Sesame Street: Bert Gets Angry

BERT: [SIGHS] ERNIE: Hey Bert. BERT: Hey Ern. ERNIE: Hey, I was wondering if
you could do me a big favor. BERT: Oh sure, Ernie. What is it? ERNIE: Well, I was wondering
if you would pretend that you’re angry for me. BERT: I should pretend
that I’m angry for you? ERNIE: You see,
I was just trying to imagine what people look like
when they’re angry, you know? BERT: Oh yeah? ERNIE: And I said to
myself, boy, nobody can get angry like my old
buddy Bert gets angry. BERT: Is that what
you said to yourself? ERNIE: Honest, I sure did, Bert. Because you’re really just great
at getting angry, you know. BERT: Well, Ernie, gee, thanks. But I just can’t
get angry like that. I mean, I need something
to get angry at. ERNIE: Oh, well
that’s easy, Bert. You see, we could just
think of something. BERT: Yeah? Like what? ERNIE: Sure. Let me just think for a second. Well, for instance, you know
your paper clip collection? BERT: Oh, my favorite one, yeah. ERNIE: Yes. You have a favorite collection
of those paper clips that you just love. BERT: Oh, I love it so much. ERNIE: OK. Well, now just pretend
that I borrowed that collection of
paper clips and I took it outdoors and
was playing with it. And pretend that I had
over there by the sewer. BERT: By the sewer? ERNIE: Yes. And pretend that I dropped it
in there and lost it forever. You see, Bert/ BERT: My favorite
paper clip collection? ERNIE: Yeah. Yeah, just pretend that
I lost it down the sewer. BERT: [YELLS] ERNIE: Oh wow. That was really great, Bert. That was just beautiful. BERT: Phew. Oh, thanks Ern. ERNIE: You are so good
at being angry, Bert. BERT: Yeah? ERNIE: Oh yeah. Hey listen, Bert,
do it again for me. BERT: Again? ERNIE: Mm-hmm. I mean, it’s so good, Bert. I mean, you can do it like
nobody else can, Bert. BERT: Yeah, Ernie, but you
see it really is hard to do. ERNIE: Oh, I’m sure
it’s hard to do. BERT: It’s tiring. ERNIE: But you can do it by
just pretending, you see? Now, just pretend. Pretend, you see, that I
took your favorite paperclip collection. And I dropped it and lost
it forever down the sewer. BERT: Down the sewer? [YELLS] ERNIE: Oh, that was
fantastic, Bert. Just fantastic. Hey listen, Bert, Bert. Bert? Do it once more. BERT: Oh, Ernie, look, I really
can’t do it again, Ernie. ERNIE: You can’t do it again? BERT: Oh no, it’s so tiring. ERNIE: How come? BERT: Oh Ernie, getting
angry is very hard, and it’s very tiring, too. I couldn’t do it again. No, I just couldn’t. ERNIE: Oh gee, you’re absolutely
sure you just couldn’t get angry just one more time? BERT: Ernie, I’m sorry. I promise you I just could
not do it one more time. ERNIE: Well, OK, Bert. By the way, Bert. BERT: Yeah? ERNIE: I really did lose your
favorite paperclip collection down the sewer. [MUSIC PLAYING] [THUDS] [MUSIC PLAYING] GROVER: Hello there. It is I, your cute
and furry pal Grover, introducing you to
the new Sesame Studios channel on YouTube. If you like to
laugh– [LAUGHING] and learn– a-ha–
and dance– [SINGING] I am sure you will love the
Sesame Studios YouTube channel. And that is all I have
to say about that. Well, there is one
more thing actually–

57 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Bert Gets Angry

  1. Impressive how a puppet can display so much emotion (look at Bert's face when he gets angry) – goes to show how talented the people who made the original Sesame Street were.

  2. Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

    Because he was feeling Crummy! 😀

    Hey Sesame Street i built a HUGE Baby Cookie Monster in Minecraft and made a vid of it! 🙂

  3. Bert is good at getting angry! But other characters can get angry very well especially Oscar, Mr. Johnson at Charlie's Restaurant, Don Music, Benny Rabbit and Kermit.

  4. Bert just gets worked up over everything and nothing, and obsessed with collecting stuff like paperclips and boxes. He's very critical and a nag. He's possibly
    A)A closet gay
    C)Autistic spectrum

    He reminds me of someone I know who behaves just like this. It's kinda weird watching it!

  5. 3.39 Berts Face LOL haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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