100 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger Games – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 107

  1. My friend James, (No… for real) That WAS his name, His parents actually Purchased this game for him because of the movie… (Total Recall) I KNOW… (They were kinda weird like that) BUT… THERE WERE MANY LONG HOURS SPENT ON THAT little 'GEM' (HATED those DOGS)

  2. (20:31) Your reaction to Battle toads 2019 reveal trailer (if you like the art style to the old Battle toads games and the pilot cartoon)

  3. Best Arnold game is "true lies" for Sega Genesis, awesome game and it's the same story and stages than the movie.

  4. I must have missed the scene in Total Recall where Arnold had to navigate a street without thugs punching him through oversized glory holes in a wooden fence lol

  5. Lol I remember wasted weekends after renting what turned out to be a terrible game
    One that I will always remember as the hardest and worse was some nasa space shuttle game

  6. They just chanced name and character. Its port from game MYTH which was made for c-64(and spectrum and amstrad)and later for amiga. Had it for c-64 and it was great game for it. Music and graphics and gameplay were nice. Nothing to do with Arnold.

  7. He missed T2: the arcade game. But that one was actually pretty good. hard as fuck to beat, but good. You could also play it on the sega genesis using the menacer.

  8. i gotta say, that total recall game was total shit, but they kind of did try and re-create the movie somehow, especially the scene when sharon stone tries to kill him

  9. Conan Game: the issue of pressing down to jump. Why? I guess they thought about left-handed people. By using the controller upside-down you did the game! 👌🏻 smart or ass?

  10. Oops, I hit start?

    I hit start!

    I gotta go all the way back to the beginning!

    Is enraged and starts shaking




    Strangles himself with the wire of an NES controller and Makes choking sound





  11. One of the only good games with Arnold back then was True Lies for Sega and SNES. Yeah it was monotonous but it was good enough to keep you entertained and required some skill to beat the later levels and a variety of bad guys. Who agrees?

  12. The fuck? Conan the Barbarian and Predator were both made by System 3. What is it with this company and shit Schwarzenegger games?

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