Sesame Street: Frustrated Ray Romano And Grover

RAY: Hi. Ray Romano here to tell you
all about frustrated. What is frustrated,
you may ask? Well, let me tell you. Frustrated is– GROVER: Ray! Oh, Ray! Is that you? Oh, Raymond, it is you! Oh, I am so happy to see you. RAY: Well, hi, Grover. I happy to see you too, but I’m
a little busy right now. I was just about to tell
everyone about– GROVER: Pineapples! And I will help you. Be right back. RAY: Pineapples? No. I’m not here to talk
about pineapples. I’m here to talk about
frustrated. All right? OK, well, where was I? Oh, yeah yeah. Frustrated. Frustrated is a feeling
you get when– GROVER: Ray! Oh, Ray! Here you go, Ray. A pineapple to help you with
your explanation of pineapples. Careful, it is a
little prickly. RAY: Well, OK, but, um, I’m
not here to talk about pineapples, Grover. I’m here to talk about– GROVER: I know! You are talking about ways
to keep your head warm. And I will help. Be right back! RAY: Yeah, but– no! Uh– OK, let me finish this
before he gets back. Frustrated is a feeling you get
when you’re trying to do something, but you
can’t seem to– GROVER: Ray! Oh, Raymond! Here it is, Raymond. A hat! RAY: But I don’t need a hat. GROVER: Nonsense. Of course you need a hat if
you’re talking about ways to keep your head warm. Now, here. Lean over. Put this on. RAY: I don’t need this. GROVER: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Put it on. Do as Grover says. There. Now isn’t that toasty? [LAUGHING] RAY: Yeah, yeah. But I’m not talking about ways
to keep my head warm. GROVER: No? RAY: No! No! I’m talking about– GROVER: Cheeseballs! Be right back! RAY: Look, I just want to talk
about frustrated, OK? Please let me– oh! All right, let me
do this quick. Frustrated is a feeling you
get when you try to do something, but no matter how
hard you try to do it, you just can’t– GROVER: Here you are, Ray! A tasty, yummy, nut-covered
cheeseball. Always happy to help a friend. RAY: Yeah, but– GROVER: Here you are. RAY: You aren’t helping
me, Grover, OK? Because I’m not here to talk
about pineapples or hats or cheeseballs! I’m talking about frustrated! GROVER: Frustrated? RAY: Yes! Frustrated! But I can’t talk about
frustrated, because every time I try to talk about frustrated,
you interrupt me, and it gets me frustrated! GROVER: You are frustrated? RAY: Yes! GROVER: So I helped! Oh! I helped you show everybody
frustrated, didn’t I? Oh! This is wonderful! RAY: Yeah, I guess you did. GROVER: No need to thank
me, Raymond. It is all part of being a
cute and fuzzy monster. Now put your hat back on
before you catch cold. RAY: Frustrated!

99 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Frustrated Ray Romano And Grover

  1. ok i cant hear or see ray romano without thinking of the mammoth from ice age! awesome movies and still love sesame street. classics never die.

  2. I looked into the making of Everybody Loves Raymond and they based Ray Barone off of how Ray acts in real life. He's actually just being himself in that show.

  3. All I can hear is "thrushtrated"
    And Grover was always one of my favorite cute and fuzzy monsters! XP
    You better wear his hat!

  4. LMAO

    seriously, and they say only kids like this show! LITTLE KIDS DONT EVEN KNOW WHO RAY ROMANO IS!!!

  5. You know the great thing about sesame street is that its funny even to adults. To think i find this even funnier now than when i was a kid.

  6. Actually… I might be wrong – – but I don't think this is Frank Oz doing Grover at this point… I believe this might be the guy who presently does all of Frank Oz's characters like Grover, Miss Piggy and Sam the Eagle – a dead-ringer impersonator, Eric Jacobson.

  7. and this is why more than half of the kids in the U.S. are dumber than morons and somehow natural little assholes…..

  8. @chrispleasantable I may be missing something but other than when he was born, why exactly are you stating something that EVERYONE knows and is the reason they're watching this video in the first place?

  9. @chrispleasantable I apologize for that comment. Right after I made it I though "eh… maybe that was a bit unnecessary for me to say that =/" You're right.
    It's just that Ray Romano is very popular and the main reason people are watching this video it's because Everybody Loves Raymond is very popular. But yeah, I understand why you made the comment now 😉 Sorry if I sounded rude

  10. @teacherofcrazy Which makes sense…I;m surprised his mother from the show didn't pop up….but Grover has it covered.

  11. @whynotpushthatbutton They might since I remember on one of Ray Ramano's shows called "Everybody Loves Raymond", he was eating cheeseballs with someone else which is what they had in common where Ray Ramano mentioned it was a great coincidence how him and that other guy love cheeseballs.

  12. Even though Grover helped Ray Ramano give an example of what frustrated was by making him frustrated, wouldn't it have been a better understanding if he got to finish the definition of frustrated after Grover helped him give an example since I guess it would have been easier for little kids to know definitions along with seeing examples? (I know these things go on with other celebrites trying to give definitions where they get examples only but, I thought definitions with examples help).

  13. At 2:52, when Ray Ramano said "frustrated", did that mean he was saying "I am frustrated" or, did it mean "that's an example of frustrated" after Grover made him frustrated?

  14. If they're gonna do the word Frustrated, maybe they should have gotten a guest who can pronounce the letter R. Because Ray is just saying "Fwustwated" over and over.

  15. Diego: Uh Manny, we shoulda stayed in Saturday Night Live!
    Manny: I'm tryin' to audition in Sesame Street, okay!

  16. Grover's annoying in this episode. How can Ray Romano handle this? He already plays the voice of Manny the mammoth in "Ice Age" who's already frustrated with Sid the sloth in the first film. And Sid was kind of stupid when you think about it, at least at the beginning of the first film.

  17. Too bad Peter Boyle was gone when they did this skit. I wish Frank Barone was in this.

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