100 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders expresses frustration over Democrats’ silence

  1. Democrats work for those south of are border, never vote democrat again, they have sold out Americans safety for POWER. Trump2020

  2. Trump just keep standing your ground I don't want the drugs coming in my country anymore an open border allows that the Democrats allow that the Democrats are not for We the People they are for them the elite

  3. President Trump to Senator Schumer:
    "I will be the one to shut it down.
    I’m not going to blame you for it….
    I will take the mantle of shutting down.”


  4. I wonder if Democrats understand their support base is watching this and bleeding away in disgust President Trump is making them look like a pack of cunts lol.

  5. TRUMP LIAR AND COWARD-IN-CHIEF: The Senate passed the spending bill, ie the bill was bi-partisan, funding the govt til Feb 2019. TRUMP should have signed the bill IF TRUMP cared about Federal employees and the nation. BUT TRUMP THE COWARD tucked his tail when DUMB TALKSHOW HOSTS like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc TOLD TRUMP not to sign without funding for TRUMPS WALL. WHAT A COWARD TRUMP IS, NO SUBSTANCE, NO INTEGRITY, NO CHARACTER. Just an empty shell of a CONMAN!!!

  6. GET IT THROUGH YOUR CHILD ABUSING SKULLS>>>> Trump's wall is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT TO BORDER SECURITY! Trump's wall has ZERO CHANCE of actually stopping an illegal immigrant and it does NOT address the broken immigration system.

    I am a USAF Veteran trained in combat and defensive fortifications… and having that training I can tell you that I would ALWAYS go for trump's wall instead of facing off against what IS ALREADY THERE! A static wall is the EASIEST barrier to breach.

    Trump's wall is simply a waste of time and resources building something THAT HAS NO CHANCE OF WORKING! If you REALLY are in such a rush to throw away 50 billion dollars (the true cost of the trump wall)……. HOW STUPID do you have to be to deny the entire history of walls…….

  7. While understandingly they are looking for incentive for the demonrats to compromise at the table, however lady liberty and the constitution are being violated and, insulted and abused by that very negotiation offering.

    When illegal immigrant defenders have to be appeased their security, (while those members are supposed to be loyal to Americans and constitutional requirements first), yet the constitutionally mandated perimeter border fencing/wall to secure actual American citizens and the continental USA perimeter access, comes as a secondary concern that undermines national security, is unbelievable that lawmakers consider this to be honoring constitutional protection here.

    Its an insult to the country's citizens who pay the taxes for govt funding and its an insult to the constitution which is supposed to protect US citizens stringently, not as a deal offering for protection of illegals as a priority to those demonrats who should be sworn to the protection and citizen security concerns in congress and the senate, not foreigners.

    Why isn't FARA act declaration required of these demonrats who show their priority of concern to, who put foreigners above American interests which is what they are supposed to be in Washington for right

    They should by law have to register as a agent of a foreign nation at the least, or be tried as traitors for being part of and conspiring to harm US citizens and the country in whole… right? that would be a easy win in the supreme court as violations against the constitution and the country by their allegiance to foreign interests rather then American interests.

    This is a slippery slope of disloyalty being allowed to fester in congress over the concerns of Americans PERIOD!

    Then because of that these FARA declaration by these demonrat members they then would be disqualified from holding office for being allegiant to foreign country's not America citizens and the US constitution..

    Think about how the founding fathers would scream bloody hell if they heard demonrats priority was illegals over securing the country's perimeter border our own citizens last. Its absolutely unfathomable that this is being perceived as a tolerable precedence.

    These two items should be resolved separately with priority be to the border concerns especially when its a national security integrity concern that directly effects all Americans making it a highest priority, not just a priority to the president.

    Wake up demonrats are you loyal to the constitution and the citizens or not, if not lets get them removed asap, if yes then step up and get to work weeks going by is unacceptable.

    Would the demonrats leave their own homes door insecure for weeks and months knowing their family would be vulnerable?

  8. TRUMP STUPIDITY: Wants to use 3000 yr old technology – TRUMPS WALL – in the 21st century. TRUMP IS SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!

  9. The dems care nothing was it not trump who said he'd own the shutdown on film so tell me how in the hell is he protecting the American ppl now….and what happened to the Mexicans ppl paying for that wall was that not a campaign promise….smfh see the light ffs

  10. The whole Latin American region has been designated as areas of natural resource extraction…nothing else. That is why the intrepid Latin American citizens leave that behind. I wish people who criticize the migrant stream would see them as heroes with a very natural bold determination to succeed.
    I would like to see, these speaker focus on the extraction policy and all free trade throughout the world and allow manufacturing. This will resolve most migration. It’s offensive to see U.S. benefiting from parasitic tactics….I am a U.S. citizen I believe Fair trade is good. Let’s encourage our companies to operate under our standards while abroad…. we would be ambassadors of economic prosperity.
    This speakers speak of disease as a reason for the wall, a bigger threat is the free flow of U.S. citizens traveling abroad. All U.S. travelers unless staying in a sterile environment while staying in a foreign country, upon returning, need to be quarantined for disease, believe me they bring in more than just trinkets.

  11. Trump called this on not a bean of tax payers money should be needed he promised …committed…

    Mexico will pay for wall not running away Trump deliver your promise.

    We the real right ate watching you and your Russian friends.

  12. 65% of Americans believe that most of the words that come out of Trumps mouth are a diversion of lies, so we supposedly are so stupid that we do not recognize what a terrible leader and how incompetent he really really is ! "AIRBORNE" ! !

  13. What do you get when you cross a half witted buffoon,
    Adderall addict, and a foreign agent working against America?

    T R U M P

  14. Trump doesn't know how to 'negotiate' from a position of power. He should have shut the government down, as well as his press secretary, went to Florida and played golf and not said or tweeted a thing….let the DEMOCRATS come down to see him…..then send them away if they don't come down bearing a $5 billion dollar gift…..

  15. It's one thing to have substantive disagreements on policy with the president, and quite another to have declared an obstructionist agenda for the whole of a president's agenda. The Democrats are effectively spitting on the majority of the country that elected Trump, as usual showing their contempt for that part of the country. When will we see the passage of a law that includes the salaries of all congress and their supporting offices ANYTIME they come to an impasse resulting in the shut down of the government. This is a crucial first step to forcing these miserable miscreants to do the job they were put there to do. As for Pelosi and Schumer, I cannot put in words the disgust they both evoke.

  16. FOOLISH words you speak.
    You have not experienced poverty the way these folks have. In your mind, their cultural values characterizes the poor and needy people.

    Can you be rich and be a Christian?
    After all, The Messiah was poor. The Apostles were poor. Christ told the rich young ruler to sell all that he had and give to the poor. 
    Nearly all Republicans think of themselves as Christian and you won't dare to admit that you are also afraid of being real Christians, because no one wants to be poor.

    The ideal in Proverbs is a middle amount of wealth. “Give me neither poverty nor riches – Feed me with the food you prescribe for me; lest I be full and deny You, And say, “Who is the Lord?” Or lest I be poor and steal, and profane the name of my God (Proverbs 30:8-9)

  17. Dumb Trump said he takes responsibility. He has to make the deal now. He gave away twice what he's asking on the Dreamers deal. What a douche.

  18. 'Trump supporters are people threatened by what they don’t understand and what they don’t understand is almost everything. They regard knowledge as not a useful tool but a cunning barrier elites have created to keep power from the average man and woman’. Rather like your imaginary wall. A wall that will never be built. Prison walls around Trump and his family is a dream that may well come true however. Some bad people…bad people.

  19. Hey People ..the Wall Will Not be Built, during the trump Presidency.WE Need a New Republican President…trump is not doing WELLfellow Republican's .We need trump OUT .FIRST.!

  20. It's not Trump's wall…  The wall belongs to 63 million folks like me that voted for Trump to secure our southern boarder.  Plus, other citizens concerned about America's sovereignty and security.  Dems need to fund the wall and stop putting their politics over the well being of their country.

  21. Republicans had two years didnt get it done, dems take over tommorow elections matter no one to blame but Republicans

  22. Why didn't they take care of this when the GOP had both houses? Now you want to blame dems? Even the GOP know America can't afford it and it's a bad idea.

  23. Sick sycophant Sarah Sanders the lying ogre and daughter of the putrid parson of the church of profit prevaricating prolifically as she always does has won the 2018 runner up award for champion Liar of the decade. Congratulations.

  24. but but but mexico was paying for the wall? why am I being forced to pay for this wall? if Trump wants this wall so bad why doesn't he HIMSELF pay for it?

  25. If it were reverse Dems would shove that wall in our faces without blinking an eye. The Republicans and independents must get tougher and meaner for the good of all people. The Dems would’ve went nuclear then blamed Republicans for doing so.

  26. I'm assuming all Dems want to wake up at noon, lay around in their pajamas and collect their monthly checks while the rest of us work our asses off for their benefit.

  27. WE don't want ANY deal without $25 Billion for our Wall!!! Keep the damned government shut down for as long as it takes!!

  28. The people here that dismiss the “ dems “ are actually the ones that are unAmerican.
    You have been brainwashed into thinking it’s “us against them” by your leaders.
    Think for yourself.

  29. Tucker Carlson said about Donald Trump; “He knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do. It’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things”

  30. You Cult of Trump racists, yes, that's what you are, should be all over your boy Stumpy Trumpy for promising you things he can never deliver. You people are not only stupid, ignorant, uneducated cult followers and you should be putting pressure on your boy Stumpy Trumpy for not working with Mexico, who he said would pay for this Berlin remake wall. Building a Berlin wall is not who we are as Americans, Oh, I forgot, you guys gave up on being patriotic two years ago. Trump's shutdown is his to own. Look at the video, you ignoramuses.

  31. What ever happen to Mexico paying for the wall? If they are still paying for it why does it need to be in the budget? It's become, who is going to pay for the wall?

    ME 😒

  32. Thank GOD the right values 2A, Dems want to go to war… and we all know who's firearm trained.

    Sure AF isnt the "3,000 rounds a second" leftists.

  33. Hey Sarah, where's Mexico's check for the wall? Oh yeah, Chump failed on his stupid lame boast.

  34. Donald Trump claims Russia is 'not happy' U.S. troops are leaving Syria. That isn't true

    By Miriam Valverde on Friday, December 21st, 2018 at 2:25 p.m

    The decision is a "premature and costly mistake that not only threatens the safety and security of the United States, but also emboldens ISIS, Bashar al Assad, Iran, and Russia," said a letter to Trump signed by six U.S. senators, including four Republicans.

    So is Putin unhappy about this? Quite the opposite.

    At an annual press conference on Dec. 20, Putin said he agreed with Trump’s claim that ISIS had been defeated.

    Putin said he did not think the presence of American troops was required in Syria. He argued that U.S. presence there was illegitimate because it was not approved by a United Nations Security Council resolution, and because the Syrian government did not invite the United States into its country.

  35. Pelosi and Schumer are senile and should be committed to a healthcare center – they are so far out of touch with reality that they're just nothing but pathetic jokers at this point in time. I'm just so sick of the little games they are playing with the welfare of this country. LOCK the TRAITORs UP!

  36. Hey trump said Mexico was paying for the wall not the Democrats if you dont believe me check youtube in his campaign he said it tons of times now the problem is not the Democrats. So if you want the wall build it your self or send your money to the president I am not paying for the wall
    Also check in youtube
    Illegal crossing climbing the fence in calexico and you will have your answer to why it will not work your stupid wall

  37. You. Don’t need the Democrats or money from Congress to build the wall just get mexico to pay for it like trump promised. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Democrats have done nothing for the American people ! They are not Teamsters they can't work with President to restore or resolve problems. Since President Trump got elected their main objective is to talk and accuse Negative views and accusations ! How is the USA going to work with others when it can't work for the people of the United States.

  39. I guess if you vote for a wall in exchange for the dreamers the republicans don't uphold their side of the deal, this is what you get. I feel so sad for you after you went back on your word, my heart bleeds.

  40. You republicans are fake Christians. Conservatives pray for themselves and know one else…
    Titus 1:16 
    They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work

  41. All Donald has to do now is just cuddle up next to Schumer and Pelosi because now they have the upper hand and they're going to use it to the fullest because for once since President Trump was elected they feel like they have some kind of control over him

  42. Border Wall and Border Security are 2 different things.. Border Wall is a mirage and Border Security is using technology..

  43. Dems care nothing for the people? This is the only party that fights for middle America. The GOP tried (and continues) to abolish pre-existing conditions, gave enormous tax breaks to the rich and corporations, caged and killed migrant children, the president is under 17 possible indictments, the president embrace lethal dictators and pushed away our allies (they all laughed at him), North Korea continues to test missiles, the stock market has plummeted, we're in a trade war with China who strategically targeted farmers now they're getting welfare (if they haven't already lost their farm), the president used campaign money to pay off affairs, used foundation money for personal use, continues to run his business which is now mixed with tax payers money and the list goes on and on. So, why do you support him?

  44. What a great press secretary Sarah Sanders is. Trump is so lucky to have her. She is a great defender of the greatest SnakeOil salesman of the presidential history.

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