Sesame Street: Twelve Angry Men

good evening. Me still Alastair Cookie,
and this still Monsterpiece Theatre. Tonight, me proud to present 12
Angry Men, emotional story of 12 men who feel very angry. Here now– 12 Angry Men. [SOBS] COW: Oh, it’s just so sad. [SOBS] COOKIE MONSTER: Wait,
wait, wait, wait. Hold it. Stop. Oh, me very sorry. That not 12 Angry Men. No, no, that, me believe, was
Three Sad Cows, story of three cows who feel very sad– real barnyard tear jerker. Here now, 12 Angry Men. PIG 1: We are proud
of our pig sty. PIG 2: We are proud
of our mud. PIG 1: We are proud
of our oinks. [OINKING] COOKIE MONSTER: Uh, no,
no, no, no, no. Me sorry again. That not 12 Angry Men. No, that Two Proud Pigs,
story of two pigs who feel very proud. And who can blame them, huh? Well, look like we out of
time, so no time left for 12 Angry Men. So this Alastair Cookie,
saying goodbye– ANGRY MAN 1: No time
for us, huh? ANGRY MAN 2: You make us sit
through cows and pigs, and you run out of time? ANGRY MAN 3: Yes, that makes
me really angry. [ANGRY CLAMORING] COOKIE MONSTER: I think
that’s show biz. ANGRY MAN 4: Show biz? Well let me tell you, pal. You got 12 angry men here. ANGRY MEN: Yeah! [ANGRY CLAMORING] COOKIE MONSTER: Well, there
you have it, 12 Angry Men. And this Alastair Cookie
saying goodbye for Monsterpiece Theatre. Thank you. Hey, hey, chill out. ANGRY MAN 5: You’re going
to be hearing from my agent, yes you are.

33 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Twelve Angry Men

  1. The three sad cows mourn the loss of another that was slaughtered by butchers, the pigs are so proud of themselves they won't die from their own weight and the twelve angry men are suing poor Alastair Cookie for his incompetent scheduling!

    I love Sesame Street so much! Quite epic for a children's series.

  2. this reminds me of the other Monsterpiece Theater Sketches like One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and the Horse Whisperer!

  3. I mean… "It was pretty nice when Alistair Cookie finally got Twelve Angry Men (based on what this "Monsterpiece Theater" sketch officially presented) to show up, shortly from the moment of when he was about to give up on waiting for 12 Angry Men to show up (also by thinking he ran out of time PLUS didn't have any more time to wait for 12 Angry Men to show up and be featured in this sketch) AND right after it mistakenly featured 3 Sad Cows and 2 Proud Pigs when it was supposed to be featuring the Twelve Angry Men in the first place, since they finally managed to be seen at the end of this "Monsterpiece Theater" sketch with Alistair Cookie for that matter". Wouldn't you agree to that, you guys?!

  4. The Muppet Performers:
    Frank Oz: Allistair Cookie
    Jerry Nelson: Angry Man #1
    Martin P. Robinson: Angry Man #2
    David Rudman: Angry Man #3, Proud Pig #1
    Joey Mazzarino: Angry Man #4, Proud Pig #2
    Jim Kroupa: Angry Man #5
    Peter Linz: Angry Man #6
    Jim Martin: Angry Man #7
    Noel MacNeal: Angry Man #8
    Kevin Clash: Angry Man #9
    Rick Lyon: Angry Man #10
    Dave Goelz: Angry Man #11
    Brian Muehl: Angry Man #12
    Louise Gold: Sad Cow #1
    Fran Brill: Sad Cow #2
    Pam Arciero: Sad Cow #3

  5. 1:39, Members of the secret British ruling class are rather offended by Cookie Monster's referring to child rape as "despicable" and "monstrous."

  6. David Rudman was one of the proud pigs

    Some of the angry men were
    Jerry Nelson – Man #1
    Martin P. Robinson – Man #2
    Jim Martin – Man #3
    David Rudman – Man #4
    Rick Lyon – Man #5

  7. Weighted go Cookie Monster!!!!! Because you said that you have ran out of time to show 12 angry men, you just got yourself 12 angry men on your hands!!!!!

  8. The different accents are a gentle parody of the actual jurors from the 1957 film (itself adapted by screenwriter Reginald Rose from his 1955 teleplay first aired on Alcoa Playhouse).

  9. Alastair Cookie: That show biz!
    Angry Man: SHOW BIZ?! Well let me tell you, pal. YOU GOT 12 ANGRY MEN HERE!!! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

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