to yell at people like me who makes everyday effort to leave less marks on our planet?

  19. Hey Greta go to the country's that are most responsible.

    what?? And take a chance of being exposed to my lies? NEVER! HOW DARE YOU!

  20. Everybody knows the world is gonna end inn 12 years. AOC said so!

    Here's a fact: AOC is an opiate abuser. She's on some form of Vicodin etc etc.
    People who do opiates talk just like AOC does……so sure of themselves and confident etc etc…and she has that look in her eyes. I've seen it countless times with people. Trust me. I know these things! AOC is a druggie.

  21. Seriously, 44 Ferrari….Well gave us a break with your speeches Greta. Who needs 44 cars when you can drive only one at the time.

  22. Climate activism as therapy. Just because it was the topic she was obsessed with: it seems like it could've been anything else!

  23. This whole thing was manufactured by a PR firm. Wait till the little muppet finds out that people are still flying and eating meat.

  24. The way that many have talked about Greta online is disgusting. She is just a kid. You don't have to hate a kid just because she is impassioned with something that you disagree with.

  25. Thats great, now thats shes beaten depression, maybe she can go debate the opposition to climate change. That I doubt as her argument wouldn't stand up.

  26. So, do the Thunbergs completely eliminate fossil fuels in their daily lives? After all it is winter in Sweden. How do they keep warm?

  27. She is a silly stupid little girl. Reckons she has gone all around the world preaching about climate change. How has she got all around the world, damn sure she hasn't walked it. Parents are bloody stupid to let her. She is mentally ill.

  28. Os pais dessa menina são muito irresponsáveis, por permitir que ela seja usada como uma marionete, por organizações que só têm um objetivo: "arrecadar fundos".

  29. She sailed in and left on a plane.
    She is a very sick little girl full of rage. She insights rage when she talks much like Hitler did.
    Her parents should be charged with child abuse for doing this to her. He seams to be ok with her little hunger strike.
    She will be labeled a terrorist before long.

  30. Greta is a complete joke
    Look at Iraq look at India all our waste our pollution and Yemen and Syria
    She doesn't want to help she's a joke

  31. Why she didn,t say : " Iam glad to be Home soon to see my Mother, my Sister and my dogs ?"
    It is up to you to say :"stop it now "and show her the bright side of the life

  32. He is now in the media because he knows what we all know he has used a vunerable child as his mouthpiece to push his sick nasty agenda on hard working people.
    Apologys too late.

  33. I read the abusive and ignorant comments for a laugh. Everything helps her, even all the hate. It's astonishing how these people jump on her every chance they get.

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