SAGdiaries 74 | If you want to know how to control your ANGER, Watch this | Himanshu Ashok Malhotra

Today’s question that we received
is I get angry very quickly. And then I become very weak
after that. Then I start crying so please
tell me what to do. Now let’s understand the fact how
bad anger is. You must have heard that anger is
one letter away from danger. Anger means danger so it is very
important to control it. Because if we don’t know how to
control it, it will start troubling you. In our life.
I’ll tell you how. What happens is, when we get angry… …we say a lot of unnecessary thing,
speak a lot of rubbish. We hurt someone and then go and… …beg, plead and say sorry. Sometimes the opposite person
forgives and sometimes they do not. And somewhere in this process
or cycle… …your self-worth deteriorates. It starts finishing and so
if you get angry… …then don’t let it show.
Control your senses. Because the moment you know
how to control it… …somewhere your self-worth will
start increasing. Look at people, like legends
who have achieved a lot in life. Like M. S. Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar.
Have you seen them angry? If they get angry, I’m sure lot
of things must hurt them too. Many people must say many things. But they controlled their anger.
Their senses. They controlled it and gave
it the right direction. Because when you give your anger
right direction in life… …then you can achieve a lot in life. Now how to control this anger. It is simple, not very difficult. Daily you have to put a habit of
doing this for 25-30 minutes every day. I also follow this, you
can do this as well. Just practise silence.
For 30 minutes a day. Silence. Stay quiet. Without your
permission, don’t talk. If you can do this, you
can do everything. You will be able to control
your anger and senses. And it will truly help
you in life. Ideally a word should not be
uttered from your tongue. From your mouth without
your permission. But we are so used to speaking… We speak so much, our
tongue is not in control… If your tongue is in control,
there are two benefits. One, your anger will be controlled. Secondly your greed will be
controlled. Because when you see food
in front of you… …your food will not show
greed towards the food. The greed, the senses, the anger,
you can control everything. Through this small exercise
which is silence. Finally we are humans so we wil get
angry over something or the other. If it happens, do two things in
life, it’s very important. First, don’t take any
decision in anger. Any decision taken in anger
is wrong. Stop that, take the decision
the next day. Don’t take any decision instantly because
the moment you take it… The moment you take
a hasty decision… …while you are angry,
you will get troubled. I don’t want you to get troubled. Another important thing, don’t
physically abuse anyone in anger. What happens is when we physically
abuse someone in anger… …we have to pay the price
for it too. And sometimes that goes
on for life. Maybe something happens to that
person. They fall or hurt themselves are
face some big problem. Maybe they get handicapped because
you raised your hand in anger. So don’t raise your hand in anger.
Control yourself, it’s important. Or otherwise anyone will provoke
you and you will get angry. And you will do anything in anger. So don’t be a puppet in somebody
else’s hand. Let’s not do that. Control
your senses, control your anger. It will really help you
in life. We share we grow.

10 thoughts on “SAGdiaries 74 | If you want to know how to control your ANGER, Watch this | Himanshu Ashok Malhotra

  1. Himanshu your talks are very inspiring love from Pakistan just love your talks i always follow your advices thank you so much

  2. Aaj mene ghar pe etna gussa kiya …kuch problems ki wajah se……khair jo bhi reason ….bss ab bhut guilty feel kr rahi hoon…..bss yehi soch re thi kuch ghanto se ke gusse ko kaise control kru….. by chance yeh vedio mila ….ab koshish krunge control krne ke….i wish …changes would come soon

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