Self-Help Tips : How to Cope With Anger

Hi. My name is Dr. Art Bowler. And I’m a psychologist
in Manhattan, New York City, where I have my own private practice. In this clip we’re
going to talk about how to deal with anger. First it’s important to remember that anger
is an emotion that is normal and necessary within everyday life. It’s a normal feeling
for us to feel angry in certain situations that frustrate us. And often anger is related
to an injustice we feel that has been inflicted upon us. So, it’s important to realize that
anger is a natural and everyday likely occurrence. Depending on different levels. But how do
we control our anger? Well first we want to learn to breathe. Anger sometimes rushes at
us. So what we want to do is breathe in through our nose, hold it for one to three seconds
and out through our mouth. Which will help us release some of the initial frustration
we feel related to the anger. Next, problem solve. And the way I usually tell people to
do that is to talk to other people to ventilate the feelings that occur with anger. So, also
you can get a perception of whether or not your anger is appropriate and then take action.
This is how I tend to deal with anger and help some of my clients do so. This is Dr.
Art Bowler and this has been how to deal with anger.

16 thoughts on “Self-Help Tips : How to Cope With Anger

  1. Yeah, like being unemployed for 58 weeks in this garbage economy with this country run by criminals and living off of people's handouts. Should I just kill myself instead??? I can't live like this anymore

  2. this is a good one,doctor art.
    thank u for breathing suggestion.
    u r growing on me.
    first ,u give an impression of a annoying gay-fagy queen,but after i listened to u-u grew on me and u give a good advice.
    thank u!

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